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The best recipes for making fried garlic arrows at home

fried garlic arrow recipes Few are familiar with the recipes for making fried garlic arrows. Usually gardeners simply throw away this part of the plant. But the shooters have a pleasant taste, they will appeal even to those who do not like spicy dishes. And the benefits in them are no less than in the garlic itself. Those who have tried this dish at least once prepare it every summer and even harvest shoots for the winter..

How do these fried garlic arrows taste like?

tasty dish Garlic arrows are the shoots of the plant on which the seed bud ripens. Its development negatively affects the maturation of the garlic head, so it is imperative to cut them off. But you do not need to throw it away, as they have many useful properties. They contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, fiber.

Garlic shoots are often eaten because they have a pleasant, non-pungent taste. They have the same composition and beneficial properties as garlic itself, but there are almost no essential oils. Different dishes are prepared from the arrows, which have a beneficial effect on the work of the digestive tract, destroy parasites, and improve mood.

Fried garlic arrows taste like green beans, only with a garlic flavor. Some hobbyists cook them in such a way that they are no different from mushrooms. An amazing appetizer goes well with potatoes, rice, meat. You can eat them as a separate dish..

You should not eat a dish of garlic arrows for diseases of the stomach and intestines, it can cause exacerbation of gastritis, nausea, flatulence.

Rules for cooking fried garlic arrows

delicious garlic arrowsYou can collect garlic shoots only for 2-3 weeks, then they become tough. Therefore, many of them are frozen in order to prepare this tasty and healthy dish in winter. In this case, you only need to defrost them on a towel, and cook as fresh.

To make it tasty, you need to know how to fry the garlic arrows correctly. There are several subtleties of their preparation:

  • you need to use young soft shoots with an undeveloped bud;
  • the bud must be cut off before cooking;
  • it is recommended to cut the shoots into pieces of 2-5 cm;
  • arrows are prepared from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the softness of the shoots;
  • they can be used in diet food for weight loss, since 100 g contains only 24 kcal.

Arrows go well with herbs, soy sauce, sour cream, tomatoes, carrots. You can not fry them separately, but stew them together with vegetables or meat..

Just fried arrows of garlic

The most popular recipe for fried garlic arrows is very simple. All you need is vegetable oil and salt. Optionally add bay leaves and spices.

The whole process takes only 20-25 minutes:

  1. First, the arrows need to be sorted out, washed. It is best to use young shoots.prepare arrows of garlic
  2. Cut off the buds and the tough bottom, cut into pieces no more than 5-6 cm long.cut the buds
  3. Heat oil in a frying pan, add chopped shoots there.fry arrows
  4. Add salt and fry until tender. The arrows should darken and soften. Add pepper and other spices if desired.add spices and salt
  5. Arrange on a plate, serve separately, with sauce, potatoes or meat.serve

Other recipes for making fried garlic arrows

Even in its simplest form, fried arrows are delicious. But some people do not like their specific taste, so they are prepared with the addition of other products. There are many recipes for making fried garlic arrows, you can choose any.

With sauce

It is just as easy to prepare arrows with sour cream and soy sauce. But the dish turns out to be more juicy, with a spicy taste..

Therefore, many people like this cooking option more:

  1. First you need to cut the shoots into pieces.cut shoots
  2. Fry them until tender in oil.fry in oil
  3. Add sour cream a minute before the end of cooking.add sour cream
  4. Simmer, pour in soy sauce, stir well and remove from heat.simmer until tender

With egg

garlic arrows with eggGarlic sprouts can be used to make a delicious, nutritious breakfast. This will require 2 eggs, 100 g arrows, tomato, oil, herbs, salt.

Preparing arrows with an egg is simple:

  1. Cut the shoots into strips, the tomatoes into cubes, the greens finely.prepare ingredients
  2. Fry arrows in a preheated skillet.
  3. When they are slightly darker, add the tomatoes, season with salt and cook until tender..add tomatoes and egg
  4. Beat eggs, salt, add seasonings if desired, pour into the pan.
  5. Fry until tender. Serve sprinkled with herbs.

With vegetables

fried garlic arrows with vegetablesYou can make a delicious snack with vegetables. For her, in addition to the shoots of garlic, bell peppers, tomatoes, carrots and onions are required. Herbs and spices are added to taste.

Cooking process:

  • first you need to fry the onions with carrots a little;
  • add arrows cut into small pieces to them;fry onions with carrots, add garlic arrows
  • when they darken a little, pour Bulgarian pepper and tomato into the pan;
  • a few minutes before being ready, add herbs and spices;add tomato and herbs
  • serve the appetizer cold.

With meat

fried garlic arrows with meatIf you need a hearty, nutritious meal, you can use the recipe for fried garlic arrows with meat. They are combined with chicken, beef, pork. Sesame seeds, mustard seeds, salt, pepper, soy sauce are suitable as a seasoning. It is also recommended to add bell pepper.

Cooking delicious:

  1. First, you need to marinate pieces of chicken fillet with soy sauce and seasonings for several hours.marinate meat
  2. Fry the meat in vegetable oil.fry meat
  3. After 10 minutes, put the pepper, chopped into strips and pieces of garlic shoots to the chicken.add vegetables
  4. Fry until the arrows darken. Sprinkle with sesame seeds 1-2 minutes before being ready. Serve with herbs.

In korean

Korean fried garlic arrowsFor those who love spicy dishes, you can prepare arrows with aromatic spices. You will need red ground pepper, coriander, cloves, peppercorns, sesame seeds. For piquancy, it is recommended to add a little vinegar, and for juiciness – soy sauce..

How to cook arrows in Korean:

  • cut the washed shoots into pieces;chop the garlic arrows
  • mix all the spices separately and fry in hot oil for a minute;mix spices
  • pour arrows into the pan and fry until darkened;fry the garlic arrows
  • without removing from the heat, pour in soy sauce in a thin stream, sometimes it is recommended to add a little sugar;add soy sauce
  • then add vinegar and remove from heat.

This dish tastes better when infused. Therefore, after cooling, it is recommended to put it in the refrigerator overnight..

Fried Garlic Arrows is a wholesome, nutritious dish with the unusual taste and aroma of garlic. Using different recipes for their preparation, you can diversify the diet. And if you freeze the shoots for the winter, you can cook them all year round..

Video recipes for making fried garlic arrows

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