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We reveal the secrets of the chef, how to grill barbecue on the grill

how to fry a kebab Every year, millions of people gather with friends in nature and prepare everyone’s favorite signature dish. However, not everyone knows how to fry a kebab so that the meat turns out with excellent taste. It turns out that for this you need to know several important secrets. It is not enough just to marinate the meat with spices. Skewer it and fry it over hot coals. Often, unpleasant curiosities occur in nature when the meat turns out to be dry or burnt. Consider the chef’s sensible advice on how to properly grill a barbecue and get an excellent product.

Preparation is the first step to success

preparation of meat for barbecue It is difficult to find a person who does not like to taste freshly baked barbecue outdoors..

Some of it is prepared from the following products:

  • pork;
  • veal;
  • chicken;
  • mutton.

Others prefer to string mushrooms, various vegetables, sausages, hard cheese on skewers. Of course, you don’t need any special skills to create a vegetarian option. Therefore, we will consider how to fry meat kebab on the grill.

To get the perfect meal, experienced chefs first select the right product. They advise marinating meat that has not previously been frozen. Pork and beef should be pale pink in color, without an unpleasant odor. There are no blood clots or visible mucus on the surface of a quality product.

The chicken meat should be white, without visible damage. Usually use thigh, brisket, wing.

barbecue selectionThe brazier plays an important role in the preparation of barbecue. Everything in it should be well thought out. The distance of the skewers to the heat is about 10-15 cm. If there are no holes on the metal body, it’s not scary. The inflow of fresh air is done with the help of a fan. But a higher temperature will be kept near the walls..

The brazier should not be placed under dry trees, near buildings or landfills..

An important factor for a delicious barbecue is the choice of firewood. Professionals advise against using trees that smoke or exude harmful resin..firewood for barbecue

To get the perfect heat, the following are suitable:

  • Cherry;
  • plum;
  • Apple tree;
  • pear;
  • apricot.

It is the fruit trees that give the meat its special flavor. If you can’t find such firewood, acacia, oak, or grapevine will do. As a last resort, supermarkets sell charcoal briquettes.

Under no circumstances should diesel fuel or other chemical mixtures be used for ignition..

Specialists’ recommendations on how to grill barbecue on the grill

how to fry barbecue in natureWhen the preparatory work is completed and the meat is waiting in the wings, they begin the most important process. First of all, the condition of the coals is checked. All logs that can catch fire under the influence of oxygen are removed. The rest of the cinder should be covered with gray ash, indicating a suitable temperature. To give the product a special aroma, a branch of rosemary or sage is thrown over the coals. Then the meat is strung on skewers and placed tightly on top of the heat.

barbecue cooking processTo make the meat soft and juicy, it is baked using a special technology. The first 5 minutes of the skewer is constantly turned over. Due to this, a golden brown crust forms on the surface of the meat. Inside, the product will retain all its juice. Then the skewer is rotated every 3 minutes..

Sometimes the fat dripping onto the coals creates flames. To do this, you should always have a bottle of water at hand, with which you can put out the fire..

The subtleties of cooking your favorite dish

the subtleties of cooking barbecueExperienced chefs advise you to wisely approach the creation of an ancient delicacy. Because it is made from different types of meat. Consider a few important nuances.

Pork kebab

pork kebabMost often, pickled meat is stored in the refrigerator. However, a few hours before frying, it is naturally heated to room temperature..

preparation of meatNext, they are strung on a skewer and left over a bowl so that the excess liquid goes away. Otherwise, the meat will not be fried, but stewed, which will adversely affect the taste of the product. Experts do not recommend stringing onion rings on the skewer. Under the influence of high temperature, it will burn and give a bitter taste to the finished dish..

juicy pork skewersIt is important to know how much to grill pork kebabs in order to get the perfect product. Much depends on the heat. The chefs give general guidelines. First, the pieces of meat are baked on strong charcoal. When they turn light brown, slide the skewer to the side. On low “fire” the barbecue is brought to readiness. In general, it takes about 50 minutes to cook the product..

In a small brazier, the heat temperature is reduced by pushing the hot coals on the sides.

Shish kebab and Caucasian traditions

lamb kebabLamb lovers try to cook barbecue, taking into account the recommendations of experts. They use special ingredients for the marinade. Withstand the required time, and then proceed to the cooking process.

It usually consists of simple steps:

  • the meat is removed from the marinade;
  • remove pieces of onion and adhering spices;
  • string lamb on a skewer;
  • leave over the pan for a few minutes;
  • placed on the grill.

fry lamb shish kebabI wonder how much lamb kebabs are fried by oriental cooks that it turns out to be so tasty. First of all, they place the skewer so that the distance from the meat to the coals is about 12 cm. When the lamb pieces are warmed up, they begin to rotate the skewer vigorously for 10 minutes. Further, to reduce the heat, move the coals to the sides. After about 40 minutes, the meat will have the desired texture..

A budget option in a hurry

chicken kebabChicken is considered one of the dietary types of meat. It acquires a special taste when baked over a fire. The meat is usually marinated in spices and any suitable liquid. How much chicken skewers are fried on the grill depends on the maximum temperature of the hot coals. Usually a ruddy crust appears after 5-7 minutes with constant rotation of the skewers. A product that uses fillet pieces is cooked in 25-30 minutes. And for the wings and thighs, it will take about 45 minutes..check the readiness of the kebab

To check the readiness of the kebab, a small incision is made in the meat. If a clear, not blood fluid flows out of it, it’s time to serve it for dinner..

Main aspects of taste

fry a delicious shish kebabAs a rule, friendly meetings in nature are not complete without barbecue. Therefore, it is extremely important to prepare it so that the taste will be remembered for a whole year. A huge role is played by the marinade in which the meat is soaked. Experienced chefs know the secret of how to make a juicy shish kebab for dear friends..

They select the suitable fill from the available products:

  • mineral water;
  • kefir;
  • mayonnaise;
  • kiwi.

However, this is only half the success. When the meat is on the grill, they closely monitor the frying process..

Each piece must be heat treated on all sides. Therefore, the head chef constantly rotates the skewer, and controls the strength of the “fire”.

The question of how to water the kebab when frying causes conflicting opinions. Some believe that it is enough to use a marinade in which the meat has been soaked..pouring beer on the kebab

Others are not afraid to experiment and water the product:

  • dry wine;
  • beer;
  • clean water;
  • diluted vinegar.

Unfortunately, there are those who are categorically against any watering of the kebab. They believe that the procedure slows down the frying of meat and adversely affects the taste of the dish. The best way to get your opinion is to try some of the options in practice. And the experience gained on how to grill barbecue on the grill can be shared with friends.

Video recipe how to fry a barbecue

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