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Homemade vodka mead recipe from professionals

vodka-based mead recipe A fortified drink with an original aftertaste can turn a holiday into a royal reception. For the preparation of a special treat, many use a vodka and spice mead recipe. Accompanied by a sumptuous snack, alcohol manifests itself in a new way, exciting a special taste experience. In addition to the classic technology of creating the oldest drink, there are many other interpretations. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to comprehend the skill of the great masters, having learned their secrets..

Basic cooking tips

mead on vodka The end result depends a lot on the quality of the ingredients. Different types of honey differ from each other in smell and taste. For this reason, it is best to choose your favorite option. Some experts advise favoring moderate, non-dominant varieties..natural honey

Traditionally it is:

  • lime;
  • acacia;
  • floral;
  • goldenrod.

Fans of buckwheat honey, of course, will opt for it. However, in this case, you should not overdo it with proportions. It is appropriate to add less than the proposed volume. But heather is very rarely used to make mead with alcohol at home..using different types of honey for mead

As a fortified component that gives an expressive taste and the desired degree, it is widely used:

  • vodka;
  • alcohol;
  • moonshine.good quality vodka

Any alcohol should be of high quality, not burned, and without chemical additives. The presence of flavor substitutes and flavors is unacceptable, otherwise they will ruin the whole bouquet.

For a better fermentation process, water is additionally introduced (preferably from a well or boiled). Herbs and spices also help to reveal the full range of flavors of this luxurious drink..additional ingredient lemon

Because of this, a vodka-based mead recipe often includes:

  • pepper;
  • mint;
  • collection of medicinal herbs (Altai);
  • ginger;
  • lemon;
  • cardamom;
  • aloe.

Archaeological excavations have revealed the secret of making a classic mead. Before the ancient drink got on the princely table, it was aged in hermetically sealed oak barrels for 15-20 years..

In some cases, they resort to the natural fermentation process, and in others – by piece, heating the composition over low heat or adding alcohol. Yeast is sometimes added to get a better reaction. The average infusion period for an alcoholic beverage is 5-7 days. Nevertheless, for greater strength, the period is increased from a month to several years..

A collection of world mead recipes

vodka-based mead recipeCarefully compiled recipes will help to comprehend the art of our ancestors. Each of them reveals in detail how to make meads on vodka and other fortified drinks. Of course, you cannot do without culinary imagination here, you will have to experiment. In most cases, this applies to the additives used. However, one must not forget that spices should be in moderation, otherwise you will get a medicinal mixture, and not an elite ancient drink..

Without forgetting traditions

old recipe for mead on vodkaAn ideal option for meat dishes, as well as fried potatoes, is a tincture with pepper. It is sometimes used medicinally for colds or flu. The cooking technology is performed according to the following principle:

  • water (2 l) is brought to a boil in an enamel bowl;
  • 300 g of honey is evenly introduced, stirring constantly;
  • after 15 minutes, remove from heat and cool to 30˚C;
  • 5 g of yeast is diluted in prepared syrup.

liquid honeyThe contents are poured into a glass bottle / jar. The container is covered with a water seal or a medical glove with a hole in the thumb. mead fermentation processAs soon as the fermentation process stops, as evidenced by a dropped glove or the absence of bubbles, the wort is filtered. For several days, the composition is left to infuse..

To increase the degree and give brighter taste characteristics, the tincture is kept for up to a month, or even more. Diluted alcohol is also added..

Vodka-based mead recipe for the brave

Vodka-based mead recipe for the braveFirst, sweet honey syrup is prepared. 400 g of honey is added to 3 liters of water. The liquid is boiled over low heat for 40 minutes, stirring constantly. Be careful not to burn the main component. Otherwise, the burn will give an unpleasant taste and smell. In this case, the foam must be removed to obtain maximum transparency. After that, the syrup cools down to 25-30˚С..syrup preparation

Then add all the other ingredients:

  • yeast (1.5 tsp);
  • chopped hops (6 g or 2 tablespoons);
  • spices: mint, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg.spices for a drink

There are no specific proportions of adding spices and herbs, since everyone has different taste preferences..

cardamomNext, the contents are poured into a glass container and covered with a water seal. At the end of fermentation, the prepared syrup is filtered and sent to a cool room for 2 months. After the specified period, 400 ml of fortified drink is introduced. The secret of the special taste of vodka and honey mead lies in its aging.

IMPORTANT! A cool place without access to sunlight would be a suitable place for infusing the finished drink..

Other gourmets offer a recipe for a very unusual tincture. 5 tbsp is added to 1 liter of vodka. l. honey, 1 tsp. – lemon balm, a tablespoon of coriander and oak bark. Season with a little bison and thyme. The resulting spicy syrup is sent to infuse for 4 months. Then it is filtered and poured into glass containers. This tincture of mead turns out to be very strong, but at the same time healing and useful..

Just add lemon

lemon to improve tasteThe basis of an alcoholic drink is taken exclusively with vodka or high-quality moonshine. The starting volume is 600 ml.

The proposed amount is applied:

  • squeezed lemon juice (1-2 pcs.);
  • 350 g of honey;
  • a few fresh mint leaves.

The strength of the prepared tincture is different. With a large amount of alcohol, it is 40%, with a low amount – 15%.

To begin with, sweet nectar is dissolved in lemon juice and fragrant mint is added. All ingredients are poured with vodka, stirring thoroughly. Then close the lid tightly. After 7 days of infusion in a dark room, the contents are filtered (this is optional) and packaged. Mostly they store it in the refrigerator..

The container must be tightly closed so that no air can enter it. At the same time, during the week, the bottle is periodically shaken.

Ginger rhapsody

recipe for mead on vodka with gingerMany people love the originality and originality associated with improvisation. Therefore, mead with ginger will become a real rhapsody for them. For its preparation, prepare the following ingredients:

  • honey (100-150 g);
  • ginger (50-100 g);
  • hot pepper (1-2 pods);
  • juniper berries (handful).

additional ingredientsThe listed components are crushed on a fine grater, thoroughly mixed with honey. Then the fragrant liquid is poured with vodka. The resulting mixture is infused for about 2 weeks. Filtered through cheesecloth and cotton wool.

Altai mead – a bohemian ensemble

Altai meadAn alcoholic drink with a mild and rich taste is fortified and contains a high percentage of minerals. Even an inexperienced gourmet will be amazed by the honey-floral aftertaste of the infusion enriched with aromatic herbs. The recipe for mead on alcohol using the collection of herbs “Altai” has several cooking options.

The first one involves using:

  • 500 ml of diluted alcohol (40-50%);
  • 1.5 tbsp. l. honey;
  • 1 tsp mixtures of bison and coriander seeds;
  • 1 tbsp. l. oak bark and dried thyme;
  • 6 fresh lemon balm / mint leaves (if dried, then 1 tsp).use of herbs

Herbs and spices often sediment. For this reason, the mead is filtered several times before use..

All spices and honey are mixed in a glass jar until smooth. Pour the liquid over with alcohol, close the lid and shake it several times. Leave the container in the dark at room temperature for 15-20 days. In this case, the contents are shaken once every 3-4 days. At the end of fermentation, the composition is filtered.

The “omnipresent” aloe

recipe for mead on vodka with aloeNo one can pass by the healing mead with aloe. The successful combination of natural antiseptics helps in the fight against colds, as well as viruses. Usually, in folk medicine, plants are used that have reached 3 years of age. Due to the specific structure of the pulp, leaves (2-3 pcs.) Are placed in the freezer for 1 week for softening..

After such an unusual “stratification”:

  • thawed greens are cut into small pieces;
  • add 400-500 g of honey to it;
  • pour 1 liter of vodka.

Experts recommend using only the lower leaves of the indoor flower. They contain a storehouse of vitamins and useful components..

During the preparation process, it is worth understanding how to dissolve honey in vodka, since only then the neck of the bottle is closed with gauze. For this reason, all ingredients are constantly stirred and lightly pressed against the sides of the container. Some people practice using the centrifuge method. Frequent and quick movements of the spoon in the center of the dish help to quickly dissolve the dense mass in the liquid. Having received the desired result, the composition is sent for 3 days in a cool, dark place..

Still, the secret to obtaining a homogeneous suspension often lies in the use of warm water..

Honey, linden and alcohol – an unforgettable trio

mead from honey, alcohol and lindenAnother original recipe for mead based on vodka came from our ancestors, who knew a lot not only about alcohol, but also folk medicine. To obtain a healing and fortified tincture, a simple algorithm is followed:

  • 500 g of honey is dissolved in a small amount of warm water;
  • pour boiling water (0.5 l);
  • simmer on low heat for an hour, stirring constantly;
  • yeast is added to the cooled syrup (1 package, 5-7 g);
  • kept warm for about 3-4 days.

syrup and yeastAs soon as the allotted period ends, add 10 g of hop cones (preferably crushed) and 15 g of linden inflorescences, as well as 500 ml of vodka. Leave again for further fermentation for a couple of days. Then it is strained and poured into containers for storage in a cool place. After 4-5 months, they are served on the table.

These are just some of the recipes for making mead. A distinctive feature of each of them is the spices used..

Video recipe for mead on vodka with medicinal herbs

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