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How to save green onions for the winter with a minimum of effort and money

how to keep green onions for the winter Juicy onion feathers are a harmonious addition to salads, soups and main courses, as well as savory snacks. Therefore, for many housewives, the question of how to save green onions for the winter is relevant. During the cold season, its use will help maintain strong immunity and fight viruses and harmful bacteria. It is important not only to preserve the taste of green feathers, but also not to lose their beneficial properties. There are several effective ways to preserve the flavor characteristics of the spice, as well as the vitamins contained in it..


preparing green onions Before you start choosing a way to store green onions for the winter, it is important to pay attention to the preparatory stage..

To do this, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • for storage, it is worth picking up only bright green leaves without damage;
  • do not choose feathers that have begun to fade or have a yellow tint at the tips;
  • even if at first glance the onion seems clean, it should be thoroughly rinsed under running cold water;
  • to eliminate the remaining moisture, the greens should be blotted with a kitchen towel;
  • for easy storage, the leaves must be crushed.

You do not need to cut the leaves for a fresh piece. Raw materials are crushed if stored in any other way. slicing green onionsThe method of slicing onions depends on personal wishes. For later use in soups and main courses, chop the greens with medium rings. To add to sauces, cut into smaller pieces. You also need to pay special attention to drying green onions..

If excess moisture remains on the leaves after drying, the raw material may begin to rot prematurely..

How to properly wash greens

rinse the onion

In order to remove clean onions in the refrigerator, proceed as follows:

  • the container is filled with cold water;
  • greens are placed in it;
  • thoroughly rinse the leaves, removing adhering lumps of dirt;
  • spread on cloth or paper napkins;dry washed onions
  • leave for 30-60 minutes, until the liquid completely disappears.

If, in addition to juicy onions, there are several spoiled, slightly wilted or yellowed specimens, then you should not get rid of them. They can be salted..

Different ways to save green onions for the winter

how to keep green onions for the winterThere are several methods to prepare a feather for the winter. But they are all uncomplicated and will not take a lot of time..

Fresh storage

storing green onions in the refrigeratorThis method is one of the easiest and does not need much preparation. Anyone who wants to know how to keep green onions fresh in the refrigerator needs to understand that only young, springy feathers are suitable for this purpose. The easiest way to store them is in durable plastic. The bags are put into the refrigerator for 20 minutes, after the allotted time they are taken out and stuffed with leaves. Then the plastic bags with herbs should be put into the vegetable drawer. This method will allow you to have fresh herbs on hand for salads. But such feathers are stored less than frozen or dried ones. But at the same time, their taste is brighter and richer..

After purchasing green onions, you can wrap the white stems tightly with plastic. This will increase the shelf life of raw materials..

Do not store onions and green onions in the same compartment..


dried green onionsSave green onions for the winter by drying them.

This procedure is done in several ways.:

  • using an electric dryer for vegetables;
  • in the oven;drying green onions in the oven
  • in good weather in the sun.

Before drying, the feathers are rinsed and cut into medium pieces..chop the green onion When using the oven, a minimum temperature of 50 degrees is set. In this case, the oven door must be slightly open..put the chopped onion on a baking sheet You should tirelessly monitor if the greens are dried in the oven, as there is a high probability that the blanks may burn. A more convenient way is to use an electric vegetable dryer. It turns itself off at the right time, the raw materials will definitely not be damaged.dried herbs

Green feathers can also be dried outdoors:

  1. To do this, the chopped greens are placed on a clean tray and taken out into the street, setting in the sun..
  2. To preserve the maximum of nutrients, it is necessary to ensure that the greens are not under direct rays.
  3. Cover the workpiece with a thin layer of gauze on top to protect it from annoying insects..
  4. After three to four days, the onion will be completely ready..

You can understand that the feathers are ready if they crumble well when squeezed with your fingers. After the onion has dried, it is ground in a coffee grinder and removed to a dark place..

There is no need to mix dried green onions with other spices; this will cause green feathers to lose their piquant taste and spicy aroma. Store dry raw materials in glass jars or canvas bags.

How to preserve green onions for the winter using freezing

frozen green onionsFreezing is a common method of harvesting green onions for the winter. The resulting greens can be added to a wide variety of dishes, while it has a softer taste than dried. chop the onion before freezingYou can save the workpiece in this way for 12 months..frozen onions in bags

Two types of freezing are used:

  1. In ice molds. Greens cut into small pieces are put in ice molds, you can also use baking dishes and other convenient containers. In the container, the onion should occupy 1/3 of the volume, the remaining space is filled with water. Raw materials are removed to the freezer until they freeze completely. After a while, the cubes should be taken out and put into bags. This will allow you to quickly separate the desired portion and not suffer from defrosting the entire workpiece..
  2. On a cutting board. Finely chop the onion, spreading it in one layer over the board. Then put in the freezer for 6-7 hours. After the allotted time, pour the product into a plastic bag. So the pieces will freeze separately and will not stick together in a lump..frozen onion

Salting green onions

green onions with saltGreen onions for the winter are also made using salting. ingredients for saltingFor these purposes, you need to take 250 g of salt and 1 kg of green feathers. Dry the raw material thoroughly.chop the onion Mix herbs with 100 g of salt. Then pour a layer of greens into a clean container, pour a layer of preservative on top. The top layer of greenery should be covered with salt. The container is closed with a lid, after 2-3 weeks the salting is ready. In this form, onions will be stored for about six months..

Using vegetable oil

how to keep green onions in oil for the winterFor those looking for how to preserve green onions for the winter, use vegetable oil. This method keeps the greens fresh without freezing them. The greens chopped into small squares should be put in a glass container. The raw material must take ¾ banks. Pour sunflower or olive oil on top. Screw the lid on top. Workpieces can be stored in oil for about 6 months, while all useful substances will be preserved. The disadvantages of this method include the fact that feathers, along with oil, are not suitable for every recipe. Store onions in oil in a cool place without access to sunlight.

green onions in olive oilBefore choosing a harvesting method, you should decide in what form the green onions will be used. If the feathers are not used for fresh salads, then the onion is easier to store dry or frozen..

Feathers in oil and salt are harmoniously combined with soups and main courses, they will give food an unforgettable aroma and spicy aftertaste.

A little fresh greens can always be grown independently from onions at any time of the year, if you lower the head in a glass of water and put it on a lighted window.

Two ways to save green onions for the winter – video

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