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Finding exclusive recipes for making lagenarii for your personal cookbook

recipes for cooking lagenaria Every housewife wants to include healthy meals in her family’s diet. Therefore, we will consider the proven recipes for cooking lagenaria, which are shared by experienced chefs. The plant has gained particular popularity for its unusual appearance, beneficial properties and original taste. Exotic fruits contain an abundance of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, fats and carbohydrates. Thanks to this, the consumption of the vegetable helps to strengthen the body’s immune system. It is not surprising that the culture began to appear more and more often in vegetable gardens next to tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley and dill. Let’s find out in more detail what lagenaria is and what it is eaten with.

Biological characteristic

lagenaria belongs to the pumpkin family The plant belongs to the “Pumpkin” family and is an annual lush liana.

The people call culture:

  • Vietnamese zucchini;
  • calabash;
  • cucurbita;
  • calabash;
  • gourd;
  • musical pumpkin.

varieties of lagenariaDuring the season, the vine grows to about 15 m in length and gives abundant harvests. From one plant, from 10 to 15 pieces of fruits of an unusual shape and color are collected. In addition, they often amaze gardeners with their size. Huge giants reach 2 m and mature by mid-autumn.

Today there are a huge number of exotic pumpkin species, which are divided into 2 groups: edible and decorative or dishware..

Since we are interested in recipes for making lagenaria, we will get acquainted with these varieties.:

  • Pollen-shaped (light green cylindrical fruits);field lagenaria
  • Serpentine (narrow wriggling vegetables);serpentine lagenaria
  • Cobra (the fruits resemble this particular animal);lagenaria cobra
  • Goose in apples.lagenaria goose with apples

Compact varieties of lagenaria are grown not only in the beds, but also at home. Thanks to this, even the townspeople provide themselves with a valuable product for the winter..

Decorative varieties are used purely for decorating living spaces and kitchens..

Original recipes for cooking lagenaria from the chef

recipes for cooking lagenariaAs soon as summer residents began to grow tropical exotic from South America, culinary experts thought about how to prepare it. As a result, a lot of interesting dishes have appeared, which are distinguished by excellent taste and useful properties. Let’s get acquainted only with exclusive recipes to surprise our home.

A savory snack salad

lagenaria saladA healthy vegetable dish is prepared from simple ingredients:

  • unripe fruits of lagenaria;
  • Dill;
  • mayonnaise;
  • salt;
  • seasonings (optional).

wash and chop the vegetableThe washed vegetable is peeled. The resulting pulp is cut into thin plates. Put in a deep plate.

chop the greensDill greens are poured with water for 5 minutes, and then washed under the tap. When the remaining liquid is gone, the branches are chopped with a knife and sent to the lagenaria. Sprinkle on top with seasonings, salt and season with mayonnaise. The mass is thoroughly mixed, cooled in the refrigerator and served on the table.

Appetizing pancakes

pancakes from lagenaria

You will need ingredients to prepare the dish:

  • fruits of lagenaria;
  • chicken eggs;
  • flour for pancakes;
  • salt;
  • some granulated sugar;
  • vegetable oil;
  • sour cream.

Peel the vegetables. Cut into pieces, then rub on the finest grater. Chicken eggs are driven into a separate container (2-3 pieces). beat eggsAdd granulated sugar and stir vigorously with a fork or spoon.

make pancake doughThe resulting liquid is combined with the crushed fruits of lagenaria. Then add flour and knead the batter, like for pancakes..

fry lagenaria pancakesHeat vegetable oil in a frying pan. Spread out the round cakes with a spoon. Fry on both sides and put in a deep bowl. When serving, pour over sour cream.

To ensure that the pancakes are thoroughly steamed, they are fried over low heat, and the finished product is covered with a lid..

Stuffed exotic for the festive table

lagenaria for stuffing

An amazing dish from Lagenaria, which is included in the banquet menu of many restaurants, is prepared from such a set of products.:

  • beautifully shaped vegetable;
  • pork;
  • Champignon;
  • onion;
  • tomatoes;
  • parsley;
  • spices;
  • salt;
  • vegetable oil;
  • sour cream;
  • water.

The exotic fruit is thoroughly washed. Carefully remove the seeds so that a compact funnel forms inside the lagenaria. The resulting workpiece is dipped in boiling water and cooked until half cooked.

grind meatThe meat is cut into small pieces. Pass through a meat grinder along with onions. The resulting mass is salted and pepper. Then add the tomato slices and mix.

fry the mushroomsThe champignons are washed, cut into pieces, fried in a pan until half cooked. The product is combined with minced meat, which is applied to the prepared fruits of an exotic pumpkin.

Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan until it boils. Stuffed vegetables are fried from different sides. When a golden crust forms, remove and place in a deep baking dish. Semi-finished products are poured with thick sour cream and sent to the oven. Bake at 200 ° C for about 40 minutes. Sprinkle the finished dish with chopped herbs.stuffed lagenarii

If desired, sour cream can be replaced with grated hard cheese in large quantities.

Excellent snack with vodka

caviar from lagenariaMany chefs use gourd to make caviar. It is often served as a cold snack for intoxicating drinks. Its excellent taste and pleasant aroma has won particular popularity among fans of vegetable delicacies..

The dish is prepared from ingredients:

  • lagenaria;
  • onion;
  • tomatoes;
  • vegetable oil;
  • salt;
  • condiments.

First of all, peel the fruit of the gourd. Then the vegetable is cut into small cubes, and then put into a saucepan..

fry the onionChop the onions and fry in a pan until golden brown. Add the finely grated tomatoes. The components are mixed and extinguished until all the liquid has completely evaporated..

stew vegetablesThe resulting sauce is seasoned with spices, salted and poured into a saucepan with pieces of pumpkin. The resulting mixture is placed on moderate heat. Stew until cooked, stirring occasionally. Served chilled.

Vegetable “fish” in batter

recipes for cooking lagenaria

To prepare goodies with excellent taste, you will need products.:

  • young fruits of lagenaria;
  • salt;
  • spices for fish;
  • flour;
  • chicken eggs;
  • vegetable oil.

The vegetables are washed well. Cut into circles, the thickness of which is about 2 cm. Place in a bowl, salt and mix thoroughly. Beat eggs in a separate container. Add fish seasoning and stir.

fry lagenaria in batterOil is poured into the pan. The vegetable circles are first enveloped in flour, then in batter and laid out on a heated surface. Fry over medium heat until brown crust appears. The finished vegetable “fish” is sent to a saucepan and covered with a tight lid. The dish is served with chilled sour cream. Sprinkle with chopped herbs on top.

If you add seasoning with chicken flavor to the batter, you get a completely different dish..

We got acquainted with the exclusive recipes for cooking lagenarii, which are used by experienced chefs. Only young fruits of edible vegetable varieties are suitable for dishes. In all cases, peel off the product and heat it. In a company with tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, eggs and meat, excellent delicacies are obtained. They are served as a snack for intoxicating drinks on the festive table. An amazing fruit pleases not only with its appearance, but also with its unique taste..

Italian recipes for cooking lagenaria – video

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