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Juice from amber sea buckthorn for the winter through a juicer

natural sea buckthorn juice Harvesting: sea buckthorn juice for the winter through a juicer has medicinal properties. And canned to obtain an optimally balanced source of vitamins in winter.

The benefits of sea buckthorn juice

useful sea buckthorn berry Sea buckthorn is a small, sunny berry that attracts the eye. Sweet and sour berries are full of useful vitamins and substances that are extremely necessary for a person. It is not only sweet, but also a very tasty medicine.!

Sea buckthorn juice has the same beneficial properties as berries:

  1. It contains the plant pigment, which is most important for our body – beta-carotene, as well as various organic acids, alkaloids, serotonin and other very useful components.
  2. It is an excellent tool in the fight against free radicals, as it contains vitamins E, C and A.
  3. Vitamins C, P and E, which are contained in significant amounts, contribute to the normalization of the endocrine system and support the immune system, preventing the development of inflammatory diseases and the appearance of allergic reactions.
  4. Can be used as a fat burning supplement due to the record amount of vitamin C in it, which is the best natural fat burner.
  5. Tocopherol (vitamin E) is present more than most other plants known for their beneficial properties.
  6. Wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties are especially pronounced.
  7. The presence of succinic acid, which is rare, reduces the toxic effects of various drugs and radiation, lowers blood pressure.
  8. It is used for vascular atherosclerosis, disorders of the nervous system and liver diseases.

Do not forget about the harm: individual intolerance is possible, also do not use for cholelithiasis, gastritis and ulcers.

Make sea buckthorn juice at home using any of the recipes below, and you can support your immune system during the cold winter..

Sea buckthorn juice is not just a flavored drink, it is a very effective and proven source of vitamins and nutrients for many years. Has a rich color and sour pleasant taste.

Sea buckthorn juice in syrup

This sea buckthorn juice recipe is easy to prepare and all the beneficial properties are preserved for the winter.!

Choose berries that are orange in color, dense, they should not be stained or damaged. In overripe fruits, there are practically no useful properties..

Would need:

  • sea ​​buckthorn;
  • for syrup: one liter of water and half a kilogram of granulated sugar.


  1. Pass the washed and selected sea buckthorn through a juicer.sea ​​buckthorn for juice
  2. Boil syrup (water + sugar).cook syrup
  3. Add hot syrup to the juice, based on the proportion of juice 2.5 liters per 1 liter of prepared syrup.boiled sea buckthorn juice
  4. We pour everything into clean cans prepared in advance. Pasteurize, heat up to 85 degrees, 1 liter jars – about 20 minutes. And immediately cork with lids.rolled sea buckthorn juice

For a variety of tastes, you can add blueberry, blackberry or any other berry juice.

Natural sea buckthorn juice for the winter without sugar

Sea buckthorn will be required.

sea ​​buckthorn juice for the winterPreparation:

  1. Rinse thoroughly all the berries, select the spoiled and damaged ones. Squeeze juice with a juicer.natural product
  2. Heat and pour into sterile small jars, then put to pasteurize (0.5 liter jars – 15 minutes, 1 liter jars – 20 minutes)
  3. Immediately roll up and put away stored in a cellar or basement.

In order for the drink to have more pulp, you need to pass the cake through a juicer several times..

To preserve all vitamins, it is preferable to harvest the juice without boiling or boiling. How to make sea buckthorn juice without cooking?

Sea buckthorn juice with sugar

Would need:

  • sea ​​buckthorn berry;
  • sugar – 1 kg of sugar (per 1 liter of juice).

sea ​​buckthorn juice with sugarPreparation:

  1. Sort the berries thoroughly and rinse well. Squeeze the juice through a juicer.
  2. Put granulated sugar in the resulting juice and stir in several steps with a wooden spatula until the sugar dissolves.juice through a juicer with sugar
  3. Pour into jars prepared in advance, then tie each with parchment, put in a cool place.

The cake that remains can be used for further preparation of sea buckthorn oil..

The juice obtained from sea buckthorn for the winter, passed through a juicer, is highly concentrated. The blank can be used for cooking fruit drinks, compotes and jelly.

Sea buckthorn juice with boiling

Would need:

  • berries 6 kilograms;
  • water 2 liters;
  • granulated sugar 1 kilogram.

ripe sea buckthornPreparation:

  1. Squeeze juice in a juicer.grind sea buckthorn
  2. Add granulated sugar and water. Stir well, pour into a saucepan and bring to a boil.
  3. Pour from a saucepan into jars and pasteurize for 20 minutes.
  4. Roll up the lids and put upside down for a few hours.ready-made juice for the winter

The juice can stand all winter and will not deteriorate..

The sea buckthorn juice made according to this recipe for the winter through a juicer will help protect the body from various colds in winter..

Sea buckthorn ripens by September. If a berry appears on the market earlier, it is likely that it has been specially treated with various chemicals in order to accelerate growth..

Sea buckthorn juice does not lose its properties during heat treatment. During storage, sea buckthorn juice splits into two fractions. Therefore, before use, you need to shake the drink well until smooth..

DIY sea buckthorn juice – video

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