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How to make kvass from birch sap at home

delicious kvass What could be nicer than a glass of refreshing drink on a sultry day. It is kvass, like nothing else, that removes thirst. And if it is made from birch sap, and even made with one’s own hand, it has a doubly beneficial effect on a person. How to make kvass from birch sap at home or in the country, you will be helped by visual step-by-step recipes that describe this process in detail.

How to extract birch sap? How to make kvass from birch sap? What beneficial substances will you get from the produced drink? – the answers to these questions are described in detail in the article. People who want to fill their body with vitamins will definitely need advice on how to make kvass from birch sap. This gift of nature will delight you with an unsurpassed taste and cheer you up for the whole day. A glass of miraculous drink a day, and your well-being will be one step higher. A tonic drink does not require financial investments, which is important in our time. Here you just need to find free time to extract sap from birch trees and, while this happens, you can mentally relax in nature, enjoying the surrounding landscape.

Useful properties of birch sap

The clear drink, slightly sweet in taste, is actually rich in minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates. Simple-looking juice contains essential oils, saponins, tannins and many chemical elements (potassium, calcium, copper, manganese). In addition, birch sap is quite high in calories and modern nutritionists prescribe it to be used as a medicinal product to maintain a figure in shape..

Along with the healing properties acting on the figure, this juice increases the efficiency of the immune system, strengthens the cardiovascular system, and stimulates brain activity. As a diuretic, it relieves swelling and is therefore highly recommended for women who have just become mothers. The sweetish liquid is recommended for all people: adults, children, sick and healthy.

Birch sap has a healing effect on the body, namely:

  • removes harmful substances from the body;
  • serves as a prophylactic agent;
  • improves digestion;
  • restores the acid-base environment in the stomach;
  • has diuretic properties.

It is not recommended to often drink birch sap for people suffering from peptic ulcer and kidney stones.

How to get birch sap?

collection of birch sap Extraction of sap from birch depends on warm weather. After the winter cold, when the thaw begins, you can safely go with adaptations to the nearest trees. To determine if there is sap flow along the trunk, the tip of the awl should be deepened into the tree by 5-7 centimeters. If a drop of liquid appears on the surface, then you can safely start collecting it, while planning how to further make kvass from birch sap.

It is better to collect the sap during the day, since at night its movement along the tree trunk slows down.

So, when it was determined that there is juice in the birch, you should start drilling the holes. The distance from the ground should be approximately 50 cm. The number of holes depends on the diameter of the trunk. For example, the diameter of a birch trunk is 25 cm, which means there is only one hole, and so on, incrementally, + 10 cm is + 1 hole. It is better to make cuts in the bark from the southern side, there is more abundant sap flow. A pre-prepared boat-shaped groove should be inserted into the resulting hole. You can pump 3 – 7 liters of liquid from one tree per day.

Do not drain all the liquid from the tree, otherwise it will die..

You can use a plastic bottle as a container for collection, it is very convenient, but you cannot store the juice in it further, since it loses some of its healing properties. When you come home, be sure to pour the birch nectar into a glass dish..

Step-by-step description of the preparation of kvass

Transparent sweetish juice can be used not only in its pure form, but also to make kvass from it. This type of drink will appeal to those who do not really like birch sap, but need its useful contents. Cooling salvation in hot weather is kvass, which is based on birch sap. How to make kvass will help you with several types of step-by-step recipes for making kvass from birch sap with the addition of other products.

Recipe for kvass from birch sap with honey


  • birch sap – 10 l;
  • pressed yeast – 50 g;
  • honey – 200 g;
  • lemon – to taste (3 pcs).

Sourdough stages:

  1. Pour over the yeast with warm water and let it stand until it is completely dissolved.we breed yeast
  2. Pour honey into the resulting mass.add honey
  3. Juice lemons.squeeze lemon juice
  4. Add all these ingredients to birch sap. Pour the mixture into the jars and close with a nylon lid. Let stand for a few days.
  5. Elixir ready to drink.

Kvass recipe (birch sap and honey)

unique kvassIngredients:

  • birch sap – 5 l;
  • sugar – 150 g;
  • chunks of bread (black) – 400 g.

Sourdough stages:

  1. Juice at room temperature is poured into an aluminum pan and sugar is added, brought to a boil. Do not boil!add sugar to juice
  2. Cut the bread into small pieces of 3 – 4 cm and brown a little in the microwave.dry bread
  3. The resulting crackers are poured into heated juice, covered with a lid and they need to stand for 2 days to concentrate the taste.bread kvass
  4. Bread kvass is ready.

The more the bread is blushed, the more rich and dark the kvass is..

Birch kvass with raisins


  • birch sap – 10 l;
  • sugar – 500 g;
  • raisins – about 50 pieces.

Sourdough stages:

  1. Peel birch sap through cheesecloth or strainer.filter the juice
  2. Place the raisins in cold water and hold there for 30 minutes, let it swell.soak raisins
  3. Add sugar with raisins to strained juice.
  4. When the sugar has dissolved, cover with a lid for a couple of days to ferment..insist kvass
  5. Strain the finished kvass again and enjoy your kvass drink!

Recipe for birch kvass with the addition of orange

kvass with orangeIngredients:

  • birch sap – 2.5 liters;
  • large orange – 1 pc;
  • raisins, mint, lemon balm – to taste;
  • sugar – 250 grams;
  • pressed yeast – 10 grams.

Sourdough stages:

  1. Cut a ripe orange into rings and place in a glass sourdough container.
  2. Grind the yeast and, along with sugar, pour into a jar to the orange.
  3. Add lemon balm and mint.
  4. Pour birch sap over the jar, cover and leave for two days.birch kvass with oranges

Recipe for kvass from birch sap with the addition of dried apple fruits


  • birch sap – 5 liters;
  • apple dried fruits – 1 kg;
  • raisins – 300 g.

Sourdough stages:

  1. Wash and dry dried apples and raisins.dried fruits
  2. In an enamel saucepan, combine all ingredients.
  3. Set aside to insist for 4 days, stir every day.kvass is ready to eat
  4. Pour the ready-made sourdough into bottles or cans.

Useful tips on how to make kvass from birch sap correctly:

  • before sourdough, birch sap freshly picked with your own hands must be filtered through cheesecloth, cotton cloth or a sieve;
  • tasty and healthy kvass turns out better on juice, hand-picked;
  • plastic dishes are not suitable for sourdough, it is better to take glass containers;
  • birch kvass with raisins is suitable as a base for okroshka;
  • kvass can be stored for up to 120 days;
  • store kvass in a cool place;
  • birch kvass is positively combined with various medicinal herbs;
  • this refreshing drink with an addition in the form of raisins is best prepared in spring in order to delight yourself with sips of coolness by summer;
  • kvass on birch sap with honey additive is better in summer or autumn to boost your immunity in winter.

After reading the recipes, stop asking questions about how to make kvass from birch sap. It’s as easy as shelling pears, you just have to set aside a few hours for this procedure and continue to enjoy the result..

In order to delve into the cooking process in more detail, to clearly see what and why should be done, below is a step-by-step video of kvass from birch sap.

Video: how to make kvass from birch sap?

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