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Summer flavor or seedless apricot jam

seedless apricot jam for the winter A fragrant, unusually tasty pitted apricot jam in color similar to amber. The fragrant delicacy goes well with pancakes and pancakes and is found in almost every cellar among zealous housewives. Thanks to the natural acidity of apricot, such jam never turns out to be too sugary, but its consistency can be adjusted using different cooking technologies and a certain amount of sugar..

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Some tips for preserving apricot jam

ingredients for jam There is absolutely nothing complicated in how to cook seedless apricot jam. The most time-consuming process will be the preparation of the fruit, and then it remains to trust the kitchen helper-stove, not forgetting to stir the brew from time to time.

It is worth noting that slightly broken apricots can also be used to roll jam, that is, those that fell from the tree (provided that they retained their shape). The main thing is that the fruits are ripe and sweet. If the recipe stipulates that the dessert should consist of whole apricot halves, then in this case it is better to use undamaged fruits with dense pulp and preferably the same size..

In order for the apricots not to fall apart and retain their shape, the jam is cooked in two or three passes in a few days, while not stirring it, but only shaking the cauldron.

An excellent filling for pies is obtained from seedless apricot jam, if you add gelatin to it, which must first be diluted in water. Of course, the fruits will lose their integrity, but the dessert will acquire a rather thick consistency and will not flow out of the pie or pie.

Apricot jam, cooked in three passes

apricot jamTo get a sweet and sour dessert, you need ripe apricots and sugar in a 1: 1 ratio. You can increase the amount of sugar if desired. It is more convenient to start making jam in the evening, so that the apricots will start juice by the morning. Despite the fact that the whole process will take about two days, such a seedless apricot jam is also called “five minutes”. This is due to the fact that the workpiece is boiled in several passes during the same time..

How to make a five-minute jam:

  1. Wash the fruits thoroughly in two waters and spread on a towel to drain off the remaining water..wash and dry the apricots
  2. Using a knife or hands, divide the apricots into two parts and remove the seeds.remove seeds from fruits
  3. Put peeled fruits in a deep bowl in layers, sprinkle with sugar. Leave the preparation overnight to extract juice.sprinkle with sugar and leave overnight
  4. The next day, gently stir in the sugar that has settled on the bottom of the bowl and bring the jam to a boil. Remove the foam (there will be a lot of it) and simmer for 5 minutes. Stir with a wooden spatula or spoon during cooking so as not to burn. Turn off the hotplate and leave for 24 hours.bring the jam to a boil
  5. Repeat the procedure two more times. At the last call, increase the cooking time to 10-15 minutes, boiling the jam to the required thickness, then immediately put it in jars and roll it up.put the ready-made jam in jars

If you used apricots of very sweet varieties, you can add a little citric acid to the jam at the end of cooking (1-2 g for each kilogram of fruit).

Grated apricot jam for pies

grated apricot jamThis recipe for pitted apricot jam is more like a jam – the delicacy turns out to be quite thick, so it can be used for filling in pies or pies. The highlight of the recipe is the preliminary boiling of fruits with their further chopping..

The amount of sugar depends on your taste preference. To make the jam with sourness, you need:

  • 2 kg apricot;
  • 1 kg of sugar;
  • some water.

For a sweeter jam, add 1.8 kg of sugar. By the way, in this case it will boil down faster..

Step by step cooking:

  1. Wash the fruit and remove the pits.wash apricots and peel the seeds
  2. Put apricots in a wide basin and pour a little water over them. A 3 cm layer of liquid will be enough.Bring it to a boil and boil the fruit for 10 minutes.pour the fruit with a little water and boil
  3. Gently remove the apricots and rub through a sieve.grind boiled fruits
  4. Pour the apricot puree back into the basin, add sugar and boil for 45-50 minutes from the moment of boiling, periodically removing the foam and stirring.simmer apricot puree with sugar
  5. Put the finished jam in jars and seal.

Apricot jam with kernels

apricot jam with kernelsA rather original dessert is obtained by adding these same seeds directly to the pre-peeled apricot jam for the winter. You can also use almonds or walnuts instead..

In the process of “getting” the nucleoli, one should act very carefully and carefully. Firstly, the kernels must remain intact, and secondly, they must be carefully sorted out. A few bitter nucleoli can ruin the entire workpiece..

For jam you will need:

  • 1 kg of sugar and apricot;
  • half lemon.

delicious apricot jamSo, to make a slightly almond-flavored jam:

  1. Wash the fruits well and blanch in boiling water for several minutes. Before you dip the apricots in boiling water, you need to prick them with a fork to keep them in shape. Dip in cold water and dry a little.prick and blanch pure apricots
  2. Cut each fruit in half with a knife and remove the seeds.cut the fruit and pull out the seeds
  3. Using a hammer, break the bones, remove the core and remove the skin from it (if left, it will taste bitter).remove the nucleoli from the seeds and peel
  4. Boil sugar syrup and 1 tbsp. the water in which the apricots were blanched.add sugar to the water and boil
  5. Put prepared fruits and peeled kernels in a saucepan with hot syrup.put the fruits and nucleoli in the syrup
  6. Squeeze the juice from the lemon, remove the zest and add everything to the apricots. Bring the workpiece to a boil, remove the foam and boil for 5 minutes. Then remove from the stove and leave to infuse overnight.add lemon zest and juice to the jam
  7. Make two more such runs, the last time increasing the cooking time to 10 minutes.
  8. Put the halves of the apricot together with the kernels in jars, and pour the remaining syrup over them with a ladle. Roll up.

Jam containing apricot kernels can be stored for no more than one season.

Of course, fresh fruit is always tastier than any canned fruit, but what if their season is very short? In this case, you can and should use them for a variety of winter preparations. Pitted apricot jam is not only a filling for pies, but also a delicious dessert on its own. Such a roll will never be superfluous on the shelves in the cellar! Bon Appetit!

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