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The subtleties of making walnut jam

green walnut jam Walnut jam is a fairly popular product in places where the tree itself grows. It is appreciated by many gourmets and enjoys wide popularity due to its characteristic taste and useful properties. To enjoy the dessert, you do not have to purchase such jam in the store, you can make it at home if you have all the ingredients necessary for this on hand..

Green walnut jam: recipe

pick the nuts of milk ripeness First of all, it should be borne in mind that only young nuts are used for making jam, which are still green and have only reached milk ripeness. They have a soft shell. The very process of harvesting fruits for direct preparation has some subtleties. This is due to the peculiar bitterness of the raw material. To get rid of the unpleasant taste, still unripe nuts are placed in cold water and left soaked for about two days. Before that, they are cleaned of the green crust..

Be sure to wear gloves while chopping green nuts. Due to the high concentration of iodine in their composition, the skin of the fingers will turn dark very quickly..

peel the nuts and cover with waterThroughout the soaking period, the water should be changed regularly – at least three times a day. Then the water must be drained, and the nuts must be poured with a lime solution. To prepare it, use cold water and slaked lime. Leave the nuts in the resulting solution for at least four hours. Then strain them so that the bitter taste of the raw materials can be eliminated. At the final stage, rinse the nuts thoroughly under running water.

Jam made from walnuts has another nuance – after all the manipulations done, the nuts need to be pierced with a fork in several places, and then placed back in cold water, but for two days. Then the syrup itself is prepared, in which the nuts will be cooked. For its preparation, ordinary sugar and water are used, you can add cinnamon or cloves if desired..

Let’s consider the ratio of proportions in more detail:

  • 40 pcs. unripe nuts;
  • 3 cups of sugar;
  • 1.75 liters of water for soaking and one glass already for making syrup;
  • 1 tsp citric acid – added, if desired, to water for harvesting nuts;
  • cloves, cinnamon – taste.

cook nuts with sugarWhen the syrup is ready, boil the nuts in it for about ten minutes and leave in this state for about a day. This way they can get saturated with sugar and taste good. Further, the cooking process must be continued. Half an hour is enough for this, but a more accurate sign that the nuts are already ready will be their black shine. Do not forget to throw a bag of ground spices into the water while cooking. This will give the jam a more pleasant aftertaste. Then it should be poured into jars while still hot..

If you want green walnut jam to acquire an unusual taste, you can deviate a little from the classic recipe. So, some say that the jam gets a pleasant aftertaste if you add orange zest or vanillin along with the usual spices..

As for cooking utensils, it is highly discouraged to use copper or aluminum products for this purpose. These materials, when exposed to heating, begin to break down, which will lead to the fact that metal particles get into the jam. The most optimal option is the use of enamelled containers, as well as stainless steel. Before proceeding directly to cooking, all dishes and lids should be washed. For this, water is used with the addition of baking soda. Then scald the containers with boiling water and dry thoroughly.

The benefits and harms of walnut jam

ripe nutsEveryone knows that walnuts have a number of useful properties. But many people wonder if there is still a benefit in the jam, which is made from walnuts. Even after long boiling, still unripe nuts retain all the medicinal qualities. That is why it is recommended to prepare such jam not only for culinary reasons. It contains many valuable substances, but the most important of them is iodine..

nut jam for immunityIn general, the benefits of such jam are relevant and, if necessary, increase immunity. It is often used if there are problems with the thyroid gland. Also, walnuts, even boiled, are useful for the vessels of the brain. The product can be used by women who are carrying a fetus. This is a healthy treat for children and people with unstable blood pressure. For strenuous mental work, jam made from aromatic green nuts will also help..

But there is also a downside to the benefits – you should not get too carried away with these products, especially people who are overweight, since walnuts are high in calories.

Walnut jam video recipe

Armenian nut jam – video

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