Bedside tables (90 photos): types and models

Bedside tables (90 photos): types and models

Bedside tables are an excellent addition to the bedroom interior, capable of bringing in a piece of comfort, sophistication, and completeness of the furnishings. They give their owners the comfort they need to get away from the daily hustle and bustle and problems. It is easy to place all the necessary gizmos here. Books, magazines, a mobile phone, hygiene items, glasses or just a cup of coffee – all this will find a good place for itself both on shelves that are open and closed from prying eyes. We will tell you about what kind of bedside tables are and how to choose this wonderful and necessary piece of furniture correctly in a further article..

Types of bedside tables

Today’s variety of bedside tables is so great that it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice in the direction of a particular product. Among the main factors that deserve special attention, one can single out such as: dimensions, shapes, installation methods.

Depending on the size

In the design of the bedroom interior, it is important not to clutter up the space, leaving enough free space. The bedside table should not be in a cramped position between the wall and the bed, so you need to choose it taking into account the area of ​​the room and the size of the bed. Three main types are conventionally distinguished:

Small – look great in small bedrooms. Despite its modest dimensions, a small bedside table can have enough shelves to accommodate the most necessary things;

Mediums are the most common option with a variety of shapes. Bedside tables usually have open and closed shelves. Lamps, decorative items are installed in prominent places, and hidden niches allow you to hide personal things from prying eyes, maintain order;

Large – designed for spacious bedrooms. Their spacious storage system allows you to place not only the most necessary accessories, but also such as bed linen, pajamas, towels, etc..

Types of bedside tables - Depending on the size Types of bedside tables - Depending on the size Types of bedside tables - Depending on the size

Depending on the shape

The shape of the furniture is also important. The most common in this category are square and rectangular bedside tables, which are suitable for any space. They can be placed anywhere in the room..

Round and oval products look more original and non-standard. However, such bedside tables are not suitable for every room – they take up quite a lot of space, and it will not work to install them close to the wall..

The corner design of the bedside table is a great option for small bedrooms. She is able to occupy an empty corner, give the interior a complete look and, among other things, be roomy enough.

A separate niche in the production of bedside tables is occupied by design developments that can amaze with the originality of forms. Here you can find the most unexpected, but rather effective solutions..

Types of bedside tables - Depending on the shape Types of bedside tables - Depending on the shape Types of bedside tables - Depending on the shape

Depending on the location

Unlike earlier times, when all the furniture was rather bulky and was installed permanently, the current designs to a greater extent make it possible to embody the desired design solutions. According to the installation method, bedside tables are of two types, namely:

1. Floor – mounted directly on the floor or have support legs, castors;

2. Suspended – a more modern option, when the product is mounted to the wall, creating a feeling of lightness and weightlessness of the structure. Hanging bedside tables greatly simplify cleaning the room, making it possible to freely wash or vacuum the floor, and the novelty of the designs will effectively complement any modern design.

Types of bedside tables - Depending on placement Types of bedside tables - Depending on placement

Transforming pedestals

Special attention should be paid to bedside tables, which can easily change their configuration, simultaneously performing several important functions. For example, a side table with a pull-out mechanism is ideal for those who are used to an evening snack or an early breakfast in bed. The tabletop can easily accommodate a laptop or tablet for gamers. There are also options when an additional surface is attached to the side wall. Today you can also find such models as bedside tables with a swivel table top, under which there is a storage compartment or “nesting dolls”, consisting of several compactly combined elements.

Bedside tables - Sideboards-transformers Bedside tables - Sideboards-transformers Bedside tables - Sideboards-transformers

Materials for making

A wide variety of materials are used for the manufacture of bedside tables, especially when design developments are involved. Such pieces of furniture are sometimes made by home craftsmen even from simple improvised raw materials, for example, containers for vegetables, sawn logs, etc. As for the most popular materials, these include wood and its substitutes (chipboard, MDF), plastic, glass and metal. Combined options are often found..

Wooden bedside tables

Such furniture is certainly the most environmentally friendly. It looks noble, especially made of expensive natural solid wood. The bedside table can have strict shapes or be decorated with carved patterns. Economical options are made of pine veneer, but given that pine belongs to soft wood species, the service life of such bedside tables is not long – the fastening points on doors or drawers are often the first to be deformed. Also, wood can replace chipboard and MDF boards, but when buying furniture from these materials, it is important to pay attention to quality so that the presence of harmful substances does not harm health..

Wooden Bedside Tables - Crafting Materials

Plastic bedside tables

Plastic furniture has become quite popular in our time. A special advantage lies in the rich color palette that allows you to create both bright accents and light furniture compositions. Plastic belongs to materials that are quite pliable in processing, which makes it possible to make original furniture from it, and its low weight allows you to install a suspended structure in the bedroom.

Plastic bedside tables - Materials for making

Glass bedside tables

In recent years, a wide variety of glass furniture has emerged. Manufacturers have managed to achieve the amazing strength of this material, and designers have successfully used glass elements to make furniture sets. A glass bedside table will look light and elegant without cluttering up the space. It can be supplemented with metal, plastic or wood pieces.

Glass Bedside Tables - Crafting Materials

Metal bedside tables

In this case, we are not talking about mass production. Metal bedside tables are the work of individual craftsmen. Most often they are represented by forged structures that successfully complement vintage interiors, although there are also products made of solid metal sheets..

Metal bedside tables - Materials for making

How to choose a bedside table: styles

The choice of this or that bedside table will depend on what functions the owners plan to assign to it. It can act as both a small table-stand and multifunctional furniture, which will contain a variety of drawers and shelves for magazines, books, cosmetic accessories and other necessary trifles..

The size of the bedside table is determined by the total area of ​​the room – furniture in the bedroom should not take up too much space. If the room is small, it is better to opt for compact options, especially when placing two elements on either side of the bed. In this option, it is also worth considering that the bedside tables should have the same design (sometimes whole sets are purchased with the bed). If you intend to buy one bedside table, it is better to place it on the right side of the bed – as practice shows, a room with such an arrangement looks much more comfortable.

An important role in the choice is played by the style of the interior, where the design of furniture is of decisive importance. Here are some examples of how a bedside table might look in a particular design solution..


When we talk about classics, of course, we are talking about furniture made of natural wood, which must fully emphasize the chic and high cost of the furnishings. Bedside tables can be richly decorated, contain elements of carving, gilding.

How to choose a bedside table - Classic style


The romantic rustic style is able to infuse the interior of the bedroom with charming Mediterranean influences. Here, preference is given to the presence of semi-antique wooden furniture with characteristic scuffs and cracks. The most popular will be light pastel colors..

How to choose a bedside table - Provence style


A fairly popular modern trend involves simplicity of forms with an industrial accent. When choosing a bedside table, preference is given to the maximum laconicism of finishing with a combination of solid wood and a metal frame.

How to choose a bedside table - Loft style


Austere minimalism that does not tolerate pretentiousness is best emphasized by the presence of furniture elements with clear shapes. It can be a rectangular bedside table in white, gray, black with a glossy surface and a complete lack of decor. At the same time, the furniture is distinguished by its large capacity, often combining several functions..

How to choose a bedside table - Minimalism style

High tech

The most unexpected creative ideas will be reflected here. The originality of furniture execution with space forms and the use of materials such as plastic and glass will become the main defining nightstands in high-tech bedrooms. The color palette is usually dominated by black, dark blue, metallic.

How to choose a bedside table - High-tech style

East style

Low furniture is characteristic of various directions of the oriental style, so a bedside table in such an interior should be chosen squat, with small legs, round or rectangular. The presence of floral ornaments and other decorative elements is quite appropriate here..

How to choose a bedside table - Oriental style

Bedside tables – photo

All the richness of the variety of such an oversized, but, at the same time, quite significant interior item, like a bedside table, we have collected in the pictures of the photo gallery. Here you can familiarize yourself with various models and their successful location in bedrooms of different styles. Happy viewing!

Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo Bedside tables - photo