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Refreshing compote of apricots and orange for the winter

apricot and orange compote Each housewife, among the winter preparations, must have several cans of drinks. Thanks to their culinary imagination, today they are prepared not only from traditional fruits and berries. Recently, recipes with unusual ingredients are gaining more and more popularity, one of which is apricot and orange compote..

The appearance of the compote is quite deceiving: it would seem, what can you expect from a nondescript yellowish drink? However, the aroma coming from the can will immediately eliminate all doubts – everyone will like the sweet smell of apricot with orange notes. The taste of the compote is a bit like sweet carbonated water like “Fanta”, which will be especially appreciated by little family members. In addition, compote is a completely natural product (unlike soda), and there will definitely not be any harm from it..

The only drawback of this compote is that it can be cooked only during the apricot harvest season. If oranges are sold in shops and markets all year round, then fresh apricots cannot be found in winter. Of course, sometimes you can find imported apricots in the supermarket, but they are in many ways inferior to fruits grown in natural conditions by domestic producers. What can we say about their cost and naturalness …

Therefore, there is no need to waste time, but it is better to take advantage of the moment when apricots are available and stock up on apricot and orange compote for future use..

For a transparent compote, it is better to take ripe apricots with dense pulp. Overripe fruits may fall apart during preparation, which will ruin the appearance of the drink..

Apricot and orange compote in syrup

fruit in syrup For seaming, it is convenient to use jars with a capacity of one liter – this way the compote is used faster. For a large family, they take bottles, then the number of ingredients is multiplied by the displacement (for a 2-liter bottle – by 2, and so on).

wash and dry the apricotsRipe dense apricots (250 g), rinse and drain off excess water.

Apricots must be firm, but not green, otherwise the apricot and orange compote will taste bitter.

Wash the orange as well and cut into rings, each divided into 4 parts. Put 2-3 rings on one liter jar.cut an orange for compote

Sterilize the jars. Without waiting for them to cool, arrange the fruits in containers.Fill clean jars with fruit

Prepare sugar syrup:

  • pour 750 g of water into a saucepan;
  • bring to a boil and add 130 g of sugar;
  • boil for 2 minutes until it is completely dissolved.

boil syrup for apricot compotePour the boiling syrup over the fruit, cover with a lid and sterilize for 20 minutes. Roll up.pour the syrup over the fruit and sterilize

Sweet and sour compote by double pouring

compote without sterilizationThis easy recipe for apricot and orange compote without sterilization is suitable for novice housewives who are just learning how to preserve. To preserve 4 three-liter bottles of the drink you will need:

  1. Wash two kilograms of apricots and select seeds.
  2. Cut the orange into 4 parts (one per jar). You can leave them intact, or you can cut each into slices..
  3. Put the fruits in jars and cover with boiling water. Cover with lids, cover with a blanket and leave to cool completely.pour boiling water over jars of apricots
  4. After the water in the jars is cold, gently drain it into a saucepan and bring to a boil again..drain water and boil
  5. Pour 1 tbsp into fruit jars. sugar and pour hot water.add sugar to the fruit and pour boiling water over
  6. Seal and wrap up again.

Sweet compote from overripe apricots and orange pulp

apricot compoteUnlike general recommendations about the ripeness of apricots, overripe fruits are specially used in this case. Firstly, they should still be cut into pieces, and secondly, so the compote will be sweeter. For the same purpose, peel off the orange peel..

In order to roll up a three-liter bottle of apricot-orange compote for the winter:

  1. Pour over the orange with boiled water and remove the skin. Cut it into two parts – for one bottle you need only half a peeled orange, which is cut into half rings.peel and cut an orange
  2. Rinse half a kilogram of apricot, divide into halves and remove pits.remove pits from ripe apricots
  3. Place the prepared fruits in a glass container, cover them with 1 tbsp. Sahara.put fruit in jars and add sugar
  4. Pour boiling water over the jar, then roll up and wrap it up. After the compote has completely cooled down, it is lowered into the basement for storage..

Apricot compote in orange-mint syrup

apricot compote in orange-mint syrupA characteristic feature of the drink is the use of not the orange itself, but only its juice. In addition, a few sprigs of mint will give the compote a refreshing hue..

Step by step procedure:

  1. Wash apricots in the amount of 1 kg and select seeds.
  2. Arrange fruits in sterilized jars, filling them 1/3 of the height.put apricot halves in jars
  3. Squeeze juice from oranges (total weight 300 g) and strain it through cheesecloth so that no seeds and pieces of pulp remain.squeeze orange juice
  4. Pour 5 liters of water into a large saucepan, and when it warms up, add 1 kg of sugar. Let the sugar dissolve and add orange juice to the syrup.
  5. Bring to a boil and add a couple of mint sprigs. Let it simmer for 5 minutes.
  6. Pour boiling syrup over the apricot jars and roll up.

Compote “Vitamin three”

apricot, orange and lemon compoteTo make a rich apricot compote with orange and lemon, you will need for a three-liter container:

  • 500 g apricot;
  • 1 tbsp. Sahara;
  • 1 orange;
  • 0.5 lemon.

Before tackling fruits, you should put a kettle of water on the stove for pouring.

While the water is heating, remove the seeds from the washed apricots by dividing them into two parts..prepare apricots for compote

Pour boiling water over orange and lemon and cut. Set aside half of the lemon – you can use it for the next can.prepare citrus

Put all the ingredients in a sterilized jar and add sugar.fill the jars with fruit

Pour boiling water over the fruit, roll up, wrap and let cool.

Fruit puree compote

apricot-orange compote with pulpA feature of the recipe is that not whole fruits are laid out directly into the jars, but a mashed mass of apricots, orange and lemon. Such an apricot compote with orange and lemon is a little unclear, which, however, does not affect its taste in any way..

The amount of fruit for mashed potatoes depends on the lemon, so for one lemon you need:

  • 3 kg apricot;
  • 1 kg orange.

Wash all fruits thoroughly, select seeds and pass through a meat grinder or blender along with the peel.chop the fruit with a blender

Sterilize cans with a capacity of 3 liters. Put 1 tbsp in each. fruit puree and 1 tbsp. Sahara.

Pour boiling water over and roll up.

For compote, it is better not to use lemons with thick peels, as they can be bitter.

Compote made from apricots and oranges perfectly quenches thirst and is a great alternative to store-bought juices and soda water. Prepare only organic foods for your small and large family members. Bon Appetit!

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