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Cherry compote for the winter – a delightful vitamin elixir

cherry compote for the winter A surge of strength and energy will give sweet cherry compote for the winter. When the yield of the cherry trees in your garden is too high, the berries on them overripe and often disappear. Preserving healthy fruits will help preservation for the winter. Cherries are processed into preserves, jams, compotes, they are simply frozen to be used later as filling in pies. The easiest way to preserve berries is to prepare compote from them..

Cherry compote for the winter is cooked in various ways. First, the preparation of the berries themselves is of great importance. They can be preserved whole with seeds. In this case, the drink will have a subtle, delicate aftertaste and exquisite aroma. Such an elixir does not require sterilization of cans of compote before closing them with lids. The option for processing pitted cherries assumes a richer aroma and concentrated taste. But according to such a recipe, a procedure for sterilizing the jars with the contents is required. Otherwise, there is a possibility of a breakdown of the provisions. Secondly, cherry, due to its not pronounced taste, can be perfectly combined with other gifts of nature. You can get an excellent cherry compote by adding apricots, apples, pears, raspberries, blackberries, cherries, strawberries and other berries, fruits that ripen in the cherry season..

Below are popular recipes for sweet cherry compote, both in pure form and with the addition of other fruits. On the basis of them, you can experiment and create your own, observing the stages of welding.

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Cherry compote with seeds without sterilization

cherry compote with seeds To roll up cherry compote for the winter without sterilization, you need to prepare 5 glasses of berries. You need to take 250-gram glasses. For preparation, you will need another 1.5 cups of sugar. Those wishing to add a touch of spice can add vanillin. From the listed components, one 3-liter jar should be obtained..


  1. Wash cherries, removing stalks, foliage and spoiled berries.peel and wash the cherries
  2. Pour about 2.5 liters of water into a saucepan and boil.boil water for compote
  3. Pour clean berries into a sterile jar and pour boiling water over it. Covering with lids, leave alone for 15 minutes.fill the jar with cherries with boiling water
  4. Drain the water from the jar through the nylon lid with holes back into the pan. Send sugar there and boil again.add sugar and boil
  5. Pour the jars again with boiling aromatic syrup and roll up. Wrap in a warm cloth, after turning the containers upside down.pour the syrup over the jars and roll up
  6. Cherry compote is ready!

The concentration of the compote can be adjusted according to your taste by adding or subtracting the amount of cherries. This also applies to the use of sugar in the drink..

Pitted sweet cherry compote with sterilization

pitted cherry compoteBelow is a recipe on how to close pitted sweet cherry compote for the winter. The process involves sterilizing cans with contents to prevent food breakdown. The preparation will require 2 cups of cherries and only 50 grams of sugar. These ingredients are placed in a half-liter jar..


  1. Get rid of spoiled berries, wash the rest. Remove bones with a toothpick or a special apparatus.remove seeds from cherries
  2. Place the berries in a sterile jar and cover with sugar on top.put the berries in a jar and cover with sugar
  3. Boil water and pour it into a jar with cherries.pour boiling water over the cans
  4. Covering with lids, send to a pot of water for sterilization. From the moment the water boils in the pan, you need to wait 20 minutes.sterilize cherry compote
  5. Gently remove the jars with tongs and tighten the lids. Ready!

White cherry compote

white cherry compoteWhite cherry compote for the winter has a delicate aroma and an unusually delicate taste. If you have such a variety, do not miss the moment and make a preparation for the winter from it. The amount of cherries per compote will be calculated based on the desired number of cans with future compote. Since these berries have a weak taste, it is advisable to fill the jar by half, or even more. For such a three-liter container, you will also need a glass of sugar..


  1. Sort the cherries, wash, separate from the stalks and leaves. Fill a sterile jar with them.fill the jars with washed cherries
  2. Boil water (2 liters per can).boil water for compote
  3. Pour berries in a jar with boiling water. It should be poured in a thin stream so that the glass container does not crack..gently pour boiling water over the yellow cherries
  4. Covering with tin lids, let the cherry compote brew for the winter for a few minutes.let the compote brew
  5. Remove the tin cover and put on a nylon cap with drain holes on the neck. Pour the water saturated with berries back into the pot. Add sugar to the same dish and boil for a minute, two.add sugar to the drained water
  6. Send the boiling syrup to jars and screw tightly with tin lids. Turn upside down and wrap in a dense cloth until it cools completely.pour the syrup over the cherries and close
  7. Ready!

If the cherries are wormy, they need to be immersed in water for several hours. During this time, all unwanted organisms and debris will float to the surface of the water..

Cherry and apple compote

cherry and apple compoteSweet cherries are perfectly complemented by the sourness of apples. All this sweet and sour set can be stored for a long time in the form of a compote. To create this fortified cocktail, you will need a kilogram of apples and three kilograms of cherries. These components will use 400-500 grams of sugar. Preservation will be ensured by 3 g of citric acid. The resulting cherry compote with citric acid and apples will have a refreshing effect on summer days and a feeling of vigor in winter.


  1. Cherries should be sorted out and washed. There is no need to remove the bones.sort and wash the cherries for compote
  2. Cut the washed, unpeeled apples into pieces and remove the core.chopped apples and cherries for compote
  3. Dissolve sugar and citric acid in 1.5 liters of water. Boil.boil water with sugar and citric acid
  4. Place apple slices with cherries in 1/3 of its volume in jars. Pour in boiling syrup.pour the syrup into the fruit jars
  5. Submit for a 30 minute sterilization procedure. Remove from hot water, seal with lids and wrap until cool.sterilize apple and cherry compote
  6. Ready!

Strawberry and cherry compote for the winter

strawberry and cherry compoteJuicy, aromatic strawberries are combined with cherry fruits, so it is advisable to combine them in an assorted compote. The drink will hold 3 kilograms of cherries and only 500 grams of strawberries. The syrup will use not only 4 glasses of sugar, but also 3 teaspoons of citric acid. For special connoisseurs of fine taste, you can add a sprig of mint or a leaf of lemon balm.


  1. The considered cherry compote with seeds for the winter does not provide for getting rid of their core, so the berries just need to be thoroughly washed. Rinse the strawberries well by holding them in water for several tens of minutes. Leaves can not be removed.wash strawberries and cherries
  2. Immerse the prepared fruits in a jar, put mint leaves on top. Pour boiling water over the assortment (1 liter) and wait 15 minutes.put the fruits in clean jars
  3. From the drained aromatic water, boil a syrup consisting of sugar and citric acid. Pour it into a jar with a fruit and berry harvest. Cork immediately with sterile lids, turn over and wrap in warm.make fruit syrup
  4. Bon Appetit!

A simple recipe for cherry compote for the winter can also be supplemented with lemon or orange. To do this, in addition to cherry berries, you need to prepare citrus fruits by cutting them together with the peel into pieces of any shape. Combine the ingredients in a jar, pour in the syrup and send for sterilization. The duration of such a procedure depends on the volume of the jars. Standard 3-liter jars, which are most commonly used for storing compote, require 20 minutes of hot heat treatment. Delicious and right compote preparations for the winter!

Video recipe for cherry and tangerine compote

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