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Podium bed in the interior: 80 photo ideas

Podium bed in the interior: 80 photo ideas

Arrangement of a sleeping place is one of the most important issues in the organization of living quarters, since a comfortable rest becomes a guarantee of excellent mood and great well-being for the whole next day. The modern market is filled with many models of comfortable beds, but not all of them can boast of their high aesthetic and functional characteristics. The leading position here is occupied by a podium bed, with the help of which you can competently plan the atmosphere of a small room or create a completely extraordinary image in a spacious room. In addition, it can be supplemented with a number of additional functions that make it an irreplaceable piece of furniture. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the best ideas for arranging a podium bed, as well as visit the photo gallery, where a variety of models are presented.

Advantages and disadvantages

When arranging the interior space of rooms, it is necessary to take care of both the aesthetic appeal of housing and its convenience and functionality. In the rooms of bedrooms, living rooms and children’s rooms, as well as studio apartments, the installation of a podium bed has a lot of advantages, which consist in the following characteristics:

– A bed with a podium base can become a spacious storage for clothes, linen and other household items, eliminating the need to purchase additional furniture. This issue is quite relevant in small apartments, where there is a struggle for each additional square meter of usable area;

– With the help of a podium bed, you can effectively zone the space, which is especially important for studio apartments. The room, divided geographically by a bed on a dais, will retain a sense of spaciousness, since there is no need to install additional partitions here;

– The multifunctionality of the podiums and the possibility of organizing mobile beds on them allow you to get additional space. The podium space during the daytime can be used as a playground for children’s games, meeting guests, creative activities, etc.;

– Aesthetic appeal is an important factor that plays one of the main roles in the design of today’s interiors. The design itself looks quite attractive and original. It can be complemented with built-in lighting or a chic canopy, creating an atmosphere of comfort..

It is worth noting the fact that making a frame podium with a bed with your own hands makes it possible to fill it with all the necessary functional elements, while reducing money for the purchase of cabinets, pedestals and other furniture. As for the disadvantages, here we can single out the stationarity of the structure, which will not make it possible to easily move it if necessary. As practice shows, it is difficult to handle the design of the podium for the elderly and people with joint problems, in particular, to sit on the podium and get up from it. Also, before purchasing, it is worth considering the height of the ceiling and the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe room so that the bed does not take up all the free space..

Podium bed in the interior - Advantages and disadvantages Podium bed in the interior - Advantages and disadvantages

Types of podium beds

Today, designers are inventing many new models of podium beds that are capable of performing various functions in the interior. From the point of view of functional accessories, the entire range can be conditionally divided into three types:

1. Performing technical functions – beds with a base, which helps to hide unwanted communications or room defects, may have additional storage systems in the design;

2. Decorative – they can become a real interior decoration, its accent element, participate in dividing space into zones and adjusting it;

3. Combined – combine the characteristics of the two previous types, often with a spacious storage system, additional lighting, pull-out mechanisms.

Each of the species has many interpretations, which we will consider in detail below. They have individual design features that allow you to choose the appropriate option for a particular family..

Bed on a monolithic podium

In this version, the bed podium is formed in the form of a one-piece structure. The installation of such podiums plays, for the most part, a decorative function – monolithic podium beds were installed in majestic castles, and they served for a long time due to their high strength. In modern apartments, such an installation has a certain disadvantage, which is its high weight, because concrete is used during installation, therefore the structures are suitable for private houses.

Types of podium beds - Bed on a monolithic podium Types of podium beds - Bed on a monolithic podium

Traditional bed on a frame basis

The most simplified option for organizing a podium bed, when the bed is located on a frame basis. The design is designed to fulfill the functions of decorating the interior, leveling the asymmetry of the space. There are no additional storage systems here, so such models have a lower cost, but, nevertheless, they look no less impressive. They can be supplemented with headboards and bedside shelves.

Podium Bed Types - Traditional Framed Bed Podium Bed Types - Traditional Framed Bed

Multifunctional podium bed

The construction of a bed on a frame podium provides an excellent opportunity to organize a spacious storage system. As a rule, such designs include rather spacious drawers, niches and shelves, the volume of which makes it possible to refuse to purchase an additional cabinet..

A good design technique is to mask the storage compartments, when they cannot be detected immediately, and the room is filled with free space and air. Often, podiums are equipped not only with lower drawers, but also with side systems, which allows you to place clothes, linen and other necessary things: books, equipment, etc. In the inside of the podium, you can place a dressing room or a safe, which will be accessed through a hatch by the bed, which will be difficult to find. Beds on a frame podium are made, as a rule, to order, taking into account all the wishes of the owners for the internal filling.

Podium Bed Types - Podium Multifunctional Bed Podium Bed Types - Podium Multifunctional Bed

Pull-out bed-podium

This design can be called the most functional and appropriate for small spaces. The bottom line is that the sleeping place “hides” in the bowels of the podium and is pulled out, if necessary, with the help of rollers. This is a great option, which is worth paying attention to large families or those living in cramped living conditions. The retractable bed system allows you to almost completely use the podium space for the necessary purposes – you can place a play area, a work area on it, or install a soft sofa, turning the area into a living room.

An interesting fact is that this idea of ​​”hiding” an extra bed comes from the Middle Ages, when under the beds of representatives of the wealthy nobility there were additional sleeping places for assistants who spent the night with them. Of course, the former designs did not differ in high mobility and aesthetic indicators, unlike the current ones, but nevertheless the concept of their organization was reflected in modern podium beds..

Podium Bed Types - Pull-out Podium Bed Podium Bed Types - Pull-out Bed Podium

Mobile bed on the podium

In this case, the podium and the bed are separate elements of the bed. On the territory of the large step in the evening, a thin mattress with bedding is laid. In the daytime, all this can be easily removed into the curbstone, and the podium itself is used for other purposes..

Podium Bed Types - Podium Mobile Bed Podium Bed Types - Podium Mobile Bed

Balcony podium

It is quite possible to organize a comfortable sleeping place on the territory of a balcony or loggia, if you first take care of additional insulation. For the balcony, it is better to install triple double-glazed windows, as well as insulate the walls and floor (sometimes a heating system is carried out here). It is not difficult to assemble a balcony podium on your own, having made preliminary accurate measurements. The frame is formed from metal corners, furniture board and plywood. In this case, you can make an additional cover to have access to the inner space of the podium. A soft mattress is placed on top of the structure. Such a podium will be a great place for a good rest..

Podium Bed Types - Balcony Podium Podium Bed Types - Balcony Podium

Round podium bed

Modern round podium designs look quite impressive. In this case, the berth can be rectangular or have a rounded shape. Most often, these beds are installed in spacious rooms or bedrooms with a non-standard layout. The bed becomes a kind of center around which the further situation is formed. This piece of furniture is so unusual that it will certainly focus on itself..

The bed is installed either in the center of the room, or closer to the center of the longest of the walls. In long narrow bedrooms, this option looks unprofitable, since a round bed will serve as a partition. The solution can be the purchase of a round podium with an additional headboard, which allows you to install the bed in a corner, along a wall or in a niche..

Podium Bed Types - Round Podium Bed

Podium bed with built-in lighting

An especially original solution is the organization of a bed with illumination, which will give the atmosphere a certain mystery and originality, creating the effect of a bed “floating” in space. To make the backlight, spotlights or LED strip are used. In addition to the fact that such a podium bed looks quite beautiful in the evening, additional light also serves for safety, illuminating the edges of the steps. If there is a storage system on the podium, with additional lighting it will not be difficult to find the necessary thing in the evening, without turning on the main lighting.

Podium bed types - Podium bed with built-in lighting Podium bed types - Podium bed with built-in lighting

Podium bed design

In addition to choosing the degree of functionality and aesthetic perception of the podium bed, it is important to pay attention to the style of the interior. For example, in a classic style, the bed can and should have a fairly rich look, which is achieved with the help of luxurious frame and headboard upholstery. In most cases, classic designs serve as interior decoration, so storage systems, if any, are masked.

Loft-style beds look especially interesting, the podiums of which are made of rough, untreated wood. The color of the wood can be different, but it must be natural. Since antique furniture is especially appreciated in this direction, it may have elements of aging, peeling paint. To ensure a comfortable stay on a wooden podium, it is important to choose a comfortable modern mattress.

In the eastern directions, for example, in the Japanese style, low podium beds with a mobile bed arrangement are preferable. It uses national tatami mattresses, complete with comfortable pillows. Furniture does not have to be expensive, rather it is characterized by rigor and simplicity with the absence of decorative elements.

A high-tech podium bed can have the most daring and unexpected shapes. This technological direction assumes geometric strict or streamlined forms in combination with non-standard design..

Podium bed design Podium bed design Podium bed design Podium bed design

Podium bed – photo

Many options for modern podium beds are presented in our photo gallery, where you can personally see the convenience of a particular model in order to make the right choice of bed for your room in the future. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to the possibility of the correct arrangement of furniture in the interior, its ability to divide the territory into zones, and also become an excellent decoration. Happy viewing!

Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo Podium bed - photo

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