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Replenish missing vitamins with red currant compote

red currant compote for the winter Red currant compote can serve as an excellent drink in the fight against vitamin deficiency in winter. This is because red currants are a treasure trove of nutrients. In addition to vitamins A, C, E, berries contain organic acids, iron, potassium, selenium, pectin substances and a lot of other necessary elements to improve the vital functions of the human body..

If you often drink currant juice or compote, you can get rid of unnecessary fluid in the body, from tissue edema and bags under the eyes. Also forget about thirst, colds, nausea, mild stomach diseases for a long time.

Red currant compote

delicious red currant compote A simple recipe for red currant compote without additives prepares very quickly. It will take 400 grams of berries, which is about 1.5 cups, if there is nothing to measure the grams with. The syrup will need 200 grams of sugar and 1.5 liters of water..


  1. Ripe berries to get rid of the stalks and wash. Rinsing can be done under running water by placing the berries in a colander, or collecting them in a large bowl of water by simply immersing the currants in the liquid for a while..wash the berries well
  2. Mix water with sugar, boil.make sugar syrup
  3. Put clean berries in boiling sweet water and boil for 2 minutes.pour berries into the syrup and boil
  4. Wait until it cools down and you can drink. To preserve red currant compote for the winter without sterilization, after boiling the berries in syrup, the entire boiling mass must be poured into sterile jars and tightened with lids. Delicious preparation for you!

If you are preparing a compote from frozen berries, then in this case, it is immediately added to the bubbling syrup and boiled without defrosting.

Sterilized red currant compote

sterilized currant compoteRed currant has many components that allow it to be stored for a long time in canned form. But for a more reliable preservation, after boiling it, it is better to use the procedure for sterilizing berries together with compote in a jar. For the red currant compote for the winter, you will need two 150-gram glasses of berries, two of the same glasses of sugar and 3 liters of water. A 3-liter jar should be prepared for these ingredients by cleaning it with baking soda and sterilizing.


  1. Remove stalks from good berries, rinse them.remove stalks from currants
  2. Fall asleep in a jar.pour currants into jars
  3. Boil the syrup (water + sugar) and pour over the red currants.prepare syrup for currant compote
  4. Covering with lids, put the jars in a saucepan with water so that it reaches its shoulders. Start the sterilization process for 20 minutes (time for a 3 liter container).
  5. Remove the jar from the pan with tongs and tighten the lid tightly with a seamer. Wrap in warm for 24 hours, remove the canvas the next day and let stand for a week in a ventilated area. Then you can put it in the pantry until winter..

This compote can be prepared without sterilization with a double filling of components in a jar with boiling syrup.

Red currant compote with apples

apple and red currant compoteApple and red currant compote is a sweet and sour drink made from a minimum of ingredients. It will need 300 grams of currants and a pound of apples. From this number of components, 5 liters of compote should be obtained.


  1. Separate the currants from the stalks and wash.remove the stalks and wash
  2. Cut apples into pieces or leave whole as desired.prepare apples
  3. Place the clean ingredients in a saucepan, fill it to the brim with water and place on the stove.cook compote from currants and apples
  4. As soon as the mixture boils, add sugar, the amount of which will match your taste. Someone likes too sweet, and someone has a pleasant sourish taste. After the next boil, pour the liquid with berries and fruits into sterile jars and twist.

Red currant compote with orange

red currant and orange compoteCompotes with the addition of citrus fruits are quite popular now. Combining berries from our lands with a foreign curiosity is a great idea with an excellent taste. A pound of red berries, one large orange, 200 grams of sugar will go for red currant compote with orange. The ingredients provided are calculated in a three-liter jar.


  1. Wash the currants without greens and put them in a sieve to glass the water.wash and dry the currants
  2. Wash the orange. The shape you are going to give the orange will only depend on your preference. These can be cut pieces together with the peel, also just slices without a shell.chop orange for compote
  3. Place all components in the bank. The occupied space should be 1/3 of the volume. For those wishing to add some piquant taste to the provisions, you can add mint leaves. Red currant compote with orange and mint for the winter looks aesthetically beautiful and has a cold aftertaste.put the ingredients in the jar
  4. Boil water and pour it over the jars. Covering with lids, let the tincture stay in this state for about 20 minutes.fill the jars with boiling water
  5. Drain the flavored water into a saucepan, add sugar and boil.boil berry syrup
  6. Pour jars with a currant-orange composition with a bubbling mixture and immediately close them tightly with lids. Wrap in warm for a day.

Assorted red and black currant compote

red and black currant compoteRed currant compote for the winter can be combined with seasonal fruits and get an unsurpassed taste. The drink will require one glass of red and black currants, as well as gooseberries. All of this will be stored in a syrup consisting of two glasses of water and three liters of water. It should be noted that the volume of glasses in this recipe is 150 grams..


  1. All berries in the recipe must be freed from unnecessary foliage, twigs, cleaned of debris and rinsed thoroughly.sort and wash the berries
  2. Sterilize jars and pour peeled berries into them.pour clean berries into jars
  3. Boil plain water without additives and pour it into the jar to the berries. Cover with a lid, let it brew for 10 minutes.boil water and fill the jars
  4. Put a nylon lid on the jar with holes for draining the liquid and pour the fragrant water saturated with berry juice into the pan. Put the required amount of sugar into this water (you can adjust the volume of bulk sugar to taste) and boil.strain the infusion
  5. Pour the boiling mixture into jars and seal immediately. Wrap in a warm blanket for 12 hours. Remove the blanket after cooling down – done!

Gooseberries can be replaced with barberry, raspberries, yoshta.

Prepare 1-2 cans of compote for each recipe presented in the article and your pantry will become richer in several types of blanks. In winter, every time relatives will drink compote of a new unusual taste..

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