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Stepping towards the perfect figure with broccoli casserole

broccoli casserole You can enjoy the incomparable taste of fish dishes without the participation of the fish itself. Broccoli casserole is a worthy alternative to such expensive dishes. The delicious aroma that comes from the oven, as well as the grainy texture of this cabbage, leave no one indifferent. Especially women who are worried about their figure will love her. Moreover, preparing such an exquisite treat is easy, inexpensive and simple. And it will take them only 50 minutes, or even less.. diet dish Many are anxious to familiarize themselves with recipes for oven-baked broccoli casseroles..

This cabbage is unique in its kind as it is dietary, medicinal and non-allergenic at the same time. It (along with zucchini) can be given to small children, as the first products of adult food..

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Chicken sold for a million dollars

broccoli and chicken casseroleSuch a price, of course, does not exist for chicken. However, making a mouth-watering casserole with broccoli and chicken is well worth it. The products are juicy, but at the same time tender and tasty.. IngredientsThis result can be achieved only if:

  • Wash 300 g of chicken fillet and remove the film, cut into strips along the fibers;chop the chicken fillet
  • season with salt and pepper, and then put on the bottom of the gosper (without adding vegetable oil);salt, pepper, put in a mold
  • each inflorescence (cabbage needs 500 g), separate into smaller fractions;divide the cabbage into inflorescences
  • pour boiling water over the twigs (it is advisable to salt a liter of water) using a colander;pour boiling water over
  • gently lay the inflorescences on top of the meat;put broccoli in a mold
  • prepare the filling: whipping an egg with spices and salt, pour 250 ml of kefir in a small stream and thicken the mixture with 2 tbsp. l. flour;prepare fill
  • Russian cheese (100 g) grate a medium size grater;grate cheese
  • pour the ingredients with this sauce so that they practically disappear, and grind on top with shavings;pour over the sauce and sprinkle with cheese
  • send the form for half an hour to the oven, preheated to 180 degrees;bake in the oven
  • after baking, let the food cool slightly;leave to cool
  • garnish with parsley and chives before serving.decorate with greens

It is noteworthy, but the technology and cooking time of this dish may differ for some chefs. They add a few more steps to the main processes, namely:

  • dicing chicken fillet;diced chicken fillet
  • frying / boiling meat with spices and onions (curry or suneli hops) in a small amount of oil;fry with the addition of spices
  • blanching of inflorescences in salted water (up to 3 minutes);blanch broccoli
  • whipping cream / sour cream with an egg in a blender (it is important not to forget to add salt and pepper).pour over the egg and sour cream sauce

At the same time, for a brighter and more piquant taste, you can grate pickled / pickled cucumber with these products. One way or another, such a dish is baked a little faster than usual, only 20-25 minutes. serveIt can be served to the table along with slicing of hard cheese or fresh vegetables: tomatoes in company with bell peppers. Lettuce, arugula, and green onions will surely provide guests with an explosion of flavors..

Before serving, the casserole should be removed from the mold and hot divided into separate portions. According to tradition, for such a meal, the hostess must provide a fork and knife, as well as a glass of water..

Sister duet

broccoli and cauliflower casseroleMegadietic will turn out to be a casserole of broccoli and cauliflower. These two “related” products are in perfect harmony in taste, color and texture. Nevertheless, it is worth choosing the sauce and accompanying ingredients wisely. In no case should they “drown out” the delicate taste of these two types of cabbage. Therefore, you can safely add carrots, leeks, bell peppers, tomatoes and even a sweet and sour apple to such a “sisterly duet”. However, in order for everything to turn out to be five stars, you need to follow these steps step by step:

  • divide and cut the inflorescences;divide the cabbage into inflorescences
  • for three minutes boil the cabbage in salted water and pour it into a colander so that it dries out;boil and strain
  • chop the onion and garlic, which will give the dish a magical aroma;chop onion and garlic
  • fry them for 2 minutes. in oil, adding 3 tbsp. l. flour;fry the onion with the addition of flour
  • pour in 150-200 ml of meat or fish broth (after 5 minutes, put 4 pieces of butter / cheese in the sauce);add butter and milk
  • season with salt, paprika, pepper and nutmeg;add spices
  • Mix 100 g of breading with spices, pouring 4 tbsp. l. butter (melted), grind thoroughly;grind bread crumbs with spices and butter
  • chop 100-150 g parmesan cheese or fontina.grate cheese

At this stage, the basic preparations are made. This is followed by the familiar steps of “packing” the broccoli casserole that is being cooked in the oven. Until the sauce has cooled down, you need to quickly shape it, and for this you will need:

  • ½ put part of the cabbage on the bottom of the mold, pour half of the creamy sauce and sprinkle with cheese shavings;lay out the cabbage and pour over the sauce
  • put the remaining ingredients in the same order;shape casserole
  • Finally, spread the oiled bread crumbs evenly over the surface;sprinkle with breadcrumbs on top
  • send the broccoli casserole in the oven for 35-40 minutes.bake

In other interpretations of the preparation of this “family duet”, leeks, carrots, bell peppers and spinach are sautéed along with the inflorescences. And grated tomato is added to the sauce, but only without the skin. serve to the tableSprigs of parsley and dill are used as decorations..

This delicate treat goes well with red fish. For example, you can cut trout, salmon or salmon fillets into cubes and present with a casserole. Moreover, this fish can be added to the dish itself..

Bonus points

air casseroleIt’s worth noting that broccoli cheese casserole can include a variety of foods. Meat, fish, and some kind of cereal are perfectly combined with it. Of course, it’s best to cook each of these ingredients separately, as they take longer than cabbage. Then they should be connected and sent to bake. Perhaps the time has come to announce this list. Thus, the broccoli casserole recipe should include:

  • minced chicken or pork;casserole with chicken fillet
  • whole / chopped tomatoes;casserole with tomato
  • mushrooms (champignons, honey mushrooms, but a porcini mushroom will generally taste like chicken);casserole with mushrooms
  • boiled rice with meat fillet;blank
  • smoked brisket or thighs;smoked chicken casserole
  • pasta.casserole with pasta

For all this, the cooking principle remains the same. Canned peas and beans can further diversify the flavor range. In this case, the dish should be presented in an unusual way. With the help of special molds from the casserole, some cut out funny figures: hearts, houses or animals. On a golden crust, they originally lay out bright greens with red flowers made from tomatoes, as well as fruits.

A sour cream / mustard sauce is a good addition to a broccoli casserole. But yogurt or mousse with sourness will be an excellent “companion” for such a meal..

Among other things, when buying broccoli cabbage, you need to pay attention to its appearance. The bright shade and elastic texture of the inflorescences indicate the high quality of the product.. serve a tender broccoli casseroleAt the same time, a fetid odor should not emanate from it. Following these minor reminders will help you prepare a healthy and delicious treat..

Broccoli casserole video recipe

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