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Vegetarian dish – lean cabbage rolls

lean cabbage rolls Lenten cuisine is delicious and varied. And this proves the existence of many dishes that are prepared exclusively without animal products, in particular meat and eggs. Lean cabbage rolls are also prepared according to the rules and instead of meat, cereals, vegetables, mushrooms, and herbs are added to them. In addition, some recipes allow you to cook cabbage rolls without using the usual cabbage “wrapper”. And now in detail about how to cook lean cabbage rolls.

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Cabbage rolls for the lazy

lazy lean cabbage rolls The recipe for lean lazy cabbage rolls is suitable for those who follow church rules and do not consume any animal products at this time. In addition, they cook very quickly, since cabbage is not a “wrapper”. It is simply chopped finely and added to the total mass..

So that such stuffed cabbage patties do not fall apart during stewing, they should be pre-fried in a pan..

To prepare the dish, 0.3 kg of white cabbage and rice are required. You should also take 0.1 kg of onions, 0.35 kg of a tomato and 0.15 kg of carrots. Additionally, any spices, salt, 50 g of flour are required. Frying is carried out in vegetable oil.


  1. Carrots and onions are washed, peeled and peeled. The root vegetable is grated, and the onion head is cut into small cubes. Also finely chop the cabbage. All vegetables are sent to a preheated skillet with oil and fried.mix ingredients and form stuffed cabbage
  2. Rice is boiled in salted water, washed, and then mixed with fried vegetables. Adjust the amount of salt and pepper to taste. From the resulting mass, cabbage rolls are formed, thoroughly breaded in flour and fried in vegetable oil until golden brown.
  3. Next, the lean cabbage rolls with rice are sent to a baking dish. The tomatoes are cut, scalded with boiling water, skinned and seeds removed, and then the pulp is mashed. The resulting tomato mass is poured with cabbage rolls, the form is covered with foil and sent to the oven, preheated to 180 degrees for half an hour.bake cabbage rolls in sauce

Everything, it remains only to put the cabbage rolls on a plate and serve.

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Cabbage rolls with buckwheat

lean cabbage rolls with buckwheatAnother equally tasty option is lean cabbage rolls with buckwheat. They have a spicy taste due to the addition of potatoes and mushrooms..

If you do not have time to scald and parse white cabbage, you can use Peking cabbage. It is much easier to work with it. It is enough just to cut off 5 cm of “stumps”, disassemble the leaves and blanch in water for no more than a minute.

To prepare the dish, you will need a glass of buckwheat, 4 potato tubers and an onion head. The mushrooms in the recipe are dried (only a handful), but you can take fresh ones. Cabbage leaves in the amount of 12-15 pieces are used as a “wrapper”. Additionally, you will need spices to add flavor, 1 tbsp. l. flour and vegetable oil.


  1. First of all, boil buckwheat in salted water (1: 2).
  2. Meanwhile, two potatoes are peeled, cut into small pieces and boiled.
  3. Dried mushrooms are washed and boiled for 5 minutes simultaneously with potatoes.minced meat ingredients for lean cabbage rolls
  4. The onion is peeled and cut into small cubes and sent to a preheated frying pan with oil to fry.
  5. When the onion is fried a little, chopped boiled mushrooms are added to it and simmer a little.stew onions with carrots
  6. Liquid is drained from the potatoes into a separate container, and the tubers are mashed.
  7. The other two potatoes are cut into thin strips and added to the minced meat raw. In principle, you can grate them, just squeeze the released juice slightly.
  8. All prepared ingredients are thoroughly mixed in a deep container, salt and pepper.
  9. Prepare the cabbage. To do this, a stump is cut out conically and the forks are sent into boiling water. When the cabbage is slightly boiled, the top leaves are removed from it..
  10. A thick layer is cut off from each sheet and proceeds to wrapping lean cabbage rolls.we start forming cabbage rolls
  11. Formed “envelopes” are fried in heated vegetable oil until a light golden hue. At the same time, they put them “joint” down, so as not to turn around.ready-made stuffed cabbage rolls with buckwheat
  12. After the cabbage rolls are sent to the pan.
  13. Potato-mushroom broth is mixed with flour and poured into the “envelopes”.
  14. They put the pan on the stove and, after waiting for a boil, stew for half an hour.

Ready cabbage rolls are transferred to a dish and served..

Mushroom cabbage rolls

lean mushroom cabbage rollsLean cabbage rolls with rice and mushrooms are very simple, but at the same time appetizing and satisfying. They are great for lunch or dinner during the fast..

If you don’t have a tomato and rice at hand, you can replace them with tomato paste and other cereals..

To prepare the dish, you will need 0.3-0.45 kg of fresh mushrooms (according to your preferences). For this amount, take 0.1 kg of rice, a pound of fresh tomatoes and 1-2 carrots and onion turnips. For clothes – cabbage forks. Additionally, you need spices, a bunch of herbs and 2 tbsp. l. sunflower oil.


  1. The cabbage is washed and sent to boiling water for 4-5 minutes. After the forks, take out, cool and remove the leaves. Tough areas are cut off from them. Alternatively, beat them slightly to make them soft..steaming cabbage and cooking rice
  2. Rice is boiled, not forgetting to add salt to the water. Mushrooms are washed, cut into pieces and fried in a pan. The same is done with carrots (rubbed) and onions (cut into small cubes.). All prepared foods are mixed in a deep container, salt and pepper are added.
  3. Now they begin to form lean cabbage rolls with mushrooms. To do this, put a little minced meat on each leaf and roll it into an envelope. The finished “bags” are transferred to a baking dish.we form cabbage rolls and fill them with gravy
  4. The tomatoes are scalded with boiling water, peeled and mashed. Pouring into a frying pan or stewpan, the mass is slightly boiled from excess liquid, not forgetting to salt and add a little flour. Cabbage rolls are poured with tomato puree and sent to stew in a preheated oven for 35-40 minutes.

Ready cabbage rolls are served to the table, sprinkled with herbs.

Vegetable cabbage rolls

lean vegetable cabbage rollsVegetable lovers can be offered to cook lean cabbage rolls with vegetables. By the way, they are perfect for those who prefer vegetarian cuisine..

It is not necessary to take the filling components in the strictly specified amount. You can vary them to your liking. Or add new ingredients altogether.

To prepare stuffed cabbage, you will need two pieces of carrots and bell peppers, one cabbage forks, a bunch of celery and parsley each, and three garlic cloves. Additionally prepare three pieces of lavrushka, 5 tbsp. l. tomato paste, 50 ml sunflower oil and salt and pepper.


  1. The first step is to prepare the cabbage in advance and remove the leaves from it..
  2. All vegetables are thoroughly washed, peeled and cut: celery and pepper into small cubes, carrots – in thin strips, parsley is finely chopped, and garlic is passed through a press.chop carrots and stew vegetables
  3. Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the vegetables on it until soft, not forgetting to put the lavrushka and add a little water. Control the taste for salt and pepper.
  4. Wrap a little filling in each cabbage leaf, roll it up in an envelope and send it to stew in a deep saucepan. Water is added to it (so much so that the stuffed cabbage is completely covered) tomato paste and stewed for 40 minutes.stew cabbage rolls

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in making lean cabbage rolls. In addition, we eat their constituents almost every day. So why not try a new combination?

Video recipe for making lean cabbage rolls

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