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Canopy bed (60 photos): types and models

Four-poster bed (60 photos): types and models

The bedroom is the most intimate corner, where the whole environment should be conducive to maximum relaxation and quiet rest after hard days. Everything here should be selected taking into account personal preferences, the harmony of the furnishings and color schemes. A canopy occupies a worthy place in the bedroom. Once forgotten, it is reborn in modern interiors, taking on new forms, bringing the spirit of romanticism and luxury into even the most laconic environments. What modern ideas for decorating canopies over the bed can offer – we will talk about this in a further article.

Key features

The existence of four-poster beds has a very long history, which is now being successfully revived in modern interiors. Lush, luxurious fabric canvases adorned the spacious beds of the royal nobility in Russia, the rich oriental padishahs and served not only as an excellent decoration for the bedroom, but also as an object of protection from various insects. With the help of simple chintz capes, the cradles with babies suspended from the ceiling were protected from drafts and midges, therefore canopies are now successfully complementing cribs, covering the baby and from prying eyes.

Today, the main function of canopy capes is decorative. Fabric canvases can create stunning coziness in the interior, emphasize a particular stylistic direction of design, and also become the main element of bedroom zoning, clearly denoting a sleeping place. Full-length canvases give a feeling of security, protect from sunlight early. With their help, you can create an incredibly intimate atmosphere..

Another feature of fabric coverings over the bed is their ability to visually reduce the space, “lowering” the ceiling. For small rooms, this will, of course, be a minus, but for large rooms it can serve as a good way to make an empty room more comfortable..

As for the shortcomings, here we can note the property of the fabric to accumulate dust, so the canopy will need to be washed often. You can purchase two sets of bed curtains at once – while one is in the wash, the other takes its place, and the room will not be empty.

Canopy Bed - Key Features Canopy Bed - Key Features

Types of canopy beds

Today there is a large selection of various canopies, differing in designs, sizes, materials of manufacture. Consider the most popular design ideas.

Bed with frame canopy

The ideal solution for a large bed will be a canopy on a frame. The essence of the design is that the fabric is evenly distributed on the frame, fixed on four bed supports. Since the fabrics tightly cover the bed on all sides, this design is perfect for studio apartments and rooms with several functional areas. The racks can be made of different materials: wood, metal, and the choice depends on the general style of the room, as well as on financial capabilities. Beds with carved solid wood supports, forged structures look great.

Canopy Bed Types - Canopy Canopy Bed Canopy Bed Types - Canopy Canopy Bed

Ceiling canopy

If the bed does not have supports under the curtains, the frame can be fixed directly on the ceiling surface or even integrated into the plasterboard ceiling structure, equipped with hidden lighting. This option will give some lightness, airiness to the interior and will also become an excellent element of zoning, hiding a sleeping place behind its fabric vaults from prying eyes. There are suspended structures, usually with round shapes, which are mounted to the ceiling using hooks and special fasteners..

Canopy Bed Types - Canopy Ceiling Canopy Bed Types - Canopy Ceiling

Canopy bed

Another popular type of attachment for bedside protection is a canopy, the frame of which consists of an arc that is attached to the wall at the headboard or from the side. Often they are installed in rooms with a complex curly ceiling shape so as not to disrupt the design. These can be extensive full-fledged canvases or decorative, neatly selected curtains. In any case, they are able to create a cozy atmosphere of comfort and security..

Canopy Bed Types - Canopy Wall Bed Canopy Bed Types - Canopy Wall Bed

Frameless canopy

One of the modern ways of arranging a four-poster bed is when one end of the fabric is attached to the wall at the head of the bed, and the other is tilted over a crossbar mounted in the ceiling. There are other options: it can be two planks attached to the ceiling with a loosely draped canvas of light fabric, the ends of which extend to the floor, or one of the beams will be mounted into the wall. Structures of such a plan make it possible to perfectly arrange a canopy in a room with a non-standard configuration, in particular, in the attic room. Here the canopy can have a stepped shape with fabric distributed over several levels..

Canopy Bed Types - Frameless Canopy Canopy Bed Types - Frameless Canopy

Crown canopy

Fans of sophistication will surely love the idea of ​​decorating a canopy-crown bed. In this embodiment, the frame is made in the form of a circle on which the fabric is strung. The structure is located in the center of the bed and, decorated in a truly royal style, creates the most sophisticated look.

Canopy Bed Types - Crown Canopy Canopy Bed Types - Crown Canopy

Children’s canopy bed

We have already said that canopies were often used to protect cribs from drafts, the “evil” eye and the encroachments of various insects. If you use thick fabric, you can also provide good sound insulation and a barrier from sunlight during daytime sleep..

Today, these are no longer simple chintz capes, but a wide variety of designs that are able to provide the child with his own corner where he will feel safe. Children’s canopies can differ in the method of fastening, length, texture and color of materials of manufacture.

When choosing a model, it is necessary to take into account the size of the bed, the age of the child, his gender and preferences. For a newborn’s cradle, it is better to give preference to a canopy on a stand, the fabric of which covers the entire surface of the crib. In this case, the canopy bed is a single whole and, if necessary, it can be easily moved. Older kids can be equipped with overhead protection and headboards without blocking access to the outside world.

No less popular is the canopy, which is attached around the perimeter of the entire bed. The color can be chosen neutral, giving preference to milky, beige tones, or typical for a particular gender: for girls – a pink palette, and for boys – blue.

Canopy Bed Types - Baby Canopy Bed Canopy Bed Types - Baby Canopy Bed

Four-poster bed in different interior styles

When choosing a canopy for a bed, you should definitely take into account the design style of the room, since the choice of materials, fabrics and forms of structures will depend on this..

For classic interiors, the canopy serves as a great addition, emphasizing chic and elegance. Combined with natural wood furniture, it creates an excellent decoration. Jacquard and velvet fabrics attached to the frame structure will emphasize the sophistication and nobility of the environment.

The Art Nouveau style is characterized by a combination of luxurious furnishings with ultra-modern design solutions. Floral prints, curved lines, simple and sophisticated shapes are appropriate here. A round bed surrounded by thin threads of a canopy, as well as rectilinear structures with accompanying bedside tables, armchairs made of natural materials with original fittings will look great.

The Provence style will bring notes of French grace to the interior with a sophisticated touch of antiquity. The bedroom is decorated in pastel colors, and small, unobtrusive prints in the decoration give it a special comfort. The romantic direction is supported by expensive textiles, natural lace, lush ruffles. The canopy above the bed is made of light airy fabrics, dressing a massive bed made of expensive materials.

An oriental-style bedroom is a real fairy tale, where everything enchants with its luxury of decoration with a combination of bright colors and original furnishings. Of course, the bed acts as a central element, and not just a bed, but framed by a charming expressive canopy. Yellow fabric, as shown in the photo of the bedroom in the Arabian direction, evokes the endless sands of the sultry desert, and bright decorative pillows significantly enliven the interior. A Japanese-style four-poster bed, characterized by minimalism in design, will look somewhat different. The small height of the bed, strict contours and laconic design are the main features of the direction, and the canopy on the support racks of the bed is often assigned the role of zoning.

The canopy above the bed in the bedroom, made in a minimalist spirit, is able to bring substantial coziness and comfort to an empty space, practically devoid of decorations. Everything here is simple and functional, preference is given to a light palette, clear forms, which is reflected in the geometric frame of the airy bedside drapery.

Four-poster bed in different interior styles Four-poster bed in different interior styles Four-poster bed in different interior styles Four-poster bed in different interior styles

Canopy beds – photo

We suggest continuing a further review of four-poster beds in our gallery. Here are collected the best photos of interiors that will certainly inspire you to create a luxurious and, at the same time, comfortable environment in your own bedroom. Happy viewing!

Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo Canopy beds - photo

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