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Useful decoration for summer cottages and houses – flower pots

planter for flowers The charm of the most beautiful and well-groomed plants will not be complete if they are planted in different-colored pots, differing in shape, size, material from which they are made. An excellent solution to the problem is a flower pots. Purchased in the store or made by hand, they will complete the look of the collection on the windowsill and help to decorate the suburban area.

The choice of ready-made planters for indoor and garden plants

different forms of pots The assortment of ready-made pots in stores is incredibly large. In order not to get confused when choosing, experts advise paying attention to several aspects. Among them:

  • the price of the sample you like;
  • destination pots;
  • the size of the pot to be decorated;
  • compliance with the style of the interior or landscape design;
  • practicality of the product.

Most often, florists prefer flower pots made of polymer materials, fired ceramics or clay, glass.

Planter for flowers made of plastic

plastic pot decorationThe most affordable samples are made from plastic. They are easy to clean and can be used indoors and outdoors. Due to the presence of drainage holes and the ability to easily make new ones, the plants in the pots are protected from root decay. Another useful quality is lightness, which is important if a florist needs a hanging planter for ampelous plants or a spectacular garland of their flower pots. Despite the thin walls, the container in the sun does not heat up to critical temperatures, does not cause overheating of the soil and root system.

If desired, plastic planters can be easily decorated with fragments of wood, textiles, beads, or simply painted using safe and bright acrylic paints.

Store-bought plastic planters are easy to transform with a roll of rope and glue. The side surface treated by it is tightly wrapped with a twine or cord.

small planterHowever, with a lot of advantages, plastic pots have a couple of disadvantages. They are not too sturdy when used outside the home, and the products cannot be called original in any way..

Ceramic pots

ceramic potsCeramics of various types have long been used to make flower pots and pots. Clay is incredibly malleable. It can take on a variety of forms, natural material stores the warmth of the master’s hands, transferring it to the interior or summer cottage.

When choosing a ceramic planter, you should pay attention to the presence of a drainage hole, as well as to the outer coating.

Unglazed clay retains porosity, which improves the microclimate inside the pot, but reduces the longevity of the flower planter. When watering with tap water, sloppy stains may appear on the walls. Outside the house, containers are threatened with destruction:

  • high air humidity;
  • a sharp change in temperature, especially freezing and thawing.

Painted or glazed ceramics looks very impressive and much stronger, but heats up slowly and does not remove excess moisture well.

ceramic planters for indoor plantsDue to the large weight for ceramic products, especially when making do-it-yourself hanging flower pots, you need a reliable mount. Easy to make with sturdy twine and macrame tricks.

Glass planter for flowers

glass potsTransparent or colored glass is a fragile but effective material that will help to decorate the interior and make the house unique.

At the same time, having shown imagination, making such a planter with your own hands for indoor flowers is not difficult at all.

As a base, you can take glass jars of a suitable size, glasses, vases, or even a small rounded aquarium. By connecting the vessels with a rope, fixing them on a wooden stand, you can build a garland for flowers, make a planter for several pots at once.

How and from what to make a flower pots with your own hands

planter for flowers made of natural materialThe decoration of the windowsill and the garden will be pots that were not found in the store, but made by a florist himself. Such samples are usually:

  • many times cheaper than analogs from the store;
  • created taking into account the tastes and preferences of the master;
  • unique.

But, relying on his imagination, the florist needs to remember about the reliability of the future pots, safety and practicality. It is especially important to take into account the variability of the weather and the influence of external factors if you have to assemble pots for the garden with your own hands..

original form of potsThe most popular materials suitable for this job are:

  • wood, including planks, bamboo, dry twigs collected from the garden;
  • cement mixtures that, after hardening, turn into durable, moisture-resistant structures;
  • durable types of twine and rope from which wicker pots are made;
  • textiles treated with wear-resistant paint.

For original pots or materials for its manufacture, it is not at all necessary to go to the store.

One has only to look around to notice things that are out of use, but can turn into a unique interior or landscape object..

DIY hanging flower pots

hanging planters

Hand-made pots for the home are a great occasion to show your imagination and demonstrate your ability to create practical and absolutely unique things..

The simplest option is a hanging planter using the macrame technique. Woven to fit the size of the pot, it is:

  • fits perfectly into the interior;
  • decorates any container in which an indoor flower grows;
  • can be used for ordinary and ampelous plants;
  • in combination with others, forms a multi-tiered garland that saves space on the windowsill and gives the window a unique look.

In addition, the planter allows you to significantly improve the lighting of plants and simplifies maintenance with a large number of flowers in the house..

strong ropesWhen choosing a rope for weaving, it is better to give preference to samples made of wear-resistant fiber that does not stretch under load, does not fade in the sun and is not afraid of moisture. The same requirements apply to wicker pots for the street..

Floor and table planters for flowers

outdoor large plantersLarge plants such as indoor lemon, monstera, ficus or lush fern are great home decorations. To make them look even more spectacular, the pot can be put in the original planter.

It is not always possible to choose an option of a suitable design and size, and everyone can make a high floor planter for flowers on their own..

One of the options is a cement planter. As a basis, a quickly solidifying mixture is taken, which is poured into a prepared form and after a while a strong casting-pots are obtained. Another way to use the material is to drink a textile rag with it and give it a suitable look, wait for the composition to dry. This planter can be used in the home and in the garden. For a greater decorative effect, the casting is painted and even covered with mosaics..

floor planters for large flowersA box of a suitable shape will serve as an excellent planter for a large flower. It is preliminarily sanded, treated with moisture-proof varnish or painted. To protect the floor and other surfaces, such as a table under a wooden flower pot, a tray is placed on the bottom to collect excess moisture. The free space between the pot and the planter can be filled with coconut fiber.

To simplify the care of a green pet of large sizes, to protect the plant from moisture deficiency and drying out, pots with a built-in irrigation system will help. You can buy it or make it yourself from auxiliary materials..

pots with automatic wateringIn addition to the container for the pot, there is a cavity for water and a tube for filling it, as well as a system of holes that supply moisture to the roots and remove excess moisture. A similar design for flowers of all sizes can be assembled at home. It will be useful both on the windowsill and in the garden, especially when the plants are deprived of the daily attention of the grower..

simple design of pots with automatic wateringThe simplest pots with automatic watering can be made from an ordinary plastic pot. The main thing is that it is of a suitable size, and its bottom has many large drainage holes. A shipping container in which flowers arrive at the store is perfect. Under the drainage, a mosquito net made of plastic is laid at the bottom. It will not let the soil wash out. Several nylon cords are threaded through the holes so that their ends hang freely.

By placing such pots with home or garden flowers on gravel in a tray filled with water, you can be sure that the plant will not suffer from drying out. The liquid will rise to the ground along the rope, but will not cause root rot.

We make a hanging planter with our own hands – video

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