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Waste incinerator in the country from a barrel

waste incinerator in the country The advantage of purchasing such a device is the absence of capital investments and operating costs when calling for special vehicles and using landfills. Therefore, a garbage incinerator in the country is a manufactured and demanded product also where personal waste disposal is prohibited. But considerations of this kind will be valid only if the concentration of harmful substances when ejected from a summer cottage does not exceed the permissible concentration of emissions from a garbage plant. Let’s consider how the age of high technologies can please us in this area, and what is available to do on our own. For life’s wisdom dictates: a high price is not a guarantee of equipping with innovations.

DIY garbage incinerator – “modernized barrel”

we burn garbage in the country A barrel for burning garbage with your own hands is, at first glance, not the most presentable structure. But it can be made graceful and, most importantly, useful. Something like this beautiful design can end up if you follow all the instructions.!

When making this structure with your own hands, you do not need to have a professional education – anyone who wishes to cope with it.

Preparatory activities

waste incinerator dimensionsIf we talk about the materials, it seems that there are too many of them. But it is not so.

What (besides the barrel, of course) we will need:

  1. Metal profile 5 meters (we will cut it into 5 identical parts).
  2. Steel rod 5 meters long.
  3. 2 loops.
  4. Square meter welded mesh.
  5. Spark arrestor (the diameter of the fastener should be 11.5 centimeters).
  6. 0.2 kg wire.
  7. Tin pipe, one and a half meters long and 11.5 cm in diameter.
  8. Degreaser.
  9. The handle on which the wood nozzle is worn.
  10. 6 pieces of bolts and 6 pieces of nuts.
  11. Electric jigsaw and metal files.
  12. 20 self-tapping screws with a wide cap.
  13. Drill for metal with a diameter of 1.2 cm.
  14. Grinder and circles to it (for sandpaper and for metal).
  15. Fire Resistant Paint.
  16. Brushes or spray.
  17. Electric drill.

waste incinerator drawingAfter preparing everything you need, it’s time to start building a homemade garden oven for burning garbage..

Step-by-step oven assembly

homemade waste incinerator in the country

Work process:

  1. We cut out the door. For the sake of this, we will draw a line on the bottom to which it will be attached. Carefully cut the line with a grinder so as not to touch it to the side walls.cut out the door in the bottom of the barrel
  2. We make several holes in the doors through which air will enter. They need to be done at the bottom, the order is not important.
  3. If necessary, we use a grinder with an installed sanding disc to clean the barrel from paint or rust..
  4. We begin the construction of the goats. To do this, we use 5 pieces of metal profile. The trestles consist of 2 crosspieces, which are connected by a rod. The profile is connected only at right angles, so we make 2 holes in each and we are bolting.construction of goats
  5. We start degreasing and coloring the barrel, while not forgetting about the goats. These procedures are best done in an unassembled state. We cover each element in several layers of paint, after the layer we wait for the coating to dry completely.
  6. Let’s start designing the goats after 24 hours from painting. Place washers under the nuts and securely tighten each element of the barrel.
  7. Let’s start installing the hinges and handles. For this we use a screwdriver and prepared self-tapping screws.
  8. We make a hole for the chimney. At the top of the structure, draw a circle with a radius of 5.75 cm.chimney installation
  9. Then we go through this circle with a grinder and get “petals”. Ultimately, about 10 parts should come out. We bend each petal upwards – this way they will be installed vertically.
  10. We install a chimney for a stove that burns garbage in the country. We put it in this way on the petals so that they turn out to be on the inside. Then, in 3-4 places, we begin to fasten the pipe to the petals with the help of self-tapping screws, so that it does not then tear it off.
  11. We begin the installation of the grate.
  12. We put the lid on. We attach it with clamps.

It is better to install the hinges with a partner, because the door will surely fall through.

Waste incinerator in the country from manufacturers

industrial ovenMany types of waste incinerators in the country are made in production. Particularly inquisitive and skillful owners of summer cottages prefer to make them on their own. This saves you a decent amount of money..

The cost of the purchased stove is about 250,000 rubles. And we can assume that it is still inexpensive! The main reason for this challenging price tag will be complex, costly and volatile electromechanics. Its resource is limited – about once every five years, it will be necessary to carry out major repairs at the price of a third of the purchase of the latest device.

waste incineration processTo power the burner, fuel gas is also needed; its costs are driven into the monthly fee at the factory. Discounts and also subsidies are not provided by the state, because self-disposal of garbage is not legal. Ash from boilers for fertilizing the soil is unsuitable, because it contains many harmful substances, so it will also have to be handed over for disposal.

And although in our country with the elimination of garbage at summer cottages, not everything is as transparent as we would like, the assembly or purchase of a waste incinerator will be a necessity. Their presence on your estate will provide a more comfortable stay, and the environment will express its gratitude to you..

How to make a garbage incinerator in the country from an old barrel – video

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