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Create a drilling machine from a drill with your own hands, drawings to help!

homemade drilling machine The drill is a multifunctional tool, but in human hands, it is difficult to get special drilling accuracy from it. A drilling machine from a drill with your own hands according to the proposed drawings may come in handy. If the drill is an everyday tool, it can be secured to the bracket with clamps. When the power tool is included in a permanent composition, the control gear of the machine can be taken out.

When a drilling machine is needed

machine in operation The drill press is used by those who create homemade items. They are made with imagination, it is difficult to find the necessary parts in the store and the meaning is lost. Craftsmen love to create everything on their own. Often, such a craftsman is faced with the question of the accuracy of the holes that he must drill. Everyone knows that there is no exact execution of work with a canopy and on the knee. You will need a holder to secure the tool with the equipment.

Which drill to use depends on the nature of the master’s hobby. The manufacture of electronic boards for radio amateurs requires a cross-section of drills from 0.3 mm; manually, at the slightest deviation from a right angle, the drill will burst. Only a small drilling machine will save the day, but it is expensive. There is only one way out – to do it yourself.

On your own machine, created from scrap materials, you can:

  • make through and blind holes;
  • drill a centered perpendicular hole in a thin workpiece;
  • cut a hole or cut a thread.

Main parts of the drilling machine

vertical machine standThe machine is drilling, which means that it is supposed to use a drill complete with a key or quick-clamping chuck. The tool must be mounted on a sturdy vertical stand and free to move up and down. The rack must be vertically installed and secured to a massive plate from below, which is called the bed. The tool is simple to describe, but in order to achieve accuracy in the execution of operations, it is necessary to create a well-calibrated design. In special publications and on the Internet you can find drawings of a drilling machine from a drill with your own hands from various materials.

Any tool created according to the standards at the enterprise is equipped with safety elements – protective screens, locks against accidental activation. When creating your tool, you need to take care of protection, take measures so that the machine does not fall into the hands of children.

Drilling is accompanied by strong vibration. Small shocks destroy the structure of the materials; precise operations cannot be achieved. The vibration is damped by soft gaskets, which are mounted at the points of attachment of the tool, and by the massive bed – vibration waves are damped. Poor assembly, misalignment, misalignment of the center of gravity contributes to fine shaking of the tool. All moving parts of a homemade drilling machine from a drill are fitted sweaty, with minimal clearances.drilling machine elements

We build a drilling machine according to drawings

To help the master, who is building a drilling machine from a drill with his own hands for the first time, drawings are offered. Any person with primary carpentry skills can assemble a structure from wooden blocks and use a furniture board under the bed. Fastening of a wooden structure is carried out with self-tapping screws..drilling machine drawing

Angles are used to fasten the elements. The drill attachment can be made collapsible, on removable clamps, or the tool can be embedded tightly. An important part of the device will be a movable slide device, along which the drill with a drill moves during operation. Furniture telescopic guides are often used to create runners. It is simply and clearly presented how to assemble a drilling machine from a drill with your own hands, in the video:

The proposed option is universal, it copes equally well with metal, wood and other materials. But it is cumbersome and for small operations craftsmen make miniature machines using a tripod from a photomagnifier and a welded frame. In some cases, the steering rack from the car is used. Metal frame structures require locksmith skills. How to make a drilling machine is decided, depending on the availability of available parts and the purpose of the device.

microscopeAn example of a completely unusual design of a small device for radio masters is a machine tool made from an old school microscope and a UAZ car windshield wiper engine. The motor gives a lot of torque, but to use it you will need to lengthen the shaft. Its power and torque is sufficient for drilling sheet metal as thin as foil. The bracket itself needs to be improved – fine tuning is removed, the microscope assembly is removed and a miniature engine is mounted.

Fundamental points of work on a drilling machine

work on the machineA newly manufactured machine requires additional adjustment. The test switching is carried out on the table, where all irrelevant objects are removed. The machine is considered correctly assembled and ready for further work if:

  • the drill rotates axially without creating expanding sectors with rapid rotation;
  • the drill lowered down must exactly enter the recess or the marked point on the bed;
  • the movement of the drill along the slide is adjusted tightly, but without jamming and jerking;
  • a special backing is prepared for through holes so as not to spoil the bed.

During drilling, remember about heating the device, periodically raise the rig during deep drilling, you can use liquid for cooling.

It should always be remembered that a high-speed cutting tool is a source of increased danger. Changeover can only be carried out on de-energized equipment. Eyes should always be protected with goggles..

A selection of various drilling machines, created by the hands of craftsmen, for all occasions confirms the inexhaustible ingenuity of folk craftsmen. You can buy everything in the store, but creating your own instrument is worthy of a master.

One of the options for a drilling machine from a drill – video

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