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Making Christmas tree decorations from cones with your own hands

decorate the Christmas tree with pine cone toys Dressing up a New Year’s beauty by making and hanging Christmas decorations from cones will not be difficult. After all, it is not at all necessary to hang only colorful balloons bought in a store. In fact, the Christmas tree can be decorated with almost any handicrafts made by yourself, from everything that is at hand! You just have to act out a fantasy.

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sets of Christmas decorations

What do we need

In order to make Christmas decorations from cones with our own hands, we need:

  • cones;
  • glue;
  • strong threads;
  • thick sewing needle or awl;
  • shiny paint (aerosol) or glitter;
  • stand;
  • some cotton wool;
  • rags and solvent.

We collect cones in the forest, if this is not possible, then in parks, on alleys, boulevards. In those places where you met spruce or pine.

Fir trees do not grow everywhere. In some parts of the country, only pine trees grow in the wild. Their buds are also good for crafts..

Now, they need to be dried, especially if you collected them after rain or looked under the snow. Otherwise, the glue and paint will not form..simple unpainted decorations

You need to choose reliable glue so that your Christmas tree cones do not fall apart. It will be needed to connect the seeds to each other – we will collect figures from them. Also, glue may be required to fix sequins or cotton wool, which will act as snow. It looks very nice..beautiful Christmas toys

Threads are used to hang toys from branches. You need strong, thick threads so that the loop of the craft does not break. You will need a needle to pierce the bumps so that you can create a secure loop. For paints and glitters, there are two options:

  1. You just paint the buds.
  2. Cover the bump completely with glue, and then sprinkle glitter on it..

When working with adhesives and paints, observe safety standards. If you work indoors, then it should be well ventilated, not have an open flame. Protect your face with a bandage. Collect everything you need for making crafts and put it on the table in advance. Prepare solvent if you need to wipe paint off your hands or use gloves.

multicolored conesA stand will be needed to facilitate the process of evenly painting or shedding sparkles on the cone. You can make it from a matchbox and a thin long carnation..

Let’s get down to fun work

simple pine cone toyNow we will make the simplest Christmas tree cone with our own hands. We take the achenes of the spruce and clean them of debris, so that later the paint will lay down well and the glue will not fall off. It will be enough to gently wipe each of them with a dry cloth. We choose a place where we will paint the cones. Cover the surface with newspapers.

It is best to paint with aerosol enamel (car spray cans). It’s more convenient, cheaper, and you don’t have to brush over hard-to-reach places.!

We string the sharp part of the cone onto the carnation of our stand and begin to paint each cone, from all sides. We are waiting for them to dry. The drying time of the paint is always indicated on the label.cover the bump with paint

When all the cones are dry, remove them from the stand and take the glue with cotton wool.apply a little glue We coat the entire semicircular part with glue and cover with a small amount of cotton wool. You should wait a little more until the glue dries..glue cotton wool

Using a needle or an awl, pierce the upper part through and through. If you prick with a needle, then you can insert a thread into its eye in advance. We tie the thread, and hide the knot in the hole. A simple pine cone decoration is ready!

Do not inject a bump, but the cotton that was glued on. The achene is very hard and difficult to puncture. Handle sharp things with extreme caution.!

For beauty, you can also apply a few spots or dots of a different color or tie a ribbon bow. By the way, in addition to threads, a thin elastic band will do. The cone toy will be pressed against the branch, like a real one. As if a silver or gold cone grew on a magical Christmas tree.

Pine cones

figurines of animals from conesYou can not be limited to single Christmas-tree cones, but collect whole figures of different shapes from them. From the inventory described above, everything remains unchanged, only a small amount of steel wire will be added. With its help, we will connect the cones to each other..

It is best suited steel wire, which will play the role of a reinforcing material, with a thickness of 0.5 or 1 millimeter. Copper wire is too soft. The figure will begin to deform under its own weight..

Pineal star

a star made of colored conesAnd now we will make a Christmas tree toy from cones, but in the form of a star. We will need spruce cones (5 pieces) of the same size so that there is symmetry. First, you need to create a base of wire: bend it so that there are five rays (we will string on them). We pierce the blunt ends of the cones. With an awl, nail or thick needle. This is to create holes for the ends of the base wire to fit in, and glue on them. We string cones and start painting. After everything is dry, we make a hole in one of the rays of the star and insert a thread there..

In addition, it is very easy to make the same star, but for the top of the Christmas tree. The manufacturing process is the same, only you need to select and install a small tube so that it fits on the top of the tree branch. Most often, nozzles are made from necks from elongated bottles. The attachment must be installed between the rays of our star, in the middle. Then securely fasten.

It is best to paint silver, red, metallic or gold – it looks great!


pine cone snowflakeEverything is exactly the same, only the wire base must have six ends. We will plant the cones on them not with a blunt part, but with a sharp one. We paint or cover with sequins, make a loop. You will get a very beautiful Christmas tree toy made of cones, as in the photo, in the form of a snowflake.

There are many design options, since even a complex snowflake can be assembled from large and small cones.


Christmas garland of conesTo make a garland, you will need more seeds. Moreover, they can be of different sizes – it’s even more beautiful. There is a possibility of painting in various colors. After painting the buds, take a long awl or needle. There are two options for such crafts:

  • the cones hang with their end down, one after the other;
  • follow each other like a chain (transverse arrangement).

You should not use a thread: there will be a lot of cones, the thread may break from such a load. Better take a fishing line.

What else can you think of

symbol of 2018 doggyIn addition to the ideas presented, the options for making New Year’s crafts from the seeds of spruce and pine trees are endless. These are both little men and figures of various animals. By the way, the symbol of 2018 is the dog. A dog figurine can also be made from cones in the same way, but only spruce ones are suitable here, since pine achenes have a different shape.

You will need bumps of different sizes:

  • one big;
  • four slightly less;
  • two small.

The big bump is the body of the dog. It will hold its paws, tail and head. Four smaller bumps are the legs, they should be the same length. One small bump will play the role of the head, and the other – the tail.

We take an awl and pierce the cones. Pour a little glue into the holes and insert matches there. Connect the bumps together. Ears can be made from paper or from small bumps. Gently glue them to the head. Any color is suitable for painting. Don’t forget to paint or glue the dog’s nose, mouth, and eyes. This is easily done with plasticine..

Crafts from coniferous achenes, suspended on a Christmas tree, burn very well because of the resin remaining inside. Glue, cotton wool and paint will only speed up the burning process. Never use sparklers or candles near a Christmas tree.

Children like cones crafts and their imagination has no limit. So a little penguin, funny mice, a squirrel and a deer, a sleeping beauty, owlets, gnomes, a Christmas wreath will appear on the Christmas tree.

cone penguin

mice from cones

squirrel and deer

sleeping Beauty


cone gnomes

a wreath of cones

a wreath of cones and birds

See also the video, DIY Christmas tree decorations master class:

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