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How to make a Christmas tree out of wire with your own hands quickly and easily

how to make a Christmas tree out of wire with your own hands This interesting decorative element will help create a New Year’s mood. Knowing how to make a Christmas tree out of wire with your own hands, you can create an original Christmas decoration for a workplace in an office or kitchen. A minimum of tools is required, the construction of the structure takes no more than 3 hours, depending on the complexity. An unusual forest beauty will find its place in a festive interior. Such a Christmas tree will not leave needles and does not need additional decorations..

Table Christmas trees made of wire

beautiful miniature Christmas trees with your own hands There are several options for implementing this idea..

Before making a wire tree with your own hands, you need to stock up on the necessary tools:

  • a coil of wire (the length depends on the size of the structure);
  • nippers;
  • scissors.

Next, build a structure, depending on the desired result.


tree wire coneTake the cone-shaped object. Instead, you can use paper, only you will need to put the filling inside. Then the paper sheet will not bend and it will be easy to work on creating a Christmas tree..

Coil the wire starting at the wider part of the cone. Leave 3 to 4 cm of wire at the top for the loop and bite through it. The width between the turns can be whatever you like. After the top is finished, the cone is removed. The product must be stabilized so that it does not fall off the table in the future..

The thickness of the wire for creating a New Year’s decoration is not critical..

You can decorate the Christmas tree in interesting ways:

  1. Tinsel. Each turn is wrapped in a shiny decoration, right up to the top.tinsel decoration
  2. Garland on the same principle.
  3. Pass the wire along the length of the dense cord and make a cone after.cord decoration
  4. Decorative items. Tie bows, small toys, artificial berries.decorating a conical Christmas tree made of wire
  5. Attach a bump or star to the top.

This Christmas tree looks very neat. Can be made in any size and placed in the corner of the desktop to cheer up.


how to make a Christmas tree from wire with your own hands in a spiralTake a wire and wind it in tight rings, gradually decreasing the amplitude.

Be sure to hold the winding tightly so that it does not unwind in the process and does not move to the side.

scheme for making a Christmas tree from wireThis should result in a stack of wire rings with the smallest diameter at the top. Grasp the bottom 2 rings and pull the tree out by hooking the top ring with your finger. There is no need to stretch the product too much, you should get a light multi-layer construction.

For decorative purposes, you can fix it on a stand and add some greenery and flowers at the base. Sprinkle with artificial snow from a spray can, plant figurines of animals.

How to make a Christmas tree out of wire with your own hands in a flat version

flat wire treeTake a thick wire and fold the outline of the tree out of it. Pull the thinner wire horizontally between the branches. It will turn out to be something like shading with a pencil..

flat herringbone made of wire and beadsPre-decorate the thin wire with beads. You can hang small Christmas balls on it. Alternatively: the contour should be in the form of a classic triangle, ending with a leg in the middle of the base. Inside, the triangle is filled with a garland, the lanterns are placed tightly, completely covering all the free space.flat tree on the wall

The leg of a flat Christmas tree can be placed in a stylized pot, wrapped with cloth, and decorated with a bow. Put small boxes under the tree representing gifts.

small tree decorationSuch products are made of small size, they look pretty and not clumsy..

Christmas tree for home decor

how to make a Christmas tree out of wire with your own hands with threadsAdditional comfort will be created by a Christmas tree made of wire and thread. You can choose absolutely any color for the embodiment, as well as the shape. Measure out the required amount of material before wrapping the wire with threads. Such a structure can be completely miniature or take up half of the wall..

The wire frame can be of any shape. Options: large spiral to the ceiling, the outline of the tree to the entire wall.

You can simply wrap the wire or crochet the cord with a thread..

A small master class on creating a Christmas tree from yarn:

  1. Take a hook and a skein of thread, cast on 3 air loops.
  2. Close the first and last loops, knit a row, adding 1 yarn.
  3. Knit a row completely, the yarn becomes a regular loop, add the width of the cord.
  4. Repeat step 2.3 until the cord is of the desired width.
  5. Knit with an even stocking as needed along the length of the wire.
  6. At the end, reduce gradually by removing one loop at a time (knitting together with the adjacent one).
  7. Attach the finished cord to the wire and fold the Christmas tree (spiral or flat).

How to make a Christmas tree out of wire on the wall with your own hands:

  • lay out the contour directly on its surface;
  • fix on double-sided or regular tape;
  • you can decorate with flags, garland.

create a herringbone from beads and wireA small option for decorating the kitchen: wind a wire with a diode tape on a glass turned upside down. The glass will reflect light and sparkle beautifully. Put cotton wool (like snow) and Christmas decorations inside the glass. hanging tree made of wire

You can also hang a Christmas tree made of wire from the ceiling, so it will take up little space and this design looks very unusual.

interior decorationSuch trees look very airy and light, do not require watering and daily cleaning. It will not be dropped by a cat or a child. Can be placed in the workplace without irritating the boss’s eyes.

DIY small Christmas tree made of chenille wire – video

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