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How to choose the right drill for a hammer drill

Punching work An impact drill for working on concrete, brick, stone is called a perforator if its chuck is designed in a special way. The rotary hammer drill has a shank with grooved grooves to exactly match the receptacle of the chuck. For an impact drill, the system of fixing the drill in the chuck is different, so the drill does not accept the drill.

Drill device of a variety of tools

Varieties of drill for a hammer drill A working tool, whose task is to destroy a strong material by connecting drilling with frequent blows, must have increased strength, reliably hold in the tool socket and withstand twisting, shock loads without losing strength when heated by friction. Therefore, the entire drill for a hammer drill is divided into functional zones:

  • a shank made of high-quality solid steel, which must be wear-resistant and firmly fixed in the drill chuck;
  • working part – a link transmitting the working force to the tip, participating in the removal of crumbs, is a particularly strong rod with a screw of various configurations and pitch;
  • soldering – the cutting part of the drill, of various configurations, made using a special technology, having cutting edges.

From the geometric parameters, it is important to know the length and diameter of the drill..

To choose the right drill, you need to know the required diameter and length.A sign of the quality of a concrete drill for a perforator, affecting the price, if the size of the products is the same, the color will become. The result of this or that effect on the metal is the structure of the crystal lattice and the reflective ability of the surface:

  1. Dull gray color indicates high quality of hardening, tool durability.
  2. Black color indicates surface treatment with superheated steam. As a result, the surface turned out to be solid, and what kind of metal was used in the body of the drill is unknown..
  3. The golden color indicates the absence of internal voltage in the metal..
  4. Yellowish tint of the working surface – a protective coating made of a hard alloy based on titanium.

Shank device

Drill shankThe part of the drill that goes into the hammer drill chuck is called the shank. There are slots on it, with the help of which it fits exactly into the socket of the chuck, if it is intended to work with this tool. There are 5 types of connections, in practice SDS max and SDS plus are used. In this case, the second connection is used for an impact drill, where concrete drills are installed with a smaller diameter..

If a hole is drilled from 10 mm, then the work is performed in three passes, starting with a thin drill. They work with bricks and ceramics in a shock-free way..

The fundamental difference between the drill for the SDS max hammer drill is in the number and size of grooves. In the considered connection of the grooves 5. If you look at the shank of the SDS plus connection, there are only 4, and smaller splines. Therefore, both connections will not fit into the same cartridge..

Depending on the liner diameters, the following types of drill are available:

D 12 D 14 D 20 D 25 D 28 D 32 D 35 D 40
12×260 14×340 20×320 25×600 28×600 32×600 35×600 40×460
12×460 20×600 40×600

The SDS max 50 mm rotary hammer drill is used on heavy tools and is used for destructive work. It is called that – breakthrough. The last number in the marking shows the shank section. Breakthrough borax are the most expensive, depending on the brand, their piece cost is more than 12 thousand rubles.

Breaking drillSo that the junction of the shank with the chuck does not break, the fasteners entered smoothly, with sliding, before inserting the shank, a special lubricant for perforator drills is used. The grease prevents abrasives from entering the socket. The best formulations in the form of a spray and gel are supplied by renowned tool developers – Interskol, Makita, Metabo and other masters of the industry.

What is a concrete drill for a rotary hammer

The quality of the used drill affects the durability of the rock drillSo, an impact drill with a matching chuck can accept both a drill and a drill. But a light tool is adapted to perform work up to a certain load. Therefore, the drill will be designed for the diameter of the hole that can be drilled at a given power..

The value of a working tool, called a drill, is that the cutting part is made of carbide materials. They can have a soldered tip, the so-called victorious one. This extends the service life of the hammer drill in harsh conditions..

No effort is needed when working with a tool, he himself must drill. But the lubricant will help increase the impact force, tool life.

It is in order to lengthen the performance of the tool that large holes in solid material are made in several steps. First, a hole with a smaller diameter is drilled, then a drill of a larger section is launched along the laid hole. Drilling for more than 10 seconds will overheat the tool. Therefore, it is required to carry out work periodically, allowing the drill to cool..

The working part of the drill, which takes the load, also differs in design:

  1. For deep straight drilling, a screw-shaped drill is used. Drilling products rise upwards along the spiral screw.
  2. If the grooves on the working part are shallow, it is designed for shallow holes.
  3. For high-speed drilling of deep holes, use a steep screw.

A drill is a consumable supplement to an expensive tool. However, saving on a drill can make the hammer drill unusable. Therefore, when buying a drill from an unknown manufacturer, you need to remember the consequences. How to buy a drill for a rotary hammer for concrete at an affordable price?

First of all, you need to check the certificate for the product, find out who the manufacturer of the product is. Inexpensive drills will not last long, but holes in the wall will be hollowed out. The question is, will the nest of the cartridge be broken during this time.

Expensive products serve for a long time, especially in the hands of amateurs. The professional himself knows that the hammer drill is his breadwinner. He will purchase a drill from leading manufacturers.

Drills for concrete for a hammer drill – video

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