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Motoblock Neva with mounted implements to help the gardener

The Neva walk-behind tractor will help ease the hard work of the summer resident Heavy rural work can greatly facilitate the Neva walk-behind tractor. The wheel mechanism for tillage is equipped with a cultivator only. But the device with a powerful engine is adapted to work with attachments for tillage, grass mowing and even a transport trolley..

Advantages of the walk-behind tractor

Motoblock Neva can be supplemented with attachments The spring working day in the peasant farmstead becomes almost round-the-clock. Hard manual work of digging up the massif for sowing takes most of the time. By the way, mechanical horses appeared – Mole, Neva and the like. In 2 hours on a Neva walk-behind tractor, you can dig up 10 acres of land, free up 3 days for other spring or autumn work. The mole is small and nimble, even female hands can do it, but it is weak, and the cravings are rather weak. A more powerful universal unit became a gift for the villagers.

Motoblock Neva is the brainchild of St. Petersburg machine builders. It was created at the Krasny Oktyabr – Neva enterprise. Manufacturers have created a simple, unpretentious all-season machine for rural work. Engine power 5.5-7.5 HP with. provided by reliable motors

  • American model “Briggs&Stratton “;
  • “Honda”;
  • “Subaru”.

Motoblock Neva with adapterThe tiller is equipped with a double air filter, which makes the work more stable. When turning, the drive of one wheel is turned off and deployed “on the heel”. The ability to use other implements for agricultural work makes the walk-behind tractor a universal assistant to the villager.

You can buy and repair the unit in the most remote regions. The price of the Neva walk-behind tractor is affordable even for people with a low income level. There are 250 agricultural machinery stores and 160 service centers in the country. Online stores deliver purchased goods to any corner of the country using mailing lists. Manufacturers release equipment with a guarantee, but 1% of the defect is still inevitable, then the equipment is replaced or a unit is sent for installation. There are no problems with purchasing the necessary spare parts for the Neva walk-behind tractor.

Models of walk-behind tractors

Motoblock Neva MB-1The first unit was assembled with the domestic model of the DM-1K engine. The cylinder liner of the engine was cast iron, which significantly increased the resource of the engine. The development of heavy soils and even virgin lands was within the power of the apparatus. Until now, in the rural courtyard, you can find the Neva MB-1 walk-behind tractor.

The modernized model of the walk-behind tractor is in great demand. Changes:

  • a gear-chain reducer is installed;
  • used an imported engine;
  • the ability to unlock the left wheel for easy turning on a small site;
  • idle speed increased to 12 km / h.

Motoblock Neva MB-2The carrying capacity of the Neva MB-2 walk-behind tractor became 300 kg, and this made it possible to use a trailed trolley. After the modernization, the walk-behind tractor began to be in increased demand, despite a significant increase in cost. Experts appreciated the increase in the performance of the model:

  • increasing the width of the strip processing in one pass;
  • gearbox with gear shifting – 4 forward, 2 back;
  • a pulley for transmitting power to attachments;
  • the presence of a steering wheel;
  • increasing the carrying capacity on a dirt road up to half a ton.

The main tool that comes with the block is saber cutters for loosening the topsoil. With an increase in power, their capture will double with a depth of the loosening layer of 35 cm.Look how easy the Neva walk-behind tractor works in the video:

There are models MB-23 and MB-3. The Model 23 performs the same functions as the MB-2, but is equipped with a 10 hp engine. with. and the body became heavier. MB-3 light cultivator without attachments.

Motoblock Neva MB-3The first model is discontinued. Which of the proposed assistants to choose a plowman depends on the area of ​​land and the nature of the work.

Various attachments for the Neva walk-behind tractor

Initially, the product is a frame structure. It is equipped with rubber wheels with deep and textured grooved tread for good grip on slippery surfaces. The set includes saber cutters on the axle, which replace the wheels during cultivation. For year-round use, various attachments are offered for the Neva walk-behind tractor.

The technique is therefore called a block, with the help of sheds it replaces a mowing machine and a hiller, a cart for transporting up to half a ton of garbage, and in winter it turns into a snow blower. You can buy additional canopies one at a time or as a set.

Mowers and lawn mowers

Mower on the Neva walk-behind tractorUsing an attached tool instead of a hand scythe will save time and effort. Depending on the profile and flatness of the site, choose a segment or rotary mower.

The segment mower for the Neva walk-behind tractor is a frame equipped with cutting knives. The knives, in the form of two toothed plates, receive an oscillating motion from the drive and work like a scissor, cutting the grass in a horizontal section. Coverage 110 cm, mower speed 4 km / h. When caring for the lawn, the technician will provide invaluable assistance

The device has teeth made of hard alloy and cuts through even occasional twigs up to 1 cm in cross section. For safety reasons, the instrument belt is covered with a cover. You can quickly remove and install the canopy, and it will not be difficult to replace the plate with teeth in case of breakage of the cutting device.

It is important to note that the mowing is of high quality even in uneven places, since the field is cleared in two passes. There is a slide at the end of the console to prevent the mechanism from dropping to the ground. Rotary mowers for walk-behind tractors are produced by several factories in the country, type KN 1.1.

Segment mower for walk-behind tractorThe rotary mower for the Neva walk-behind tractor has become more widespread in rural areas. The device represents a disc or two, mounted on a frame in the center. When the cutting surfaces of the disc rotate, everything that gets in the way is demolished. The device is intended:

  • mowing dense grass;
  • work on uneven surfaces;
  • mowing, overgrown with bushes, inconvenience.

The cutting mechanism consists of 4 knives fixed to the disc with cotter pins. The knives come out of the disc slot under the action of the torque, retracted into place when stopped. The grass is laid in even swaths. The mower for the Neva walk-behind tractor of the Zarya type is equipped with two discs rotating towards each other. Swath height is adjustable. But the knives quickly become blunt or fly out when they hit the relief. Rotary tool capacity is lower, swath width 80 cm.

Rotary mower on a walk-behind tractorFor use in a summer cottage in tight conditions, the Neva-KR-05 mounted rotary mower for a walk-behind tractor is more suitable. Equipment for its own walk-behind tractor is produced by the Krasny Oktyabr plant. The mowing width of only 56 cm allows you to tidy the boundaries and plow the tree trunks.

The use of any type of mower imposes on the contractor responsibility for the safety of others and his own. Therefore, it is necessary not only to check the strength of the fastening of the cutting tool and the tension of the belt, but also the condition of the mowed field..

Tin cans, stones and other foreign objects can damage the blades and injure the mower. Care must be taken to remove children and animals from the risk zone. Work in closed clothing and goggles.

During work, you should periodically check the condition of the fastening and tension of the belts. If it is necessary to repair or replace the blade, knife, the walk-behind tractor must be de-energized.

Why do you need an adapter for a walk-behind tractor

Adapter for walk-behind tractorThe adapter for the Neva walk-behind tractor is a frame structure with a trailing mechanism. On top of it, a seat for an employee or a box for transporting cargo can be installed. With front driving rubber wheels and driven rear wheels, a controlled self-propelled mechanism on 4 wheels is obtained. The mini tractor can be used for various household tasks.

Since the Neva walk-behind tractor has 2 couplings, a driver’s seat is attached to one of them. The other unit can be equipped with a hiller or other similar tool. Garden work can be carried out in more convenient conditions.

Adapter model AM-2The AM-2 model, equipped with a special frame and a mechanism for canopies with a lifting lever, belongs to the types of adapter. The result is a mechanism with a driver, idling at a speed of up to 10, in the working position – 3 km / h.

Other parameters:

  • assembled dimensions – 1600 * 750 * 1270 mm:
  • adapter weight – 55 kg;
  • wheel track – 65 cm;
  • clearance – 27.5 cm.

The APM-350-1 model is used as a seat, or another set of equipment is installed instead of a chair. And then the cultivation of the land can be carried out with two hillers, two plows at once. It is on this adapter that the body mount is provided for transporting heavy compact units..

Hillers used in canopies to the walk-behind tractor

Ploughshare hillerThe most time consuming work is cutting furrows for planting and hilling grown plants. A chopper in the hands of a gardener is a versatile tool. The hiller for the Neva walk-behind tractor was created before other mounted implements. The difference between the disc and share hiller used in the canopy lies in the principle of their work. The hiller, created from shaped parts connected to each other as an arrow, makes it possible to break the soil on both sides with a sharp end with an oval through a curved profile. Distinguish between devices:

  • unregulated;
  • adjustable;
  • dutch.

Unregulated hillerThe non-adjustable hiller is a fixed working width design. This is the simplest device that creates a uniform camber during operation due to fixed wings. Such a hiller can work in furrows, where the planting was carried out taking into account its profile. Such a tool works in furrows up to 30 cm wide and is unable to huddle the rows of potatoes. Sheds with light cultivators are used, on rods up to 12 mm thick. The device is energy-intensive due to its profile, it is used on moderately moist soil. On a powerful walk-behind tractor, its use is unjustified.

Hillers with variable grip are the most common tool in private backyards, since the principle of its action resembles a hoe. This tool can be rebuilt to suit any row spacing. A double hiller is also used. When passing, part of the soil is rolled back into the furrow, making the ridge lower. However, it regulates not only the camber, but also the hilling depth..

Disc hillerThe Dutch-type hiller is a compromise between the first and second options. Stroke height and narrow furrow are obtained by raising the flaps to the desired height. When folded, they are almost double. They rise, like the wings of a scoop butterflies. Due to the high wing, the ground does not fall into the furrow, the ridge turns out to be high.

For the Neva walk-behind tractor, a disc hiller is considered the best canopy. Two discs, set at a certain distance, are set at the desired angle of incidence. The attachment system has been calibrated to provide the desired row size and stroke height. Such devices cost several times more expensive than vane-type ones, but they work more efficiently, and there is less load on the walk-behind tractor..

When working with a hiller, use a reduced speed and replace the rubber wheels with metal ones for better grip. After work, clean all fastening parts from the ground and grease with a thick grease – lithol or grease.

The use of a potato digger with a walk-behind tractor

Potato digger on the Neva walk-behind tractorThe principle of operation of equipment for collecting potatoes is based on the extraction of tubers from the ground and sifting. Harvesting is done manually. For each pass of the walk-behind tractor, potatoes are removed from one row.

The potato digger for the Neva motor-block of vibration type KKM-1 is used on light dry soils with low moisture. At the same time, there should be less stones in the ground than 9 t / ha. The device consists of a pruning share and a grate on which the soil is separated and the potatoes remain on the surface. The device is single-row, with a capacity of up to 0.2 hectares / hour. A strip 37 cm wide, 20 cm deep is captured, trimmed and passed through the grate. There are other modifications based on the same principle of vibratory sieving of the undercut row..

The walk-behind tractor is equipped with a potato diggerA similar effect is with a vibration device called Poltavchanka. The potato digger has a larger grip, but a smaller indentation. The device is designed to work in medium in moisture and composition, soil.

Review of the Neva walk-behind tractor – video

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