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The Ural chainsaw is still in service

Chainsaw Ural The Ural chainsaw was first produced in 1935. In 2005, at the F.E. Dzerzhinsky in the city of Perm collected the 14 millionth copy of the legendary instrument. 80% of logging in the country is still carried out using the Ural chain saw. At the same time, a model for small work on farms rolls off the assembly line – the Druzhba saw, but it is a class lower than its older brother.

Characteristics of a chain saw of the Soviet era

Petrol-powered saw MP-5 Ural-2 Initially, the Ural chainsaw was on the technical equipment of the army, and only in 1955 the plant switched to production for logging, giving the model the name Ural 2. The tool weighed 11.7 kg. At the same time, the engine power was 5.5 liters. with. The saw blade rotated at a right angle during operation, which facilitates the work of fellers. The chain had forced lubrication, the hydraulic wedge was included in the equipment of the unit.

A sample of the Ural chainsaw, produced in 1946, is exhibited in the Artillery Museum of St. Petersburg. In 1958, the instrument was awarded a gold medal at the Brussels Exhibition of Achievements.

The Soviet Union was in isolation, the created equipment was appreciated, and it was distributed to the timber industry enterprises according to the order. The same distribution system did not allow private ownership of not only the Ural chainsaw, but also Druzhba..

Technical characteristics of the Ural 2 chainsaw:

  • two-stroke engine, single-cylinder;
  • power – 5 liters. with.;
  • fuel tank – 1.6 l;
  • saw unit lubrication tank – 0.24 l;
  • tire length – 46 cm;
  • chain, number of links – 64;
  • link pitch – 0.404 inches;
  • groove width – 1.6 mm.

Chainsaw settingAn important condition for the long operation of the Ural chainsaw was its proper running-in. The initial start of the engine was carried out at idle with the use of an enriched fuel mixture. It was necessary to burn 4 full tanks of fuel. After 25 hours, it was prescribed to work in a gentle mode on the same enriched fuel mixture. After that, a working mixture was used in the composition of 20 liters of AI-72 gasoline 1 liter of oil.

Modern chainsaw Ural 2T Electron

The plant made some changes in the production of chainsaws, and the improved model was given a new name. The saw is still in service with forest workers and in private use. The 1997 model for sale attests to the trouble-free operation of the tool..

Modern model Ural 2T ElectronChainsaw 2T Electron is designed to work in difficult conditions at any time of the year. It is made of high strength materials. The tool can be used in an aggressive environment and at any outdoor temperatures. Therefore, a detailed step-by-step instruction has been developed on how to independently repair complex mechanisms in the field..

Despite the existing vibration damping system, the layout with the separation of the units turned out to be rigid and the vibration during operation is strong. In this regard, it is prescribed for fellers to work with a saw no more than one and a half hours a day. This will prevent the development of an occupational disease associated with harmful working conditions..

A powerful chainsaw has one special property that makes you come to terms with the shortcomings of the mechanism. It handles both cross and longitudinal cuts with ease. In addition, the tool is reliable, high handles allow you not to hunch over, to work at full height. On the other hand, having got acquainted with imported, professional equipment, experts see the shortcomings of the native model:

  • the engine works with increased gas production, the feller has to work in a gas-polluted environment;
  • a mixture that is 2 times more enriched with oil is used than on imported devices;
  • saw maintenance requires experience and dexterity;
  • increased fuel consumption;
  • no chain brake.

The working processThis is not a complete list in which the old technology is inferior to modern foreign models. The demand is supported by the low price of the Ural chainsaw. However, entrepreneurs prefer imported equipment. The plant announced the termination of production of the Ural 2E Electron chainsaw in 2013. Models are on sale from the manufacturer’s plant and are currently.

Chainsaw packagedThe plant developed a new model, the Ural 70 chainsaw, but has not yet entered production. A new model appeared in a lightweight version, the Ural BP-3650 gasoline chain saw. The powerful saw is declared as a portable household saw. It has an automatic stop of the chain at idle. Ergonomics have changed, the weight of the tool has decreased, a cooling system has been created.

Model characteristics:

  • manufacturer Ural;
  • engine power – 4.9 liters. with.;
  • tire length – 45 cm;
  • weight – 6.3 kg.

Petrol chain saw Ural BP-3650The declared price of the BP 3650 saw model is 6 thousand rubles.

Chainsaw adjustment and repair

Experts say that every action that must be carried out during the operation of the tool is detailed in the instructions for technical operation. One of the main points after running-in is setting up all connected systems. And for this you need to know the device and the principle of operation of the mechanisms.

The saw consists of the main units:

  • engine;
  • clutch;
  • frame with handles;
  • saw unit;
  • engine starting system.

Much in the operation of the engine depends on the correct adjustment of the carburetor of the Ural chainsaw. The instrument must come from the factory with the exact working setting of the most important components. However, sometimes you have to fix the flaws. The carburetor setting is different. It is initially adjusted for the rich mixture used during the break-in of new equipment..

Chainsaw carburetor settingAdjusting the carburetor of the Ural chainsaw will definitely be required when switching from the run-in mode to a normal combustible mixture. To do this, set the position of the jets. Three screws are provided:

  • low speed jet screw;
  • screw for high speed regulation;
  • idle screw.

The rotation of the rotational screws adjusts the throttle valve for the fuel-air ratio. But at the same time, this action changes the power and rotation speed of the chain. When adjusting with a tachometer, the compliance of the revolutions with the passport is checked. There is also a visual way. On a poor mixture, the saw screeches, if the composition is rich, smoke comes from the muffler.

The engine system is designed to use AI-72 gasoline, but it is not produced. You can replace the fuel AI-93.

Ural chainsaw carburetor repair – video

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