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Modern kitchen design: 50 photos and ideas

Modern kitchen design: 50 photos and ideas

Appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century after industrialization, the Art Nouveau style remains relevant to this day, constantly improving and acquiring new features. Maximum functionality and compactness of this design makes it an excellent solution for small kitchens in city apartments. At its core, modern is close to modern trends – hi-tech and minimalism, although it has a number of differences.

The main features of the Art Nouveau style

The first thing that catches your eye when looking at the interior of a modern kitchen is its glossiness. Smooth, shiny surfaces mirror the light, giving the room depth. Tinted and translucent glass, polished steel, plastic, chrome inserts are used in decoration and furniture. Geometrically, straight horizontal lines and smooth, rounded shapes predominate. A minimum of open shelves, things and appliances are hidden behind monochromatic facades, a set, there is no decor.

In general, this design looks pragmatic and can sometimes resemble an office. However, given the purpose of the kitchen, this is more of a plus – it is easier to maintain order in a restrained interior, and the atmosphere contributes to composure and saves time.

Modern kitchen interior design

Color solutions

The palette of colors for modern kitchens is quite rich: both achromatic tones and rich berry, green, blue-blue, traditional beige-brown, orange-yellow, gold or purple are used. At the same time, the texture of the materials is perfectly even, clean and almost always glossy..

Modern white kitchen

A shiny white kitchen is the best option for a small area. The style of Art Nouveau in it is emphasized by metal elements, rounded corners, as well as glass surfaces. To avoid the feeling of sterility of the treatment room, you can add a little wood (floor, countertops), brightly decorate an apron, put colored dishes and chairs.

Modern white kitchen - interior design Modern white kitchen - interior design

Black kitchen in modern style

Black in Art Nouveau is more often used in accent contrasts, emphasizing white and steel. But there are also quite avant-garde options in the form of charcoal-colored headsets. Sometimes they can be diluted with wooden textures or large colored elements (for example, some of the facades are painted orange, red, yellow). It is better to use black in spacious rooms..

Modern black kitchen - interior design

Red kitchen in modern style

Combined with white and metallic, the glossy red color will give the interior of the kitchen a cheerful brightness. You can choose any shade – from classic scarlet to noble burgundy or frivolous pink. In small rooms, it is advisable to use light, muted colors for small accents or separate cabinets..

Modern red kitchen - interior design Modern red kitchen - interior design

Art Nouveau blue kitchen

Sky blue, turquoise, dark blue in the Art Nouveau style look futuristic and somewhat resemble the interior of spaceships from the movies. The colors of this range are soothing and cooling, so they are good for southern rooms. And also, according to psychologists, blue reduces appetite – which means that in such a kitchen it will be easier to stick to a diet..

Modern blue kitchen - interior design

Modern green kitchen

The color of spring foliage is the best choice if you want to make your kitchen bright and calm at the same time. A good background for a green headset will be a beige wall, and gray and wooden inserts will further emphasize its beauty..

Modern green kitchen - interior design

Modern brown kitchen

Shades of brown from beige to dark chocolate are timeless classics in the design of apartments and houses. In an Art Nouveau kitchen, such a palette will look solid and restrained, especially if you supplement it with a milky white, creamy or creamy background. You can experiment with brighter elements – green, orange, yellow.

Modern brown kitchen - interior design Modern brown kitchen - interior design

Kitchen decoration

Innovative materials, everything modern and practical, are the hallmark of the Art Nouveau trend. This is an absolutely urban design, in which natural textures are completely replaced by artificial ones, and even the texture of wooden furniture does not show through under a layer of glossy enamel..


Although the polymer self-leveling floor began to be used relatively recently, it seems to be created for modernity – what other coating can boast such a smooth seamless surface?

However, you should not neglect traditional materials: linoleum, tiles, porcelain stoneware or moisture-resistant laminate are also quite suitable. The main thing is that the floor ultimately turns out to be monochromatic and with a mirror effect..

Modern kitchen - floor design


A flawlessly even vertical background in an Art Nouveau kitchen can be created using glossy paint (acrylic or latex water-dispersion paint), washable vinyl wallpaper, pvc cladding panels. Preference should be given to a monochromatic finish, but a pattern in the form of soft stripes or wavy lines is also allowed..

For the apron, you should choose a moisture-resistant coating, for example, a glass panel. If you place narrow photomurals with a city landscape behind it, you can diversify the interior and give it an additional perspective..

Art Nouveau kitchen - wall decoration Art Nouveau kitchen - wall decoration


The ideal solution for the ceiling in the Art Nouveau kitchen is a mirror stretch film. In white, it will visually increase the height of the room and expand the space..

You can also limit yourself to simple painting or arrange a suspended plasterboard structure of an oval or asymmetric shape (for example, over the dining area). Also, a rack ceiling with metal or plastic elements will harmoniously fit here..

Modern kitchen - ceiling design


Fabrics in modern, if used, then to a minimum. From the point of view of practicality and style, blinds, compact Roman, roller blinds or pleated blinds are optimal for the kitchen window. It is better to choose synthetic textiles with water-repellent properties..

A tablecloth in this style is not provided, as well as covers for chairs, cushions, etc..

Modern kitchen - textiles

Furniture and kitchen appliances in modern style

Distinctive features of modern kitchen furniture – smooth, as if molded from shiny plastic surface, streamlined shapes, lack of panels, decor, forged or separately attached elements. Everything looks monolithic, as if only from the assembly line. It seems that this is how science fiction writers imagined the interior of the 21st century half a century ago..

Kitchen set

The choice of materials for the headset is small – solid wood, chipboard or fiberboard, MDF. Facades can be painted with enamel, covered with PVC foil or plastic panels. If the doors are attached to an aluminum profile, this not only suits the style, but also increases the service life of the products, protecting the ends from moisture. A characteristic feature of modern headsets is horizontally oriented facades with narrow handles-lines made of polished steel.

If the kitchen has a low ceiling, it is advisable to balance the height with large vertical elements (refrigerator, pencil case, hood with a long pipe). In a small space, it is better to arrange the headsets in an L-shape, making the most of the space in the corners. If the area of ​​the room is large, other types of layout are also suitable..

Modern kitchen design - kitchen set

Dinner Zone

Furniture for the Art Nouveau dining area – compact tables or narrow racks on two round metal tube legs, low single-double sofas with rounded corners, plastic armchairs and high stools, again on steel legs.

The advantage of such furniture is its low price, light weight and hygiene – smooth surfaces are very easy to clean from dust, crumbs and dirt do not accumulate on them..

If there is not enough space for a full-fledged dining area, an extended window sill, a partition stand, folding or folding structures can be used as a table.

Art Nouveau kitchen design - dining area Art Nouveau kitchen design - dining area

Storage systems

For the convenience of placing dishes, kitchen utensils, appliances, products and various little things, the headset should have spacious shelves, drawers, vertical and corner grilles, radius structures.

When ordering furniture, it is also worth identifying niches for built-in appliances – this is how the Art Nouveau kitchen will look neat and thoughtful. Open shelves are discouraged here due to their impracticality. Only a few translucent glass fronts are acceptable, behind which you can store wine glasses and cups.

Modern kitchen design - storage systems


So that the refrigerator does not look bulky against the background of narrow cabinets, a separate niche should be set aside for it. In a small kitchen, a pantry can be adapted for this. A compact model with 2-3 shelves will fit well in the headset itself at a convenient level.

In the Art Nouveau style, the refrigerator, and other appliances, should not be hidden, especially if it is modern, with a beautiful design and chrome doors..

Modern kitchen design - refrigerator Modern kitchen design - refrigerator

Lighting in the kitchen in modern style

The atmosphere of any room largely depends on the lighting. The best addition to an Art Nouveau kitchen would be a neutral white or natural yellowish shade of lamps..

The most comfortable, economical and safe solution is now LED technology. Spot diode lamps can be installed along the perimeter of the ceiling, mounted in the headset above the table top.

In the center of the kitchen, as well as above the dining area, a pendant chandelier will be appropriate – steel, ceramic or glass, streamlined, in the form of a steel pipe or a table lamp.

Lighting in the kitchen in modern style

Modern kitchen design – photo

We have collected more options for decorating modern kitchens in our photo selection. These projects will help you see what a similar design might look like in real life..

Pay attention to the details – what finishes are used for walls or floors, what are the advantages and disadvantages of furniture, how convenient it will be to cook in such an environment. By being observant, you will be able to better plan the upcoming repairs and avoid many mistakes.!

Modern kitchen design - photo Modern kitchen design - photo Modern kitchen design - photo Modern kitchen design - photo Modern kitchen design - photo Modern kitchen design - photo Modern kitchen design - photo Modern kitchen design - photo Modern kitchen design - photo Modern kitchen design - photo Modern kitchen design - photo Modern kitchen design - photo Modern kitchen design - photo Modern kitchen design - photo Modern kitchen design - photo Modern kitchen design - photo Modern kitchen design - photo Modern kitchen design - photo Modern kitchen design - photo Modern kitchen design - photo Modern kitchen design - photo Modern kitchen design - photo

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