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What water heaters are best suited for a summer residence?

instantaneous water heater in the country Nowadays there is a great opportunity to provide a country house with all comfortable conditions, including the availability of hot water. To do this, you just need to purchase good water heaters for summer cottages..

Hot water at the summer cottage is a basic necessity. Because, despite the weather conditions, work is always in full swing here. And in cold water it is impossible not only to take a shower, wash clothes, wash dishes, but also wash your hands well. You can, of course, wash in the bathhouse, but heating it around the clock is very unprofitable. You can install a container to heat water in the sun, but in cloudy weather and on cold days, this will also not work. Therefore, buying a suitable water heater is the best option..

On the subject: electric instantaneous water heaters for showers!

Device Requirements

how to choose a water heater A water heater for a country house is somewhat different from a device for a city apartment. A device intended for a summer residence must meet several basic requirements:

  1. Economical consumption of fuel or energy. You need to decide what is more practical and profitable for you – a wood, gas or electric appliance.
  2. Suitable tank volume for family needs. For a country house, it is better to purchase devices with a small tank, because they are lightweight and compact. But at the same time, it is imperative to calculate the daily consumption of hot water in the country..
  3. Matching power with technical capabilities. It is worth consulting with an electrician regarding the possibilities of your electrical wiring..
  4. Practicality and ease of use.

First you need to decide with what energy the device will heat the water. In the country, you can use titanium on the wood, a gas water heater or an electric appliance..

In the presence of autonomous heating, it is possible to connect the water heater to the heating boiler.

models of water heatersIn addition, it is necessary to accurately determine the required amount of hot water and the time for heating it. The following main parameters are the geometric and technical properties of the device – its size and shape, efficiency and power. These criteria will affect the duration of water heating and energy consumption..

For example, a storage water heater with a volume of about 200 liters will be convenient for a large family. For a small family, a small flow-through apparatus is suitable, which will heat water very quickly..

Instrument characteristics

When choosing a water heater for a summer residence, it is necessary to take into account its defining parameters:

  • device type – storage, bulk, flow-through;
  • the principle of water intake – pressure, free-flow;
  • type of energy used – gas, solid fuel, solar, electric;
  • the highest heating temperature – 40 – 100 ° C;
  • the volume of the water tank – 5 – 200 liters;
  • device power – 1.25 – 8 kW;
  • installation method – floor-standing, wall-mounted, universal.

Types of water heaters

Choosing a suitable heating water tank for your summer cottage is a rather difficult task. Because the stores offer a huge number of different models. To decide which one is best for your needs, you must first understand how they differ..

Wall and floor

wall-mounted water heaterWith regard to the installation method, water heaters are divided into wall-mounted and floor-mounted. Which one to choose depends on the parameters of the house and the purpose of the device..

A wall-mounted water heater for a summer residence is considered more convenient, based on considerations of saving space. Due to its dimensions, the device is suitable even for small buildings. It usually has a small tank, so it is good for people who use little water..

floor storage water heaterA floor-standing water heater is large, so this is not the best option for small houses. However, the tank volume of these models is much larger than that of wall-mounted ones. It can hold 80 to 200 liters of water. Therefore, with a long stay in the country with the whole family, it is advisable to choose an outdoor device.

Bulk, flow and storage

Based on the method of water intake, water heaters are divided into three types – bulk, flow and storage. In this case, the choice depends on the water supply mechanism – it comes through the water supply or is brought from the well..

bulk water heaterThe bulk water heater is suitable for summer cottages that are not connected to the water supply (we have the majority of them). The device is equipped with a tank that is filled with water manually – a ladle, a watering can, a ladle. These devices are often combined with a sink or shower..

instantaneous water heaterA flow-through water heater for a summer residence is installed if there is a connection to the water supply. Heating occurs when water flows through the heat exchanger of the device. For its normal operation, an average water pressure is needed. Otherwise, it will be either barely warm, or flow in a thin stream. Such devices are usually equipped with a temperature controller and an electronic control panel..storage water heater

The storage water heater has a large capacity, which can be heated with a heating element or a gas burner. The main advantage of this device is the ability to stock up on the required amount of hot water..

The storage tank is protected from the outside by thermal insulation and a robust casing. The device is completed with a control panel, which necessarily contains a temperature controller. If the temperature sensor detects a temperature lower than the set temperature in the tank, the device automatically turns on.

Pressure and non-pressure

A large assortment of water heaters is divided into pressure and non-pressure devices. Both types are plugged in and powered by electricity. The main differences between a pressurized and a non-pressurized instantaneous water heater are expressed in the following.

instantaneous pressure water heaterPressure devices cut into water pipes and are under constant water pressure. As a rule, their installation is performed by experienced craftsmen. Such devices provide several points of consumption. Allows one person to wash dishes and another to shower at the same time.

Pressure water heaters function in automatic mode, responding to the opening of the tap. Their models are available in different capacities. Therefore, choosing a suitable country water heater will not be difficult..

gravity flow water heaterA free-flow device is installed only at one point of consumption and requires the installation of special water fittings. Therefore, when choosing this type, it will be necessary to install a similar device on each crane. The capacity of non-pressurized water heaters is up to 8 kW. Cold water supply is carried out by means of a pump or manually. Most often, they immediately come with a shower or kitchen nozzle..

It should be noted that it is impossible to replace one nozzle with another. All components are assembled at the factory. Therefore, before buying, you need to pay special attention to the components of the device..

These models are not recommended for installation in a large house, but they are perfect for small country houses..

Classification of water heaters by heating method

electric bulk water heaterThe most important criterion for choosing water heaters for summer cottages is the type of energy used. On this basis, 4 types of devices are distinguished:

  • wood or solid fuel;
  • solar;
  • gas;
  • electrical.

Solid fuel, gas and electric water heaters are popular in our country. Solar devices are rarely used.

Wood and solid fuel water heaters

wood fired water heaterThe device consists of a compartment for fuel and a container for water. A pipe is installed for the chimney. The water is heated by the combustion of wood, coal and hot smoke coming out of the furnace through the chimney.

The disadvantages of this device are many, and often they outweigh all the advantages. The main disadvantages are: high fire hazard and the need to constantly add fuel to the compartment.

Solar water heaters

solar water heaterThe devices are powered by solar panels – long glass tubes filled with a special compound. They absorb solar energy and generate a constant electric current from it..

On the one hand, solar water heaters are very economical. But on the other hand, on cold and cloudy days, they cannot absorb enough solar energy to fully provide the family with warm water..

Gas water heaters

These devices have a simple design and can operate at low head. In addition, fuel for them is much cheaper than for other options. But such devices also have some disadvantages: the need for systematic preventive examinations and maintenance, noise during operation and unstable water temperature.

gas instantaneous water heaterThe gas instantaneous water heater has a simple operation mechanism. Cold water enters it, moves through special heat exchange channels, as a result of which it gradually heats up. The water temperature depends on several reasons: pressure, automatic mode settings and the frequency of using the device.

gas storage water heaterGas storage water heater – water is heated in a tank by burning gas. This type of water heater for summer cottages is very effective and can guarantee an uninterrupted supply of large volumes of hot water. Disadvantages – high costs, however, in the presence of built-in automation, its efficiency and economy significantly increase.

Electric water heaters

electric wall mounted water heaterSuch devices are purchased not only for a city apartment, but also for a country house. Especially if gas is not supplied to the cottage. Electric water heaters for summer cottages are very convenient to use, but for their normal operation you need a good water pressure and no power outages.

In an electric instantaneous water heater, water is heated by means of a heating element installed inside the device. Cold water spirals and heats up. Its advantages lie in good economy, and disadvantages – in low efficiency. The greater the pressure of the water, the cooler it is, the less – the warmer.

Accumulative electric water heaters for summer cottages have a similar mechanism of operation as for flowing ones. Only the water does not flow, but is in the tank, which is heated by the heating element. The pluses are the uninterrupted flow of hot water. Less need for extra heating time.

Electric storage water heaters

electric storage water heaterSimple and modern devices – boilers, which consist of a water storage device for a summer residence and a heating element of a heating element. The capacity of the tank is usually 10 – 200 liters, and the power of the heating element is 1.2 – 8 kW. The duration of heating depends on the volume of the tank, the power of the heating element and the temperature of the incoming cold water. For a 10-liter tank, half an hour will be enough, for a 200-liter tank – about 7 hours.

electric storage heater modelIn addition, electric storage water heaters for summer cottages include: a magnesium anode (protects the inner tank from corrosion), an insulating layer (allows you to keep heat), a thermostat (temperature control), an outer case, a safety valve.

electric storage heater designA storage water heater has several advantages:

  • keeps hot water in its container for a long time;
  • in the event of a temporary lack of power supply, supplies previously heated water;
  • it is possible to program the work at night, heating water for a morning shower or in order to save energy;
  • at a high location is the element that forms the head in the system.

electric water heater connection diagram

Electric instantaneous water heaters

electric instantaneous shower water heaterIn instantaneous water heaters for summer cottages, water does not accumulate, it heats up when flowing through a heat exchanger. And electricity is only consumed while using hot water.

complete set of instantaneous water heaterThe flow-through devices are equipped with a special heating coil or heating element. The spiral heating element heats the water up to 45 degrees and needs to be warmed up. But it works well in hard water and doesn’t need to be cleaned. Heating elements flow-through devices heat water very quickly up to 60 degrees, thanks to which electricity is saved.

Some instantaneous water heaters are equipped with an electronic power regulator, thanks to which a stable temperature of warm water is maintained.

instantaneous water heater modelInstantaneous water heaters for summer cottages have the following positive qualities:

  • provide unlimited hot water consumption;
  • compact, they are easy to remove and take away for the winter;
  • do not dry the air;
  • do not require special maintenance.

Electric bulk water heaters

electric bulk water heaterIn many summer cottages, there are problems with water distribution or there is no plumbing system at all. Therefore, a water heater for giving a bulk tank with a heater is still in great demand. Water is simply poured into the tank, and after a while it heats up to the desired temperature. Then it is fed through the tap, which is located at the bottom of the tank..

Advantages of bulk water heaters:

  • durable stainless steel water heating tank that will last a long time;
  • simple device of the device, which does not require special preparation for installation and subsequent use;
  • models with heating elements of different power;
  • the presence of a thermostat, which eliminates the likelihood of water evaporation and, as a result, device breakdown.

Bulk water heater “Moidodyr”

filling heater moydodyrLike electrical appliances, a bulk water heater for a summer cottage can be installed in the kitchen (with a small capacity) or in the shower. The most affordable and practical version of this heater is the Moidodyr system. The device is located directly above the sink. The used water tank is located in the cabinet at the bottom.

Modern models of “Moidodyr” heat water to the required temperature automatically, they are equipped with protection against “dry” heating and overheating. The bulk water heater is compact and very easy to use; in addition, you do not need to buy a dishwasher additionally. However, when choosing this option, it must be borne in mind that its tank is small. Therefore, its functionality is very limited..

Bulk shower water heater

bulk water heater for showerThis device is a tank with a volume of 50 – 150 liters with a built-in heating element. It is equipped with a thermostat that makes it possible to regulate the heating temperature. The filling water heater for the shower is equipped with protection against “dry” switching on. Water is poured into this apparatus with buckets or with a pump. The most cost-effective device is Sadko. It can be mounted over a summer shower or a bathtub.

By installing a bulk water heater above the shower, solar energy can be used for heating on sunny days. This will save energy. And on cloudy days, it is better to use the heating element.

Bulk water heater with shower

suburban bulk water heaterFor convenience, you can purchase a bulk water heater with a shower cabin. This device consists of a heater, a cabin, a shower head, a tray and a curtain. Such structures are made with or without electric heating. In the latter case, the water is heated only from the sun’s rays..

At a summer cottage, such a device can make life much easier, especially in the absence of running water. You just need to pour water into the tank, heat it up and use it for your own needs..

Which water heater to choose for a summer residence?

storage water heater for a country houseWhen choosing a country water heater, you first need to clarify the initial parameters of the wiring. This will determine the maximum power of the appliance that can be connected. If necessary, you can change the wiring or proceed from what is.

It is also necessary to calculate the required amount of hot water for summer cottage needs. Each procedure uses an unequal amount of warm water.

The power of the device depends on the water consumption for each task:

  • a power of 4 – 6 kW is suitable for washing dishes;
  • the use of a shower requires a power of 8 kW;
  • to get a bath, you need 13-15 kW, in this case you will need a three-phase water heater.

For a summer residence, with a voltage of 220 volts, it is best to buy small devices with a capacity of 3 – 8 kW.

In addition, when buying an electric water heater, you need to consider its size and weight. These parameters play a decisive role for the installation..

Popular models of water heaters

Now let’s move on to a brief overview of the popular models of well-known water heater manufacturers. Full characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each device can be found on the websites of the sellers and from customer reviews..

water heater Atmor BASICElectric instantaneous water heater Atmor BASIC:

  • type – unsystematic;
  • power – 3.5 kW;
  • heating rate – 2.5 l / min., when turned on, the water heats up in 5 seconds;
  • thermostat – 2 keys for switching the mode;
  • average cost – 4500 rubles.

water heater DelimanoElectric water heater Delimano:

  • type – flow-through gravity;
  • power – 3 kW;
  • heating rate – 5 seconds to 60 degrees;
  • thermostat – yes, with indicator;
  • average cost – 6000 rubles.

shower water heater SadkoElectric filling water heater for shower Sadko:

  • type – bulk;
  • power – 2 kW;
  • volume – 110 l;
  • heating rate – 60 minutes to a temperature of 40 ° C;
  • average price – 3000 rubles.

water heater Alvin AntikElectric bulk water heater Alvin Antik:

  • type – pouring for a shower;
  • power – 1.25 kW;
  • volume – 20 liters;
  • heating rate – 1 hour to 40 degrees;
  • thermostat – from 30 to 80 degrees;
  • equipped with a thermostat;
  • average price – 6000 rubles.

water heater with washbasin TERMMIXElectric water heater with washbasin TERMMIX:

  • type – bulk;
  • power – 1.25 kW;
  • tank volume – 17 liters;
  • after heating the water to 60 ° C, it automatically turns off;
  • average price – 2500 rubles.

water heater Zanussi Symphony S-30Electric water heater Zanussi Symphony S-30:

  • type – cumulative;
  • power – 1.5 kW;
  • volume – 30 liters;
  • heating rate – in 1 hour the water heats up to 75 degrees;
  • thermostat – on the body;
  • average price – 8000 rubles.

water heater Thermex IF 50 VElectric water heater Thermex IF 50 V:

  • type – cumulative;
  • power – 2 kW;
  • tank volume – 50 liters;
  • heating rate – in 1.5 hours up to 75 degrees;
  • safety valve;
  • average price – 12500 rubles.

We are all used to buying equipment from well-known brands without considering the products of Chinese and Korean companies. Today this is already the wrong approach. Most of the large concerns have moved their production to China. And the quality of some Chinese manufacturers is commendable..

Therefore, today, buying a device of a well-known brand, there is a possibility of overpaying not for the quality of the product, but for its popularity. A water heater for a summer residence with an unfamiliar name can be much better quality, more functional and much cheaper. In order not to get into a mess, when choosing a manufacturer, we recommend that you carefully study the documentation of the device..

Choosing a water heater for a summer residence – video

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