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How to choose an inexpensive and reliable cultivator for a summer residence?

cultivator in female hands Cultivator means a tool for cultivating the soil, this concept includes all diggers and rippers. How to choose a cultivator depends on the front of work and the preferences of the owners to engage in physical labor, to use equipment with an electric or gasoline engine. The more complex and functional the equipment, the more expensive it is..

Technical characteristics of the offered equipment

cultivator model We will not talk about hand tools, they are known to everyone, they are inexpensive, they are available in the barn of every summer resident. Let us evaluate the models that facilitate physical labor. Suppose you have to take care of a garden and a vegetable garden on a plot of 6-12 acres. The working hands are mostly female or elderly people. How to choose an inexpensive and reliable cultivator for weak hands.

If you buy a motor-cultivator, and you are offered it complete with attachments, refuse. It is not a fact that you will need all the sheds, but their cost is included in the total price.

But to buy the lubricant recommended in the instructions and a belt, if it is included in the package, you need.

In specialized stores and markets are presented:

  1. Light cultivators are characterized by low weight, low grip and a loosening depth of no more than 20 cm. Basically, small nimble helpers are indispensable for preparing the soil in the greenhouse, in flower beds and beds. Now it is fashionable to lead a vegetable garden along the Meathlider, with a bed width of 45 cm and meter row spacings. The most convenient tool for this technology is the lightweight cultivator. The drive can be electric or use gasoline two-stroke models.
  2. Small cultivators can already process 6-10 acres. They plow deeper and can grip up to 40 cm in one pass. There are electric models, they are lighter and cheaper than gasoline ones. Network devices need an extension cord and a stable voltage, which is not always the case in summer cottages. At the slightest dampness, it is impossible to work with an electric cultivator, it is dangerous. The weight of these models is up to 15 kg.
  3. Average models of cultivators are no longer capable of female hands. The units can work in large gardens, effectively and deeply loosen the soil. Other tools can be used with them. Products weigh 15-48 kg, power 2.5-5.0 liters. with., in a word, a serious technique for men’s hands.

medium power cultivatorOf the three options, the second is the most suitable for processing 6 acres. The assistant is good and it will not be difficult to take it away for storage. But apart from spring tillage and weeding, there is nothing else to expect from it. If the site is with difficult terrain, then the light model will be the best. The choice of cultivator for the price is not great:

  • Sturm series GK3610 electric, weighing 6.0 kg, the price is a little over 5 thousand rubles;
  • “Countryman” series LE1300 electric, weighs 13.2 kg, costs about 9 thousand rubles.

Somewhat more expensive, well-known and reliable models that are in demand – Champion, MTD, Texas, DDE, Huter, Elitech. They cost more than 12 thousand rubles..

Model selection according to technical characteristics

work on the siteAll cultivators have one structure – power unit, transmission, working mechanism, control knob.

The lightest mechanisms work on cultural grounds, rather a toy in women’s hands. Models are considered disposable, non-repairable. Therefore, which cultivator to choose depends on the addition of all the pros and cons.

Gasoline or electric drive of the cultivator to choose, how to decide?

The network tool is always lighter and cheaper than its gasoline brothers.

There are no powerful models. Raising the ground to a depth of 25 cm with a small grip with such a device is handy. Networked machines operate quietly and without exhaust, without causing disturbance to others. Such a cultivator is good for giving, but:

  • you cannot work in wet weather;
  • it is necessary to constantly monitor the location of the cord;
  • you must use a special extension cord with a reliable connector.

petrol cultivatorHow to choose a petrol cultivator, stop at 2 or 4 stroke? The two-stroke engine runs on a mixture of gasoline and a special oil. It is very noisy and consumes 30% more fuel than a 4-stroke. But it is lighter and much more powerful if the dimensions are the same. The motor resource of a two-stroke is less, nevertheless it works more intensively. It makes no sense to repair a two-stroke internal combustion engine, it’s cheaper to buy a new one.

The four-stroke motor is a classic. Such engines are installed on all modern models, but they are more expensive. The motors have a long resource, they almost do not heat up during operation, and the combustion of fuel in them is fuller, the emission is cleaner.

Cultivators with a four-stroke engine always have good power and weigh about 50 kg.

How to choose a cultivator for giving according to the transmission device? This concept includes the method of transferring the rotation of the motor shaft to the gearbox and the type of gearbox. The reducer is designed to reduce the speed taken from the engine. For example, the engine develops 3600 rpm, 20 times less is fed to the cutter.

chain reducerWhen the motor shaft is located horizontally, a chain reducer is used. If the gearbox is split, it is not difficult to repair it yourself. Usually on low-power cultivators there is a worm gearbox. It is compact, mounted on a vertically positioned engine crankshaft. The gearbox experiences friction during operation, the gap between the worm and the gear rapidly increases, and backlash appears. The reducer is installed on low power cultivators.

gear reducerThere are also gear and gear-chain reducers, but they are not used in low-power technology.

Before using the cultivator, read the instructions, understand the basic requirements for caring for the tool and follow them. The most inexpensive model in caring hands will last a long time.

The clutch is designed to transmit torque to the working mechanism. Squeeze out the clutch – start plowing. Clutches on low-strength models are set to automatic centrifugal. On medium-power cultivators, a belt is used, with a tension roller.

An important parameter for comfortable work on the cultivator is the presence of reverse or reverse. It allows not by muscle power, but in reverse to rescue a buried cultivator from the ground. Small models always have only one speed.

That’s all you need to know first when choosing a mate. In the course of mastering the cultivator, use the operating instructions.

Choosing a cultivator for a summer residence – video

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