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Power lawn mowers overview

The power lawn mower is a great helper in small areas The power lawnmower is designed for leveling grass in small backyards. With this device, it is easy to create an even lawn surface. It is an environmentally friendly garden tool with minimal noise levels. One of the cheapest types of garden tools for lawn care.

How it works?

The user, choosing a flat area with growing grass, pushes the mower in front of him. From the support wheels, movement (rotation) is transmitted to the working shaft, and a horizontal and fixed knife is installed in front of it. In the process, the grass rests on a horizontal knife, and its even cut is carried out with a blade on a spiral. If the mower is contact, then the knives, when in contact, also maintain sharpening.

Mechanical lawn mower at work At the heart of the mower design:

  • plastic or metal housing;
  • movable wheels mounted on slip bushings;
  • cutting elements under the body.

Modern hand lawn mowers are classified into:

  1. Household. Light weight. The average width of the cutting blade is 34 centimeters. Ideal for processing vegetation up to 45 mm.
  2. Professional. Processing of large areas. The average width of the cutting blade is 40 centimeters. Well processes vegetation up to 5 centimeters.

Lawn mower types

By type and technical characteristics, lawn mowers are classified as spindle and manual.

Spindle lawn mowerThe spindle lawn mower is applicable on a small and level lawn, ideal for a regular garden area. The definition came from the spindle knife in the design. The knife comes into operation inertly. Specifically, after the wheels are moving.

For a cleaner result, the spindle lawn mower will process the area both along and across.

A mower of this type is divided into two types:

  1. Contact. During the mowing process, the cutting blades interact with each other, cutting off the grown lawn.
  2. Contactless. The distance between the cutting blades is calculated; during the cutting process, it is more correct to set a certain speed of movement. Simply put, you need to “get used” to this type.

Manual Power Lawn MowerThe manual version of a mechanical mower is necessarily equipped with a cylinder with working knives. Controlling the speed of this cutting device is much easier – any model has an element for adjustment.

The lawn mower is preliminarily adjusted to the desired, comfortable speed so as not to pass the area twice. The optimum driving speed is 4 km / h.

Pros and cons of power lawn mowers

Lawn mower grass boxOn the advantages of this device:

  1. The quality of the haircut depends on the user. An experienced gardener runs the lawn very evenly, leaving eye-pleasing streaks.
  2. Profitability. No need for fuels and lubricants and electricity.
  3. Environmental friendliness. Fuel elements do not settle on the grass. Because of this, the treated surface stays fresh longer. The grass grows even thicker, covering the ground in an even layer.
  4. Mulching. Cut offshoots remain on the ground as fertilizer.
  5. Collecting small grass. A grass catcher is installed on branded models. It saves time on cleaning, and small grass from it will do as an organic fertilizer.
  6. Quiet operation.

By treating the area with your own hands, a good mechanical lawn mower will keep the health of the user, provide comfortable and easy lawn care.

About cons or small flaws:

  1. Frequent treatment of the lawn or lawn. It is imperative to trim as soon as the grass grows a few centimeters.
  2. Move with the mower at a certain pace. If you walk very slowly, there will be no cut. The cutting knife will begin to “chew” the scions.
  3. Unable to cultivate an old, weedy area.

Mechanical lawn mower with revision on video:

How to choose the right mechanical mower

Power lawnmower with 38 cm working widthFor a good, convenient work, you should decide on the parameters:

  1. Cutting widths and heights. The wider the blades, the more effort. When choosing, take into account the features of the site with a lawn, its irregularities.
  2. The size of the support wheels. Tall wheels are suitable for difficult terrain with bumps and unevenness. Their fastening is also essential. Wheel bearings are more durable and more expensive. With periodic lubrication, seizure will not occur.
  3. Attached (optional) equipment, specifically the installation of a grass catcher.

Good for both the power lawnmower and the user to have mowing height adjustment.

The best models of mechanical lawn mowers

A very nice feature of any power lawn mower is its price. However, even for manual mowers, there are leading models and companies. More on this later.

Lawn mower Husqvarna

Model Husqvarna 54 NovoCutGarden equipment from this brand has been a leader for several years. Manual mowers are no exception. For example, the Husqvarna 54 NovoCut with five cutting blades.

The price for the presented type of equipment is quite high, you will have to pay at least 10 thousand, but the technical characteristics, as well as high-quality materials, are worth it. The model will cope with grass no more than 50 sentiments. The width of the working area of ​​the blades is 40 centimeters.

Model weight 8.7 kilograms.

Gardena Lawn Mower

Drum Lawn Mower Gardena 400 ClassicA more affordable model with a drum costs from 7840 rubles. Non-contact principle of operation. The manufacturer guarantees stable and easy lawn processing on an area of ​​up to 200 square meters.

The 400 Classic rotary lawnmower is equipped with a horizontal counter blade and a cutting cylinder for a neat and even cut of overgrown areas of grass..

High quality steel working elements, so there is no need for sharpening the cutting edge.

A foldable handle is provided for ease of use. This will greatly facilitate the work of all family members, and the storage tool will not take up much space..

Lawn mower AL-KO

Popular Model 112539 Soft Touch ComfortThe popular model 112539 Soft Touch Comfort. Half the price of the leading brand. Costs from 4500 rubles.

Equipped with an enlarged tire with a grip of 38 centimeters. It is boldly used in areas with difficult terrain. Also has 5 sharpened blades for a quality cut.

This is a non-contact type of lawn mower, which affects the quality of the cut of vegetation..

Weight 7.9 kilograms. But in terms of mowing height Al-KO is inferior to the leader by 5 millimeters. A good, budgetary option for treating lawns in the country, in the garden.

General safety precautions

When working, it is necessary to observe safety precautionsA mechanical device is easier to maintain and repair than a rotary one. If there is no current source, then there will be no short circuits, but it is better to follow safety precautions:

  1. Read the instructions before work.
  2. Ensure that limbs do not accidentally come into contact with the drum or paddle.
  3. Do not allow the device to play with children, even under personal supervision.
  4. During a haircut, there should be no obstacles, resting people, animals and foreign objects in the designated area..
  5. For convenience, it is best to use working garden shoes. Gloves and summer clothes will not be superfluous..

Large areas are difficult to machine with a power lawnmower. In this case, preference should be given to an electric or gasoline lawn mower. there will be an opportunity to save time and effort.

Working with a mechanical lawn mower – video

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