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Review of hammer drills Hitachi, Zubr, Hilti

Hitachi puncher Hitachi rock drills are manufactured in China, although the company is owned by Japan. The use of Japanese technology, Chinese industriousness and cheap components make it possible to provide household consumption at a low cost of products. Amateur instruments with infrequent use in everyday life are in demand.

Why the Hitachi brand is attractive to consumers

High quality and reliable tool Japanese products have earned the reputation of high quality and reliable tools in the world. The production uses new materials, advanced scientific developments.

The difference between Hitachi rock drills and other brands:

  1. The range of construction equipment related to the destruction of structures and punching moves in them under the Hitachi brand is the most extensive in the world. Available in a range from 2 to 18 kg in weight with varying degrees of equipment.
  2. All products are located in the lower price segment – this is the company’s marketing policy.
  3. Regardless of the country of the manufacturer, innovations are implemented in all models.
  4. Spare parts are available and manufactured in the same factories as the main equipment.

The disadvantages of Hitachi rock drills are associated with the use of cheap plastics by economical Chinese, even in factories owned by Hitachi. But assembly in artisanal conditions flourishes there, and they also give an order for the manufacture of secondary parts. The resulting tool fails due to the rapid wear of regulators, rubber bands on strikers, electrical plugs.

For the tool to be reliable, you should buy Japanese-assembled models. They are more expensive due to double quality control and the use of high quality components..

Depending on where the tool is produced and what the filling is, prices also change. Sometimes there is a Hitachi punch for 3 thousand, and you can see a tool for 50 thousand rubles.

Description of product samples

Rotary hammer Hitachi DH24PC3An example of a quality model created at Japanese industrial sites is the Hitachi DH24PC3 rotary hammer. The product is distinguished by the perfection of forms and their unity with ease of use and easy control. The lightweight tool has three modes of operation and is a universal assistant to the master. Weighing 2.4 kg, the device is powerful, as indicated by the technical characteristics:

  • operating modes – 3;
  • shock moment – 3.2 J;
  • hole diameter in concrete – up to 24 mm;
  • power consumption – 800 W;
  • reverse – there is;
  • cartridge – SDS+.

Product price from the manufacturer 8773 rubles.

Rotary hammer Hitachi DH26PCAn example of a light punch made in China is the Hitachi DH26PC hammer drill. According to its characteristics, the tool is more likely intended for home repairs associated with the reconstruction of an apartment. The engine is completed with parts delivered from Japan. Its power is 730 W with a tool weight of 3.2 kg. The hammer drill has 2 operating modes – drilling and hammer drilling. At the same time, the impact force of 2.8 J is commensurate with a more powerful tool. The device drills in wood without hitting a hole of 32 mm, it can screw in screw connections, since it has a reverse mode. The SDS + keyless chuck makes changing bits easier and faster. The device supports x / x 1100 rpm and 4300 beats per minute. The cost of a perforator made in China is 6700 rubles.

Representative of the Russian manufacturer Zubr perforator

Representative of the Russian manufacturer Zubr perforatorReliable and inexpensive Bison perforators are in demand among home craftsmen. Owners of a good reliable tool recommend it to their friends, and the demand for the Zubr tool is increasing every year. Among the numerous reviews, there are complaints about poor assembly, jamming of the start button, poor-quality lubricant. But all consumers agree that the price of the Zubr perforator is adequate to the quality.

What distinguishes the Bison percussion instrument

The company has been developing the production of percussion tools since 2005, so it has taken advantage of new developments and collects the most effective tools for construction work. The complete set uses:

  • safety couplings against kickback when the drill gets stuck in the hole;
  • special cartridges SDS plus and SDS max, installed on equipment, depending on the power and nature of the work performed;
  • the impact mechanism is pneumatically actuated;
  • various modes of operation of the tool as a drill, jackhammer and screwdriver.

A distinctive feature of bison manufacturers is the generous set of the case. The set contains a second regular cartridge, spare brushes, grease. Detailed instructions for technical operation with a description of safe methods of work and repair. The manual draws attention to the risk of injury to the tool.

The range of tools presented for use is expanding. The price of the product depends on its configuration and power, you need to know exactly what operations you need a puncher for in order to buy the right brand and not overpay.

Features of Hilty percussion instruments

Perforator HiltyA company that does not trust anyone to manufacture and distribute its products. From a small mechanical workshop of the state of Liechtenstein, a world giant of construction equipment has grown. Since its inception, the company has focused on continuous development. Hilty punchers are the trademark of the master. Their models are equipped with LED lighting, a special quality of equipment.

In 1967, the first hand-held rock drill was released by the Hilty company. Now the concern has 120 factories around the world and retail chains that receive goods by direct deliveries.

Advanced solutions include:

  • enhanced protection of the operator from vibration;
  • use of reinforced fiberglass to lighten the body parts;
  • electronic process control with signaling of the slightest deviation in the operating mode.

The concern produces network, battery and combined models of various capacities.

Combined models are considered a new word in the production of rock drills. The tool is multifunctional and can work as a mixer and slotter.

The quality of the tools can be judged by the fact that the guarantee is given for a lifetime, the puncher is repaired for 2 years free of charge, whatever happens to it. Accordingly, the price of the Hilty perforator is high, some models exceed the price of 24 thousand rubles for network, 38 thousand for rechargeable ones, and there are models priced at 63 thousand rubles.

Unboxing and review of the Hilti TE 7-C rotary hammer – video

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