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How to choose the right pumps for water wells

well water pumps In a private water supply, pumps for a water well are a necessary part of the circuit for supplying liquid to the surface. Operating conditions, lifting height, flow rate and well debit are decisive when choosing equipment. The arrangement is carried out in the form of an Abyssinian well, a filter or artesian well. The difference in design determines the depth of water extraction. Extraction can be organized by surface and deep method, manually or using power plants..

Read about a submersible pump for a well!

Methods for raising water to the surface

surface pump An Abyssinian well is a well without installing a submersible pump. The level of occurrence of the aquifer is less than 30 m, the casing does not allow the installation of a borehole pump, small section.

A filter well is if drilled into the sand to a depth of 50 meters. And most of the wells are performed exactly at this level, classifying them as artesian, which is wrong.

Artesian water is a mineral, lies at a depth in a bowl of stone rocks and is located up to 400 meters. To extract it, the permission of the subsoil owner and preliminary geological exploration are required. Therefore, artesian wells have a passport and are under the control of hydrologists. However, for drilling any well, permission from the sanitary services is required..

Pumps to extract water from a well can be submersible or surface.

Surface water lifting units

hand pumpSurface devices include pumps that suck in water using a hose. There are special pumps for the Abyssinian well, which create a vacuum in the casing, due to which the level rises, and on the surface the outflowing stream is collected in the reservoir.

Surface pumps for water wells are limited by the ability to lift water from a level below 9 meters. The caisson saves the situation – a pit in which a pump and a primary tank for water are installed. Surface centrifugal pumps are inexpensive and easy to operate. Their work is ensured by installing a check valve, since the suction pipe must be under the bay.

Hand-held piston or rod models also belong to the surface. With the help of muscle strength, you can pump up to 5 m3 of water per hour from a depth of 7 meters. They use surface pumping units – airlifts, they are irreplaceable if the well deviates from the vertical. The vacuum is created by the compressor. All surface electrical appliances are noisy and require shelter from rain or snow.

Submersible pumps

submersible pumpSubmersible pumps are called because the working chamber and the engine are located in the same housing and are lowered under the water mirror in the casing. Pumps for water wells are of different types. They are united by the possibility of year-round operation. The device of the working chamber of submersible devices determines their name:

  • centrifugal;
  • well;
  • deep;
  • vibrating.

Submersible devices are fixed in the pipe by cable or stationary method. In this case, the equipment is installed in the casing at the required depth, which ensures work under the bay..

Centrifugal installations can have a surface engine and a submersible working unit. Most often, a set is used where the working and power unit are in one sealed case, from the outside repeating the section of the pipe. The device is lowered to the desired depth. An example of a design is an ETSNV pump, which has a multistage working unit, an inlet and closed impellers, capable of supplying water with a head of 300 m and a flow rate of 360 m3 / hour. There are designs of EPN, APV, APVM.

Vibration models are used for wells. Which pump is best for a well up to 50 m deep, centrifugal or vibrating? If pumping goes into an open container, a simple diaphragm vortex pump can easily get water from a depth of 40 m. However, long-term use of it in a well on sand will lead to clogging of the chamber. The use of the “Malysh” and “Trickle” models in the wells is economically justified.

Screw submersible pumps (VNP) are better than all other models for shallow wells. Take a closer look at the pumps “Aquarius”, the line is extensive, the prices are reasonable.

pumps AquariusDepth models represent a multistage design of impellers in a cylinder 0.5 – 2.5 m long, with a section of 10 cm. The device is lowered into a pipe to a depth of 16 m, made of a material that is resistant to corrosion. Deep-well pumps operate on clean water, the sand will quickly disable the impellers. Centrifugal pump for a well of 30 meters is used more often than other models.

Often, the well is equipped with a caisson chamber, in which a submersible pump motor and automation that serves the process are installed..

Well pump selection criteria

choose a pump for a wellThe choice of the pump begins with measuring the height of the water mirror (static) and the depth of the well. The characteristics of the pump for the well are recorded in the passport. The buyer needs to compare the required parameters with the technical data for the device. Analyzing the water for suspended solids will determine which type of equipment will last longer. The consumption is calculated based on the usual consumption practice. In this case, it is necessary to know the debit of the well and the diameter of the pipe. The best pump for a well is one with flow rates slightly higher than required and significantly less well debit. If it is the other way around, the pump will take the water dry..

Turbid water indicates silting of the receiving chamber, 2 vibration pumps will help to clean it. The lower one will create turbidity, the upper one will pump out. It is impossible to constantly use turbid water, you need to call specialists to inspect the condition of the well.

vibration pumpSubmersible or surface well pump, which one to choose? Submersible pumps must always be under flood. If you turn it on in air, the device will be damaged. Surface pumps are good for an Abyssinian well installed in a utility room. In other cases, a canopy will be required. However, such equipment can be purchased at a lower cost. If you need a little water and it is shallow, you can use a hand pump..

If you are a resident of a rural area, the equipment must be connected through a voltage stabilizer. The instability of indicators in the network is the main reason for the failure of household appliances in the country and in the village.

If price is the determining factor, you can buy Chinese-made devices. Russian models of pumps are reliable and inexpensive. Traditionally, this type of instrument in Russia is always of good quality. The European brands of pumps Perdollo and Calpeda are considered the best in this category..

Before choosing a pump for a well, you need to pay attention to consumer reviews. Most recommend installing a submersible pump:

  • work less noisy;
  • rarely clogged with sand;
  • are constantly cooled with water, work 3 years longer than surface systems.

The use of protection against dry suction of submersible, the presence of a surface check valve, overheating sensors, will ensure trouble-free operation of the pumps. Any device requires maintenance. Once every 2 years, it is necessary to inspect the equipment for chips and cracks, clean the pipe, check how the shaft rotates, whether the oil seal is leaking.

How to choose a pump for a well – video

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