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This is important to know – the beneficial properties of milk thistle oil

Borodino milk thistle oil Milk thistle oil is widely used in traditional medicine. The unique composition of this drug makes milk thistle oil the basis for many modern hepatoprotective drugs for the liver. Milk thistle or, as this thorny flower is also called, milk thistle is used to increase the production of bile. Bile promotes the breakdown and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, complex protein compounds and fiber.

In addition to the beneficial effect on the gallbladder, milk thistle oil has a positive effect on the liver and heart muscle of a person, it has a good effect on the digestive and nervous system..

Milk Thistle Oil Composition

Milk thistle seed oil contains a unique biologically active substance – silymarin. This component has a strengthening effect on liver cells, changes their structure, and thickens them. Due to the action of silymarin, the poisons of the pale toadstool, green fly agaric and other poisonous mushrooms do not penetrate the kidneys and liver, therefore milk thistle oil is a guarantee of survival in case of poisoning with mushrooms and plant poisons.

Milk Thistle Oil contains Vitamins E, A and F, which strengthen the immune system. Due to the high content of carotene, milk thistle oil has a positive effect on human vision, tightens the retina of the eye and makes it more elastic. Carotene has a positive effect on the heart, and chlorophyll and polyunsaturated acids remove cholesterol from the body, preventing its deposition on the walls of blood vessels. Carotene stores oxygen and, during oxygen starvation, delivers it to damaged cells, therefore milk thistle oil is used for atherosclerosis.

When applied topically, milk thistle oil heals wounds and makes the skin more elastic. Apply masks and compresses regularly to strengthen hair and give it a natural shine..

Topical use of milk thistle oil

To strengthen hair roots, apply warm milk thistle oil every night. It must be left overnight, then washed off with warm water..

Milk thistle oil has a healing effect, so it can be applied to a bandage and applied to the wound, also milk thistle oil has an antifungal effect, because of this it is applied to the affected skin.

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