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These magical terry Ahimenes

achimenes of different varieties Among the variety of Achimenes species, it is worth highlighting terry varieties. They attract attention with their unusual inflorescences with a special structure. Against the background of bright juicy shades, stuffed flowers look very chic and overshadow many other types of indoor flowering plants..

On the subject: Achimenes – care and cultivation at home!

Characteristic features of the species

You can distinguish terry Achimenes by the following features:

  • inflorescences have several rows of petals;
  • some varieties on one plant can have double, semi-double and simple flowers;
  • the size of terry inflorescences is noticeably smaller than that of simple plant species.

Terry varieties often have a name with the prefix “double”, which in English means “double”, but in fact there can be more than two such rows.

Popular varieties

Such hybrids of terry Achimenes look very impressive:

  1. Yellow English Rose. One of the largest (among terry species) – inflorescences up to 6.5 cm in diameter. The petals are yellowish-peach, along the edge there is a lilac border. The tips of the petals themselves are slightly wavy. The bush needs additional support, since the inflorescences are quite heavy.
  2. Alter ego. Another representative of large-flowered double hybrids with flowers up to 5 cm in diameter, which are painted in a deep blue color with an elusive purple tint. The bush is quite tall, but branches well on its own.
  3. Stance Delight. It blooms in small, but very bright scarlet inflorescences with a yellow center, similar to roses. Compact shrub with good branching.
  4. Petit Fadet. One of the shortest varieties with dark scarlet small flowers.
  5. Tropical Dusk. Differs in abundant flowering and absolute “doubleness” of all inflorescences. They are no more than 3.5 cm in diameter, painted in a mixture of delicate lilac, peach and yellow shades.
  6. Cherry Blossom. Ideal for hanging planters, it grows quickly and forms a lush bush. Abundant flowering, small inflorescences, up to 3 cm in diameter, lilac-pink.

When growing terry Achimenes, it should be borne in mind that they are more demanding in care than simple varieties. This is especially true for species with large flowers. It will not be easy to achieve such splendor and full disclosure of the bud, so it is better to start your acquaintance with terry hybrids with species that have small flowers.

Features of terry Ahimenes, their types – video

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