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Proper care of Achimenes as a guarantee of their lush flowering

lush bloom of Achimenes Among flowering houseplants, Achimenes take pride of place. Their bloom is so beautiful that it is simply impossible to take your eyes off this sight. And what is most interesting, with proper care, Achimenes can please with their inflorescences as much as twice a year – not only in spring, but also in autumn..

What do these amazing plants from the Gesneriev family need? In order for the Ahimenes to feel comfortable, actively grow and tie inflorescences, it is necessary to provide them with:

  • suitable lighting and temperature;
  • watering depending on the phase of development;
  • fertilization during the growing season;
  • annual rest period and transplant.

On the subject: growing and caring for Achimenes!

Where is the best place to keep a flower?

When choosing a place for a perennial, it should be borne in mind that it does not tolerate drafts and a sharp drop in temperature, so it is better to leave the opening window to flowers that love fresh air. In summer, the pots can be put on the balcony, but only if the nights are not cold.

Like all flowering plants, Achimenes needs good lighting, but direct sunlight burns their delicate leaves and flowers. In the summer, the flowerpot must be shaded if it is not possible to rearrange it away from the sun. However, the main thing here is not to overdo it, because with a lack of lighting, the shoots on the bushes stretch out, and the inflorescences become faded. In the spring-summer period, the optimum temperature for keeping Ahimenes is from 20 to 24 degrees Celsius..

A prerequisite for growing such plants is high air humidity, but not by spraying. It is better to place the pot on a tray of moss or near the aquarium..

Watering features

In spring and summer, Achimenes need abundant watering, because at this time they are actively growing and laying flower buds. But it is necessary to ensure that excess water does not stagnate in the pan, and also let the soil dry out between waterings, since the rhizomes of flowers will quickly rot from excess moisture.

The water should not be cold.

With the beginning of autumn, it is necessary to increase the time between waterings, reaching the minimum double watering per month during the dormant period.

When and what to feed?

Achimenes begin to need additional fertilizing from the beginning of growth and until the end of flowering. To do this, use complex preparations for flowering plants, making them no more than twice a month.

Plants do not fertilize immediately after transplantation.

Features of winter development

Unlike most houseplants, Achimenes perennials do not stay green all year round. As soon as autumn comes, their growth processes stop, and the bushes begin to dry out on their own. This does not mean that the flower is sick – it is simply preparing for a dormant period. At this time, the flowerpot can be rearranged into a room where it is not lower than 15 degrees.

Only the aboveground part of the plant dries out, rhizomes (scaly roots with dormant buds) feel calm in the soil all winter, and in spring they germinate again.

At the end of February, when the plant wakes up, it should be transplanted into a wide pot with new nutritious soil..

Secrets of caring for Ahimenes – video

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