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We present to your attention beautiful varieties of vriezia

variety of vriezia For lovers of exoticism, Vriezia is a real find. Perhaps no other houseplant has such an original form. At first glance, a beautiful rosette of dense leaves seems artificial, made of the finest plastic. And only after looking closely, it becomes clear that the flower is alive. And when a peduncle with bright bracts begins to rise from its center, this epiphyte takes on just a fabulous look, moreover, it retains it for a very long time (in some varieties, the bracts do not fade and do not fade for almost six months).

The birthplace of Vriezia is tropical rainforest, which has left an imprint on the character of the flower. High humidity is the main condition for indoor plant growing..

In total, there are more than 250 varieties of the flower, with more than half of them well adapted to the home microclimate, and are widely used by flower growers in their collections. The most spectacular and common types of epiphytes are the following vriezias:

  • shiny;
  • Sanders;
  • Astrid.

The largest flower variety is royal vriezia. The leaves are 1.5 m long and about 20 cm wide.The pink bract is even larger: its height reaches 2 m.Due to its size, the plant is not grown in apartments, but in greenhouses it is a welcome inhabitant.

Vriezia brilliant

The most common type found in home collections. Came to us from Guinea. The funnel-shaped form of the plant consists of green, hard leaves of a rich green color. Their length does not exceed 40 cm, the edges are slightly bent, and the tip itself is pointed.

A feature of the flower is the brindle color of the leaf plate: wide stripes, painted in a lighter shade, are clearly visible on a dark green background. For this, it is also called tiger, and in the scientific classification – splenriet.

The brilliant Vriezia blooms with a simple spike, the bracts, depending on the specific variety, can be red or orange, last up to 2 months. Also, each variety varies the color of the leaves themselves..

Vriezia Sanders

The funnel-shaped rosette consists of dense long leaves (up to 30 cm in length), while their width is only 5 cm. The leaf plate has a curved shape and is wrapped under the rosette, but at the tip itself it is bent in the opposite direction. The surface of a single-colored green leaf is covered with small light gray scales, and its reverse side is covered with purple-brown specks. Sanders has a very delicate flowering: a small yellow panicle only 15 cm long hangs from the center of the rosette.

The species most often suffers from fungal diseases, which must be taken into account when caring for it.

Vriezia Astrid

Compact variety with soft, narrow, lanceolate leaves, painted in a pure light green color. They are slightly lighter at the base of the outlet. The height of the rosette does not exceed 45 cm.Raspberry flower stalks are spike-shaped.

A feature of the species is that up to 7 peduncles can simultaneously bloom on one plant, while they last 4 months.

Video selection of popular varieties of Vriezia

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