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Preparing for the wintering of Ahimenes

Achimenes rhizomes in storage In order for the Achimenes to please with their gorgeous flowering from year to year, it is necessary to give them a break and gain strength before the new growing season. The fact is that these flowers are among those plants that in the autumn-winter period not only stop growing, but also completely freeze. The entire aerial part of the Achimenes completely dies off, and only the roots of a rather interesting shape, similar to alder catkins, remain alive. It is in them that the entire supply of nutrients is concentrated, and the roots themselves remain in “hibernation” until spring, when, at the call of nature, buds wake up on them and a new plant is reborn..

Let’s talk about how to prepare plants for wintering and preserve them until spring..

On the subject: Achimenes care and cultivation at home!

When achimenes stops growing?

With the arrival of autumn, already at the beginning of September, you should stop feeding the Achimenes. In addition, it is necessary to gradually reduce the amount of water and increase the time between waterings. Over time, the shoots of the plant will dry out..

It is impossible to cut off the green twigs and forcefully “put to bed” the Ahimenes, because at this time the rhizomes are still ripening. The aerial part of the plant gradually gives them nutrients, and if it is cut off, the unripe roots may not survive the winter..

It is possible to understand that the Achimenes entered the transition period before the winter “hibernation” by the following signs:

  • new inflorescences are not tied;
  • rust-colored spots appear on the leaves;
  • starting from the lower tier, the leaves gradually turn yellow and dry;
  • the ground stays wet longer.

How to prepare rhizomes for wintering?

When the bush dries up, you should carefully remove the plant from the pot, after kneading its walls (if the container is plastic). Also check the soil for remaining roots..

Now you should “disassemble” the plant:

  • cut off dried shoots;
  • clean rhizomes from the ground with your hands.

Before sending for storage, rhizomes must be dried..

How and where to store rhizomes?

Rhizomes can be stored in two ways in winter:

  1. Fold the dried roots into a zip bag with a little sand or vermiculite and close tightly.
  2. Without removing the nodules from the ground, leave them to winter directly in the pot.

Despite the fact that the pot takes up more space than the bag, the rhizomes ripen better in it..

Store Achimenes (both in bags and in pots) in a dark room with an air temperature of at least 12, but not higher than 18 degrees Celsius. From time to time, the bags must be opened for airing, and also the roots should be inspected for signs of rotting. In the spring, the bagged rhizomes will begin to sprout. Then they need to be planted in a pot..

How to organize a rest period for Ahimenes – video

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