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We grow a flower with the shortest life at home – guzmania

beautiful guzmania Connoisseurs of exotic plants are happy to grow guzmania in their flower collection – a rather unusual flower with an original flowering and an individual life cycle. A chic rosette with hard bright green leaves pleases with its flowering only once, because after it the guzmania dies off, but leaves behind a new young generation – children. The flower itself is not particularly attractive, but its brightly colored stipules immediately attract attention..

What do you need to know about the nature of this flower in order for it to bloom and release bright stipules, painted in various colors? First of all, it is necessary to provide the Guzmania with suitable care, because it came to us from the tropics, and this requires the creation of growing conditions for the flower that are closest to the tropical climate, namely:

  • humidity and air temperature;
  • lighting;
  • glaze;
  • soil.

What temperature and humidity does Guzmania like??

Like all tropical plants, guzmania needs high humidity. To do this, the deciduous outlet should be regularly sprayed with warm water, and a container with water can be installed next to the pot..

After spraying or showering, the water remaining in the center of the outlet must be removed with a sponge so that it does not start to rot.

As for the air temperature, its optimal values ​​should be within the radius:

  • in summer – from 18 to 24 degrees;
  • in winter – from 18 to 20 degrees Celsius.

How much light does Guzmania need?

The tropical beauty feels best in diffused lighting. It is better not to put it on brightly lit window sills, because in this case, ugly burn spots appear on the leaves, despite their rigid and dense structure, and the tips begin to dry out.

Watering features

Unlike other indoor plants, which are watered either in a pot or in a pan, guzmania “drinks” water directly through the outlet itself. Water must be poured directly into its center, and then the residues must be carefully drained or soaked.

You can also moisten the soil in the pot itself, but not often and little by little..

Soil features

Guzmania is not used to growing in the ground, and its root system is superficial and not very developed. Many growers grow guzmania in orchid substrate or pine bark. Also, the flower grows well in such a soil mixture:

  • peat;
  • sphagnum;
  • sand;
  • turf land.

All components are mixed in equal amounts.

What conditions are necessary for growing guzmania – video

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