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Sowing seedlings or taming the obstinate morning glory

growing seedlings of morning glory It is known that morning glory is not very fond of diving. Damage to the roots weakens the plant’s immunity. As a result, after the transplant, he has to take root for a long time in the fresh air. Although ideally the culture is recommended to be planted in open ground, it is still practiced to cultivate a flower using seedlings. To carry out the procedure with the least losses, gardeners take into account several features of the process..

From a dense forest to single cups

A plastic container with a lid for foodstuffs is half filled with earth. Seeds are sown over the entire surface of the dishes (it is advisable to use different varieties). They are covered with soil, but not very deeply. Then the sowing is sprayed abundantly. Cover with a lid. Place the container in a warm and bright room.

After 13 days, the seedlings will rise by 10-15 cm. Since the morning glory was sown too densely, you will have to dive into the dense forest formed. They do it this way:

  • with a fork, they dig out the seedlings, trying not to hurt the roots;
  • large cups are 1/3 filled with soil;
  • seedlings are packaged in three copies;
  • placed in containers and sprinkled with earth;
  • the seedling is abundantly irrigated with water.

Strong, strong and healthy sprouts are recommended to be selected for planting. They are advised to deepen them under the most cotyledonous leaves..

Since the culture is a representative of the Bindweed genus, it definitely needs support. A thin cane is placed on the edge of each cup. Then, together with her, they will plant a plant.

Top dressing

After four days, it can be seen that the root system of the flower is intensively developing. At this moment, it needs to be fed. Florists use fertilizers designed for flowering varieties. They include the whole range of necessary components:

  • nitrogen (the proportion is less than for seedlings);
  • phosphorus;
  • potassium;
  • trace elements: boron, iron, zinc, copper and others.

Top dressing is presented in the form of crystals. Dilute the powder in the calculation – 1 tsp. for two liters of water. Water every week, almost until the very planting in open ground.

After ten days, the plant grows large and begins to braid the stick. Therefore, as soon as it becomes warm, it is transferred to the site. In this case, the ground should not be wet, but slightly dry..

A few words should be said about the decor. The timeless classic involves the use of one shade or a combination of two opposite tones. To achieve a more spectacular show, up to 3-5 different varieties of morning glory are planted in one place. A striking difference between the formed lianas can be not only the color, but also the shape of the flowers. Terry specimens look especially great in tandem with graceful buds..

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