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Wheat germ vitamin drink

wheat germ drink Sprouted wheat is a storehouse of vitamins. It contains twenty amino acids, eight of which are unique. Wheatgrass drink is used in many diets and sports nutrition.

The composition of such a drink contains a large amount of protein necessary for gaining muscle mass, as well as plant fiber. It normalizes metabolism and removes toxins from the body. Amino acids in wheat germ act as sorbents.

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We germinate wheat

In order to make a wheatgrass drink, the grains must be germinated. For this, the grains are soaked for a day. Then you need to:

  • transfer malt to a plastic tray;
  • rinse the grains;
  • put a container with wheat on the windowsill.

In the first three days after soaking the grains, the malt is washed with cold water. After three days, the wheat is not washed. In order to speed up the process of germination of cereals, they are placed on the windowsill of the southern window..

Preparing a drink

The wheat will sprout vigorously within two weeks. When their height reaches 10 cm, the sprouts of the cereals are cut with scissors. They make the basis for a vitamin drink. To do this, put the wheat germ in a blender, add 200 ml of water and grind everything..

When the base for the drink is ready, vegetables and olive oil are added to it. Use celery squash and carrots. For the sweetness of the drink, you can add a green apple to the mixture..

Celery root juice contains B vitamins, and carrots contain carotene, which normalizes heart function. You can add fruits or nuts to the drink. Hazelnuts are high in vegetable protein.

Wheatgrass drink should be consumed by people who suffer from kidney and liver diseases. Wheat germ contains amino acids that dissolve kidney and gallstones.

Wheatgrass drink is used to make vitamin preparations and medicines that normalize metabolism.

In folk medicine, this remedy is widely used for weight loss. In combination with sports, the use of such a drink is very effective..

The advantage of this drink is its neutral taste and high content of vegetable fiber. Thanks to her, a long feeling of satiety appears, therefore, the vitamin drink from wheat germ is widely used in dietetics..

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