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Features of care for rhizome and tuberous calla lilies after flowering

calla tuberous and rhizome All indoor plants, in which, after a phase of active development and abundant flowering, a dormant period begins, need special, gentle care. At this time, the growth processes of flowers freeze, and they accumulate strength in order to please again with their flowering next season. If you continue to water and fertilize them abundantly, the plants will not be able to rest, they will be weakened, which will affect not only their appearance, but also the flowering itself, which may not come. Indoor calla lilies are no exception, because in order to form large and beautiful flower stalks again, they need a break..

Due to the fact that callas are of two types (rhizome and tuberous), caring for them has significant differences. Of no small importance is the fact that their dormant period begins at different times. Let’s figure out what to do in relation to each type.

How and when rhizome calla lilies rest?

Callas, in which the root system is formed in the form of a thick rhizome, bloom in winter, respectively, they rest in summer.

Rhizomatous plants include calla Ethiopian or calla lily – the closest relative of the wild representatives of these flowers with a white blanket. There are also “colored” varieties in which the bracts are brightly colored..

With the arrival of summer, the flowers stop growing, and their leaves begin to fade. At this time, watering is reduced, and the pot is taken out into the open air – on a balcony or on a summer terrace.

In July, the plant should be transplanted into new nutrient soil and placed in a well-lit place, where it will start to grow again and prepare for the next flowering..

If this is a garden rhizome calla, in September it is necessary to dig it up together with an earthen clod and store it all winter in a cool dry room, occasionally watering it so that the soil does not dry out. In the spring, she is planted back in the flower bed..

How to organize a dormant period for tuberous calla lilies?

After the end of flowering of tuberous calla lilies, their leaves also dry out. Then you need to send them to rest:

  1. Garden tuberous calla lilies are dug out at the end of September, the tubers are washed and kept for 2-3 weeks in a room with an air temperature of 5 to 10 degrees Celsius, so that nutrients from the leaves are transferred to the root system. Then the remains of the leaves are cut off and the tubers are sent for storage until spring, after rinsing them again and drying them. It is necessary to store callas by wrapping them in paper bags, at a temperature not exceeding 7 degrees Celsius (for example, in the lower drawer of the refrigerator).
  2. Indoor calla tubers can also be removed from the flowerpot and stored in the refrigerator, or you can leave them in a pot, but take it out to a cool place. In the spring, the awakened tubers are transplanted into fresh soil, and separated if necessary..

Video about the dormant period in calla lilies

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