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Ipomoea pick: move to a luxury apartment

Ipomoea seedlings picking Peat cassettes are the best option for growing seedlings. Yet in a closed space, morning glory cannot fully develop. Therefore, a month after sowing, it is “relocated” to more spacious “apartments”. Of course, ordinary plastic 500ml cocktail cups are not luxurious. However, in them the culture will feel like in a five-star hotel..

It is worth buying special holders for orchids in advance. The canes are set in pots so that tenacious vine shoots could curl over them. Then she won’t fall.

Pure picking

Sowing seeds is recommended until mid-March. Although the beginning of April is not a hopeless option. For seedlings to appear on the second day after planting, the seeds are soaked in water for a day. This contributes to the fact that the plant activates all its strength and prematurely sprouts..

Water is poured into a container with peat cassettes to soften the soil. The main principle of the transplant is to pass or transfer a seedling with a clod of earth. While the soil is soaked, you can fill the cups with soil (1/2). Then a number of manipulations are carried out:

  • in each of them, a half-finger groove is made, because such a hole will help the seedlings take root well;
  • fill the missing volume with soil;
  • press the soil to slightly open the cotyledon leaves;
  • watering seedlings;
  • mount on the edge of the holder.

It should be borne in mind that the timing of the pick is quite late and the ovaries are already visible. In this regard, the vine is carefully wound on a cane. The mini flower bed should grow on the windowsill. There the morning glory gets enough light and warm air. From time to time, it is advisable to ventilate the room..

It is worth remembering the nature of the flower. In the morning, amazing floral “gramophones” bloom, and in extreme heat they close and wither a little. Therefore, it is better to remove them from that place..

Care secrets

In fact, there is nothing difficult about caring for a flower. It should be watered as the soil cover dries up. Then, two weeks after diving, it is recommended to apply complex fertilizers from a series for flowering crops.

After 14 days, when there is no threat of winter frost, the morning glory is transplanted to fresh air. A few days before planting, special supports are made, to which holders for orchids will be attached. As noted, such a simple picking method allows you to enjoy the pompous buds of the plant without leaving your apartment..

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