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Features of planting and reproduction of Vriezia

vriezia in the interior When growing plants from the bromeliad family, such as Vriezia, the nature of these crops must be taken into account. Epiphytes differ from other indoor flowers not only in their appearance, but also in their care. Planting a flower is also important, because ordinary soil is not entirely suitable for it. In addition, Vriezia also reproduces very interestingly, because it dies off after the formation of daughter plants. Let’s talk about this.

What kind of soil do bromeliads need?

Vriezia loves light soil that allows air and water to pass through well. Flower shops sell special substrates for bromeliads. If desired, a similar soil mixture can be made at home. It is necessary to mix in equal shares (one at a time) peat, sand and sod soil. Add 2 parts of leafy soil and some chopped moss.

Epiphyte grows well in such a substrate (one lobe of each component):

  • chopped fern roots;
  • sand;
  • sphagnum;
  • bark.

The basis of this mixture is sheet soil (3 shares).

How to plant correctly?

The vriezia pot should not be deep. The root system of the flower is poorly developed and consists of small short roots, so wide vases are more suitable for it.

A good drainage layer (expanded clay) is poured onto the bottom and sprinkled with a pre-prepared substrate. Vriezia is installed on top and soil is poured so that there are no voids left. It is not necessary to fill the socket very high, the main thing is that it firmly stands in the flowerpot and does not stagger. Compact the soil carefully, taking care not to damage fragile roots.

It is best to replant the grown Vriezia by simply transferring it to a more spacious pot. This can be done in spring or summer, when the flower is actively developing..

Landing on a wooden saw cut

Since in nature Vriezia lives on trees, at home it is also possible to create similar conditions for it by fixing the plant on a wooden saw cut or snag. To do this, the roots are wrapped in sphagnum moss and carefully, so as not to break them, they hook the rosette to the tree using a thin soft wire.

If you fix several plants on a drift in this way, you can create a whole bromeliad tree..

How to propagate Vriezia?

Vriezia is a “disposable” flower: after flowering, the rosette with the peduncle perishes. But on the root collar, renewal buds wake up, which form young offshoots-children. In a couple of months, they form their own leaves and roots, however, the children can be separated only when they reach a third of the height of the mother’s outlet. Sometimes the whole process of growing them takes a whole year. Grown up young Vriezia with a developed root system are seated in separate pots. Within a month they take root.

Vriezia care video

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