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Striped beauty with a fiery sword – vriezia splenriet

vriezia splenriet Among the variety of species of Vriezia, it is worth noting the plant with the most beautiful and original appearance – this is Vriezia Splenriet. It is one of the best decorative representatives of the bromeliad family and is most often used in indoor floriculture..

What does a flower look like?

Splentriet grows in the form of a large leafy rosette, however, like the rest of the Vriezia. However, this type of flower has some features by which it is easy to recognize:

  • long narrow leaves are painted with transverse light stripes, in contrast to monochromatic varieties;
  • the inflorescence has the shape of an ear and can reach up to 80 cm in height, the bracts themselves are of the usual red color, and the flowers are yellow.

The flower has several more names. Due to the coloring of the leaves, Splenriet is often called “tiger bromeliad”. For the elongated flat shape of the inflorescence and its color, Vriezia is called a “fiery sword”.

Growing features

Like all epiphytes, Vriezia Splenriet prefers a substrate dominated by tree bark. It grows best in orchid soil. If it is not possible to get it, and there are components left at home after planting other flowers, you can prepare a suitable soil mixture yourself by mixing:

  • versatile, loose and light indoor flower substrate;
  • some chopped bark;
  • a little sphagnum;
  • coconut substrate.

There must be a drainage layer in the pot..

A flowerpot for a flower must be chosen not too large, because its root system is superficial, and the roots are short. In a deep container, vriezia will quickly rot.

The optimal conditions for keeping the epiphyte are in the choice of a bright and warm place. It should be borne in mind that direct rays burn the leaves, and the air temperature below 15 degrees Celsius is unacceptable for a flower. Water the Splenriet in the same way as other varieties of Vriezia: pouring water directly into the outlet and often spraying the leaves.

An exception is the period when a peduncle appears in the outlet: at this time, you cannot leave water in the outlet so that it does not start to rot.

The flower is fed only before flowering with special fertilizers for bromeliads. They are also brought in by spraying or pouring the working solution into the outlet..

After the end of flowering, the mother bush dies off, leaving itself to replace young children.

Video about transplant Vriezia Splenriet

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