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Features of home care for bougainvillea

bougainvillea at home Bougainvillea is one of the most original indoor plants, because none of them has such unusual flowers with stipules of the most diverse and colorful shades. There are so many of them and they are so large that they almost hide all the leaves at the tops of the shoots under themselves, leaving only a small number of them at the base of the branches..

Due to the special structure of stipules, bougainvillea is often called “paper flower” – they really feel like paper, dense and harsh.

The miracle flower is grown mainly indoors, because it does not tolerate low winter temperatures, although there are several species that can hibernate in the open field under the condition of a warm winter..

At home, bougainvillea grows in ordinary flowerpots or tubs and feels good on window sills or in insulated loggias. But the character of this tropican is quite capricious, and to see the fabulous bloom, you will have to try a little.

The key points in plant care are:

  • lighting;
  • temperature;
  • watering;
  • a suitable pot;
  • top dressing;
  • bush formation.

Location selection

For bougainvillea, you need to take the lightest window sill in the house, for example, the southwest or southeast. Directly on the south side, the plant can also live, but in this case it will need to be slightly shaded from direct rays.

From March to October, the length of daylight hours for a flower should be at least 5 hours.

Bougainvillea loves warmth very much, 22-25 degrees are comfortable for her. If possible, the flower needs to have a rest period annually, taking the pot to a cooler room, but not less than 12 degrees Celsius. This stimulates the laying of more inflorescences..

Which pot to choose?

Do not plant a young plant in a spacious flowerpot. Bougainvillea requires a small pot to bloom. At first glance, it may seem that it is too small for her, but in a larger flowerpot the bush will grow roots and flowering will not come soon.

For an adult bush up to 2 m in height, a 5 liter container is enough.

How often to water?

In a hot dry summer, it may be necessary to water the bush twice a day, because the soil for the flower must be loose so that it quickly passes water and dries out. Stagnant moisture in the pan can destroy the plant, so drainage is mandatory. By autumn, watering is reduced.

What and when to feed?

For active growth, bougainvillea needs to be fed with nutrients once every ten days, in particular, slurry. But complex mineral fertilizers such as Fertika are well suited for abundant flowering..

Top dressing can be carried out only during the growing season, alternating organic matter with mineral preparations.

What is bougainvillea pruning for??

If a young bush is not cut off, then in three to four years it will turn into a large (and not always beautiful) tree, since the vine is characterized by extremely rapid growth of shoots.

The annual growth of bougainvillea can be up to 6 m.

It is extremely important to regularly trim long branches to form a compact bush for indoor conditions. Frequent haircut has almost no effect on flowering, since flower buds are tied on both old and young wood..

Bougainvillea care video

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