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How to make spathiphyllum bloom?

spathiphyllum at home Spathiphyllum is a very beautiful ornamental plant that has been decorating offices and living quarters for a long time. Bright green shiny leaves, towering over a flowerpot with a cap, are good in themselves. But “female happiness” is especially wonderful during the flowering period, when tall peduncles with snow-white bedspreads appear above the leaves or among them..

Spathiphyllum usually blooms in spring. However, sometimes a situation may arise that it is already autumn on the street, and the inflorescences have not appeared. If the flower is sick, you can still understand the reason for the lack of flowering. But what to do with an absolutely healthy plant that is properly cared for? Experienced flower growers know how to make a “lazy” spathiphyllum bloom and will be happy to share their experience.

The key to the flowering of spathiphyllum is regular feeding, since the plant loves fertilizers very much. If this is not done, the inflorescences may not be seen..

Method number 1: limiting light and water

The pot must be removed from the windowsill in a darker place, for example, deeper into the room, where there is lighting, but weak and diffused. For two to three weeks, spathiphyllum should be put on a “water diet”, that is, water only after the moment when the soil dries well, and the flower itself drops the leaves a little.

After three weeks of such fasting, you should return the spathiphyllum to its place, under good lighting, and gradually resume regular watering. In addition, the bush must be actively fed, alternating:

  • organics;
  • complex mineral fertilizers.

In gratitude for the rich nutrition, watering and lighting after a long stay “in custody” after about a month the spathiphyllum should release a peduncle.

Method 2: limiting heat and water

In the fall, the pot with female happiness should be taken out to a cool room with an air temperature of about 10 degrees and also the number of watering should be reduced..

The room must be dry, because with high humidity, the flower will begin to develop diseases.

After keeping the spathiphyllum in the “isolator” for a while, then the previous care should be resumed again..

Both methods involve artificially stressing the plant. As a result, the natural instinct for reproduction is triggered before death, in this case – through flowering, because ultimately seeds ripen in the cob if the peduncle is not cut off.

What to do if spathiphyllum does not bloom – video

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