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We grow garden calla lilies

growing garden calla lilies Indoor calla is a common occurrence, but summer residents are not yet very used to planting these flowers in flower beds. And it is completely in vain, because these flowers feel good in the fresh air. During flowering, they will become a real highlight of the flower bed, especially if you choose varieties with a brightly colored bedspread. Of course, calla lilies will not survive the winter outside, because they are a thermophilic plant, however, many other garden crops (for example, dahlias) also winter in the house, so why not try planting calla lilies near them?

On flower beds, you can grow both tuberous and rhizome calla lilies, the main thing is not to forget to take all the flowers indoors for the winter, otherwise they will freeze.

So, what you need to know in order for the calla to take root in the flower bed, to bloom and not disappear by the next season?

How to plant?

Regardless of what species calla lilies belong to and what their root system is, there are two ways to plant flowers:

  1. Directly into the open ground. This can be done no earlier than the month of May, when return frosts leave and the earth warms up. Tubers / rhizomes are laid in shallow holes and covered with earth, without compaction, so as not to damage them. The distance between the holes must be at least 30 cm.
  2. Having previously germinated them in a pot. At the end of March, calla lilies must be planted in small flowerpots with a nutritious substrate and placed on a light windowsill. In May, an already grown bush waddles along with an earthen clod onto a flower bed.

The second method is preferable, because when planting without germination, the tuber or rhizome sits in the ground for a very long time. The first shoots will appear only after a month, which, in turn, postpones flowering..

Where to plant?

For calla lilies, you need to take a sunny place, but in such a way that at noon the flowers are not in direct sunlight. It’s not bad if there is a tree with an openwork crown nearby..

The soil should be nutritious, but without an excess of organic matter, since the bush will drive foliage from it and forget about flowering.

Drainage in the holes is a must, especially for tuberous calla lilies. They do not tolerate stagnant moisture in the roots..

Wintering features

In the fall, calla lilies must be dug up and stored in a cool room. Rhizome species are dug up in the middle of summer, tuberous ones – at the end. During storage, care must be taken that the calla lilies do not dry out from lack of moisture and do not rot from its excess. You should also avoid rooms with high humidity – there growth processes will begin ahead of time..

Video about planting calla lilies in open ground

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