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Growing asparagus from seeds

asparagus seedlings It is not always possible to get a part of the aparagus bush (delenka), and here another method of reproduction of this wonderful plant will come to the rescue – this is to grow it from seeds. You can find different varieties of flowers on the shelves in flower shops, but they are all grown the same by the seed method. In addition, in this way you can get several plants at once and then share them with friends..

Asparasgus serves as a kind of filter for the room – it traps dust with its fluffy leaves, and also releases a lot of oxygen.

So what do you need to know to grow asparagus from seeds? Despite the fact that this process will take much longer, there is absolutely nothing complicated. Moreover, plants grown from seeds are distinguished by a more hardy character – they are less sick and less likely to be attacked by various pests, and also better tolerate a change of “place of residence”.

Seed preparation

In order to at least slightly accelerate the germination of seeds, it is advisable to soak them before planting by adding humate to the water.

Seeds will hatch faster if sown in warm soil (at least 22 degrees Celsius).

What kind of soil can be used?

For growing asparagus seedlings, an ordinary ready-made substrate from a store is suitable..

Pure peat cannot be used.

Florists often sow seeds in regular garden soil. In such soil, seeds can also grow, but only if you add sand and peat to it (1 part of each component for 2 parts of the earth) in order to reduce the density.

Recommendation! The self-prepared soil mixture must be disinfected by calcining in the oven or spilling with a solution of potassium permanganate.

Features of sowing seeds

Seed cultivation of asparagus practically does not differ from planting other indoor plants and consists in the following:

  1. Fill small containers or pots with formula.
  2. Gently place the seeds on the surface, leaving 3 cm between them.
  3. Spill the soil abundantly with warm water.
  4. Sprinkle the seeds with a thin layer of substrate.
  5. Spray.
  6. Cover the container with plastic wrap or a plastic lid (if it’s a tray).

Place the seed pots on a well-lit and warm windowsill where the window cannot be opened. Until the emergence of shoots, the greenhouse should be periodically ventilated to avoid condensation and spray the ground.

Asparagus seedling care

After about a few weeks, the first shoots will appear. If this does not happen, you have to wait a little more – sometimes the seeds germinate for a long time, within a month, but then they actively pick up the pace. Now you can remove the cap – it is no longer needed, but this should not be done immediately, but gradually accustom the plants to fresh air.

When young asparagus grow to a height of 10 cm, they should be planted in separate pots in the same soil in which the seedlings grew, slightly fertilized with complex fertilizer. Be sure to put expanded clay on the bottom in each flowerpot so that the bushes do not rot.

Video about seed reproduction of asparagus

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