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We do a boxwood haircut to create a beautiful composition

boxwood shearing Boxwood is an ornamental shrub used by landscape designers when designing a hedge. The southern shrub grows up to four meters in height, so you can make real green sculptures from it. However, if you start shaping a young boxwood, then the bush will not grow more than half a meter. Depending on how high the hedge is planned, boxwood shrubs need to be cut at different stages of growth..

If you start cutting the bushes one meter high and cut about 10 cm, then the hedge will not grow higher than 1.2 m. To keep the boxwood bushes in shape and grow more slowly, intensive pruning is repeated for two years. Then you need to form boxwood only in the summer..

Boxwood growth

The boxwood has two growth periods. The first one starts in May and ends in July. At this time, boxwood grows green mass most actively. Without a haircut, boxwood grows formlessly. Some shoots receive more sunlight and heat than others and therefore stand out from the general foliage. Such basal shoots oppress competitors. Over time, the so-called “deciduous lodges” are formed on the boxwood bush – depressions, inside which small rodents like to equip holes.

The second period of boxwood growth begins in September and ends with the onset of cold weather. During this period, it often rains. Thanks to the abundant rainfall, the boxwood root system develops rapidly. If the shrub has been growing for the third year already, then its root system develops in depth from 4 to 4.5 m. An adult bush does not need watering. It can grow by getting moisture only from the ground..

Boxwood formation

Boxwood is cut between growth periods: mid-July – early August. To give the boxwood bush a spherical shape, you need to form an upper transverse arc on it – the main guide. From the main guideline, you need to remove the gain from last summer. You should have a deep arc that is visible from any angle. Further, arcs perpendicular to it are lowered from the main guide. They are brought to the base of the bush..

If you are forming a boxwood shrub for the first time, it is best to use a pruner. After a few haircuts, you will gain experience and be able to shape the bushes using electric garden shears..

Three weeks after cutting the boxwood, check the condition of the shrub and trim again those shoots that are too stretched to the sun..

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