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Miniature shrub for a small garden – false jasmine or strawberry mock-orange

strawberry mock-orange Most of us think of tall bushes with fragrant white flowers when we use the word jasmine. However, among garden jasmines there are very compact species that are suitable for growing in small areas. If the garden is of limited size, but you really want to have such a plant in your possession, you can plant a strawberry mock orange.

What does a shrub look like?

Strawberry chubushnik is one of the most compact forms – its total height averages up to 1.5. The real name of the species sounds like “small-leaved mock-orange”, and the synonym for “strawberry” he received for the odor uncharacteristic for this species of plants – its flowers emit a sweet and heady aroma of strawberries (strawberries).

The small-leaved chubushnik is characterized by slow growth – the annual growth is no more than 7 cm.

This variety of garden jasmine looks very beautiful, because the diameter of its dense crown is almost equal to the height of the bush. Its branches are erect, brown-red in color, but under the weight of a large number of small leaves they slightly droop to the ground. It differs from other types of chubushniks in small leaves, up to 2 cm in length, with sharp tips. The reverse side of the leaf is pubescent. See photo jasmine shrub!

In the third year of life, the chubushnik blooms in small, white and fragrant inflorescences. Flowering lasts 3 weeks.

Varieties of small-leaved jasmine

On the basis of strawberry mock-orange, breeders, by crossing it with other varieties, bred many hybrids, which were transferred to the compact size and characteristic smell of the plant. Among them, it is worth noting varieties:

  • Mont Blanc;
  • Snow avalanche;
  • Junnat;
  • Ermine mantle;
  • Avalanche;
  • Moonlight.

Growing features

Strawberry garden jasmine prefers sunny locations and fertile soil. For planting, you need to pick up a well-lit corner on an area where there are no drafts. You can place the bush under the protection of tall trees or buildings. Humus must be added to the planting hole, and a little sand must also be added to clay soils..

When planting a seedling, the root collar should be deepened a couple of centimeters – this way it will bush better.

The disadvantages of the variety include not very high frost resistance – at a temperature of 15 degrees below zero, the shoots freeze slightly. For this reason, in the spring, false strawberry jasmine needs sanitary pruning to remove frost-damaged branches..

In August, you can pinch the tips of the shoots so that they stop growing, and the wood has time to harden before the onset of cold weather.

Features of strawberry mock orange (false jasmine) – video

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