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How to embed a lock into the metal frame of a wicket

metal wicket door with mortise lock The fence gate is a very important element of the fence. You can make it yourself from a metal profile. For this, the sections of the profile are welded together. For beauty, an arc is welded to the door frame, and for strength – two transverse struts made of metal shaped pipes.

When the frame of the gate is ready, it is necessary to embed a lock into it. When working, use:

  • soldering iron;
  • hammer;
  • grinder.

The finished frame of the gate will need to be marked. To do this, a lock is applied to the metal profile and its outline is drawn with chalk. Then, using a grinder, four horizontal slots are made along the outlined lines, two slots each on the outer and inner sides of the frame.

Preparing the end plates for the protective box

In order to make holes for the lock, use a hammer. With its help, the sections of the metal cut by the grinder are bent. Then they are removed with scissors for metal..

You should have a through hole for the gate lock.

A lock is inserted into this hole. It is fixed on the frame of the gate with metal rivets..

In order to hide its internal details, decorative metal plates are used. The holes for the keyhole and the door handle are marked on them..

To do this, attach one of the decorative plates to the lock and mark all the holes with chalk. An awl and a drill with a feather drill are used to drill holes. After one plate is ready, you can attach a second to it and make a duplicate.

Assembling the protective box

Once the end plates are ready, you can start assembling the protective box. To do this, a “p” -shaped part is welded to the inner side of the wicket frame. It is necessary in order to hide the castle.

With the help of a grinder, holes are cut in the “p” -shaped part for the crossbar. To mark the hole, you need to make three full turns with the key. Then the crossbar is outlined with chalk and a hole is cut with a grinder along the outlined lines..

Then the end plates are welded to the box. This completes the assembly of the protective box..

At the final stage, you can trim the edges of the decorative plates using a grinder, cutting off the protruding parts.

After completing the assembly of the protective box, the door handles are screwed into the wicket lock. The frame of the gate is completely ready, it remains to sheathe it with slate or any other material.

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